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Planechase Format

Deck Size
Number of Players
2 - 4
Game Duration
50 Minutes

Why Play This Format?

  • Casual format for all skill levels!
  • Fun addition to use for multiplayer games with oversized plane and phenomenon cards that affect the entire board.
  • Roll the planar die to traverse the Multiverse and use each plane's abilities to your advantage!

Different Ways to Play

Gather with friends and play in person! Tabletop is your chance to see physical card treatments like exclusive art, foils, and thematic frames up close.
Use your webcam to play Magic with friends in a private game, or match against players around the world! Now available with state-of-the-art card scanning technology.

Play Rules/Modifiers

Oversized cards and a planar die add just the right amount of random fun to any multiplayer game of Magic!

Shared planar deck: Start a multiplayer game and reveal the top card of the shared planar deck. That is the plane that everybody is on, and its effects apply to all players. During each player's main phase, they may roll the six-sided planar die for a chance to take an action: If it lands on the planeswalker symbol the players must planeswalk and move on to the next plane - put the current plane on the bottom of the planar deck and reveal the next one.

If it lands on the Chaos symbol, that player must trigger the Chaos ability of the plane. The first roll each turn is free, but if the player wants to roll the planar die more than once, they must pay (1) additional for each dice roll - the second roll each turn costs (1), the third roll costs (2), and so on.

MOM | Planechase Format Card

Individual planar deck: The first player gets to reveal the first plane from their own deck, and when anybody rolls the planeswalker symbol, they move on to the top plane of their own Planar deck. All other rules remain the same.

  • A shared planar deck must contain at least 40 cards, or at least 10x the number of players in the game, whichever number is smaller.
  • A shared planar deck also cannot contain more phenomenon cards than 2x the number of players in the game.
  • Individual planar decks should contain at least 10 cards, including no more than 2 phenomenon cards. Either way, each card in a Planar deck must have a different name - you may not have multiple copies of the same plane or phenomenon in the same Planar deck.
  • Game duration about 50 minutes

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