The epic conclusion of Magic's greatest battle is upon us! Elesh Norn and her Phyrexian army have finally invaded the Multiverse, breaching countless planes. Can the remains of the Gatewatch turn the tide as the Phyrexian hordes threaten to assimilate or destroy everything in their path? The fate of all planes is at stake.

It's time to join the rest of the Multiverse in this climactic battle touching every plane you've ever known and loved. Your first look at March of the Machine is here.

Art by: Billy Christian

March of the Machine is the culmination of more than a decade of Phyrexian machinations, all leading to a shift that will fundamentally change the Multiverse.

Jin Gitaxias
The Great Synthesis

Breach the Multiverse

The fates of countless planes hang in the balance, but there is hope—those planes aren't planning to go down without a fight.

Invasion of Alara | Art by: Mathias Kollros
Invasion of Tarkir | Art by: Darren Tan
Invasion of Shandalar | Art by: Adam Paquette

Stand with the greatest heroes of Magic from virtually every plane we've visited in the Multiverse. The Phyrexians are thorough—though unexpected allies have now joined our heroes' fight against the Phyrexian onslaught.

Chandra, Hope's Beacon Yargle and Multani

Ghalta and Mavren Thalia and the Gitrog Monster

It will take every last one of them, because the Invasion Tree has opened portals in every corner of the Multiverse, no matter how seemingly innocuous . . .

Bloodfell Caves Blossoming Sands Dismal Backwater

Jungle Hollow Rugged Highlands

Scoured Barrens Swiftwater Cliffs Thornwood Falls

Tranquil Cove Wind-Scarred Crag

Or devastatingly familiar . . .

Heliod the Radiant
Heliod, the Warped Eclipse

Omnath, Locus of All

The Phyrexians have everything they need to complete their great work. They have the Multiverse at their oily fingertips, they have an army the likes of which no plane has ever seen, and they have devastated and compleated the Planeswalkers who sought to stop them.

Yet hope, as always, remains.

Moment of Truth

This is March of the Machine.

March of the Machine Details

March of the Machine Set Logo

March of the Machine set symbol
March of the Machine
March of the Machine Commander set symbol
March of the Machine Commander

March of the Machine Set Code: MOM

March of the Machine Commander Set Code: MOC

Website: March of the Machine

Preorder Now: Online at Amazon and at your local game store

March of the Machine Important Dates

  • March of the Machine Story: March 16–28
  • Set Debut, Cinematic Trailer, and Previews Begin: March 29, 2023
  • Card Previews: March 29–April 4
  • Complete Card Image Galleries: April 5
  • In-Store Prerelease Events: April 14–20
  • MTG Arena and Magic Online Digital Release: April 18
  • Global Tabletop Release: April 21
  • In-Store Launch Party Events: April 21–23

You can compleat your March of the Machine collection with:

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March of the Machine Bundle
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March of the Machine Prerelease Pack
Prerelease Pack

March of the Machine will have five Commander decks. What's the red text at the top of that differently shaped box? Hmm, it's probably nothing. (It's definitely something—check below for more.)

March of the Machine Growing Threat Commander deck
Growing Threat (White-Black)
March of the Machine Cavalry Charge Commander deck
Cavalry Charge (White-Blue-Black)
March of the Machine Divine Convocation Commander deck
Divine Convocation (Blue-Red-White)
March of the Machine Call for Backup Commander deck
Call for Backup (Red-Green-White)
March of the Machine Tinker Time Commander deck
Tinker Time (Green-Blue-Red)

Planechase Returns!

With the Phyrexian invasion of the entire Multiverse underway, this is the perfect time for Planechase! This multiplayer supplement lets you travel from one location to another, with the rules changing based on where your battle is currently taking place. Chase the Phyrexians around the Multiverse or add some flavor to your next Commander battle.

Each March of the Machine Commander deck comes with ten different Planechase cards—five new, and five reprints. Here's a preview from the 50 Planechase cards coming your way.

Towashi Isle of Vesuva Spatial Merging

First Look at Booster Fun

March of the Machine truly is a battle for the Multiverse, and opening a pack should feel like you're catching visions of planes from all over. To that end, we've included both characters from around the Multiverse and revisited borders and special treatments from past sets.

First up is Multiverse Legends, a non-Standard-legal bonus sheet like the Mystical Archive from Strixhaven: School of Mages or the retro artifacts of The Brothers' War. It will contain reprints of iconic characters in their homeworlds' Booster Fun treatment.

Halo Foil Atraxa, Praetor's Voice Halo Foil Ragavan, Nimble Pilferer

Plus, Multiverse Legends can also appear in a new halo foil treatment you'll just have to wait to see!

New cards are getting in on the multiversal travel as well. Characters from around the Multiverse are sporting their homeworld's jersey Booster Fun treatment from previous sets—or in some cases, getting one from a set that didn't have one at the time.

Multiverse Legends Omnath, Locus of All Multiverse Legends Thalia and The Gitrog Monster

Multiverse Legends Heliod, the Radiant Dawn
Multiverse Legends Heliod, the Warped Eclipse
Multiverse Legends Jin Gitaxias
Multiverse Legends The Great Synthesis

Planar Booster Fun

And, of course, the best one of all.

Multiverse Legends Yargle and Multani

Additionally, extended-art and borderless planeswalker cards return.

Extended Art



Two of the cards from above will also be getting promo versions.


Bundle Promo

And if you participate in a Prerelease at your local game store, our celebration of 30 years of Magic continues with these stunning promo cards:

Eternal Witness

Chord of Calling

Niv-Mizzet, the Firemind

March of the Machine Prereleases Add More

Prerelease events are your first way to find the newest Magic cards, and the March of the Machine Prerelease events come with even more for you to discover! In addition to a foil-stamped promo card from the set, March of the Machine Prerelease Packs include an additional legendary promo card for Commander play:

Goro-Goro and Satoru

Planar Booster Fun Goro-Goro and Satoru

Katilda and Lier

Planar Booster Fun Katilda and Lier

Slimefoot and Squee

Planar Booster Fun Slimefoot and Squee

These cards are part of the March of the Machine Commander set and cannot be used to play in Prerelease events—but are a Prerelease Pack–exclusive bonus to celebrate and show more of the battle against Phyrexia in March of the Machine (and to add to or inspire your next Commander deck).



Even the Secret Lair hasn't been spared from the Phyrexian invasion and is getting in on the action. There will be three drops tied to March of the Machine, but we're just going to show you one today. Here is a look at some of the exciting cards you can expect in an upcoming Secret Lair drop:

Wheel and Deal Questing Beast Olivia Voldaren

Walking Ballista The World Tree

March of the Machine: The Aftermath

Eager to know how it all ends and what March of the Machine: The Aftermath has in store? This small set—50 cards—focuses heavily on the story, showing what happens after the events of March of the Machine. Which characters live, which ones get a happily ever after, and which ones don't live to see the aftermath themselves.

The Kenriths' Royal Funeral

The Kenriths' Royal Funeral | Art by: Manuel Castañón

This is a set for those invested in the story, the characters, and what comes next. March of the Machine: The Aftermath is a set of 50 new Standard-legal cards sold in five-card boosters. When we say Magic is going to change forever, you'll see those changes on these cards and in the story.

Story for March of the Machine: The Aftermath will kick off May 1, and previews will run May 2–3.

In the meantime, hang on to the edge of your seat, because the Phyrexian machine is on the march—and no corner of the Multiverse is safe.

March of the Machine will hit stores worldwide April 21, 2023. Preorder today from your local game store, online retailers like Amazon, and elsewhere Magic is sold.