Magic Promo Pack Info


Here's the breakdown of the first run, for Core Set 2020:

  • Slot one is a promo-stamped rare or mythic rare from the most recent set. Could be any rare or mythic rare.
  • Slot two is a promo-stamped rare or mythic rare from a short, curated list.
    • These will be from Standard-legal sets, and they'll be hand-selected by Magic's design studio. See the list below.
    • 25% chance of being an Alternative Art Japanese Planeswalker ( only in the Japanese Language regardless of the promo pack language).
  • Slot three is a promo-stamped alternate-art basic land.
  • Slot four is the promo slot. With each Standard-legal set there will be a selection of special, season-specific cards, just like FNM promos (although, for the first season, there will be five cards, up from the usual three). Most of the time, you can expect to see the alternate frame cards you're accustomed to. But again, here and there, we'll throw a curveball.
    • The 5 cards are: Corpse Knight, Disfigure, Flame Sweep, Negate, and Thrashing Brontodon.

A Closer Look at Slot Two:



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