Oh, hi. Didn't see you there. Welcome. Thanks for coming back. We always like to see familiar faces.

What's that? You're not here for me? My witty banter and charming repartee aren't why you've joined us today? You want preview cards?

Of course you do.

So, here's the deal. If you checked out social media over the weekend, you've probably seen many or all of these. Just not like this. Many of the cards we debuted at PAX West over the weekend are getting the promo treatment. I'm going to show you the promo versions here. Then you're not going to see any more previews for the main Guilds of Ravnica set until, say, next Monday.

Also, since I'm going to be saying this with basically everything, let's get the disclaimer out of the way right now:

Supplies are limited—check with your local store for details. Some promotions are only available at participating stores that are members of the Wizards Play Network, so make sure you ask your local store!


We have a great Buy-a-Box promo for Guilds of Ravnica. It is quite impervious to anything that might be said about it. Or toward it. Or basically anything done in its general direction. As with the past two sets, you can preorder a box from your local store and pick it up at the Guilds of Ravnica Prerelease September 29–30. Or you can pick up your box on or after the release date (October 5), and if your store has any left, you'll get one of these massive beauties on top of everything else.

Impervious Greatwurm

Event Promos

Every season, we run a number of events, and many of those events come with unique promos. Let's look at those one by one. (And yes, all of these cards have non-promo versions in Guilds of Ravnica).

Open House (September 22–23) kicks things off for the Guilds of Ravnica promos season. Bring a friend, help teach curious gamers to play Magic, and you can walk away with this challenging promo.

Boros Challenger

Draft Weekend (October 6–7) is the weekend Guilds of Ravnica releases to the public, and a weekend of many drafts! Participate and get started with your research on the set.

Firemind's Research

Magic League (starting October 8) is a fun way to grab a few packs and play smaller, quick Sealed games with friends at your local store or at home. If you complete at least ten matches in the Magic League, you can get this version of Necrotic Wound! [Editor's note: the requirements for receiving this promo have been updated.]

Necrotic Wound

Store Championships on September 10–16 are technically the Core Set 2019 Store Championships, but participating can earn you a Guilds of Ravnica promo card! Win the whole thing, and you'll also get a playmat.

Emmara, Soul of the Accord

M19 Store Championship Playmat

Finally, Friday Night Magic events running during the Guilds of Ravnica season (October 5–January 18) will have access to three different promos stores can distribute as they see fit. I know I'll be looking to pick up some Sinister Sabotages to torture my opponents with.

Conclave TribunalSinister SabotageThought Erasure

Ravnica Weekend

To celebrate all things Ravnica, local stores will be hosting Ravnica Weekend November 9-11. Players can come in and play four-pack Drafts, casual Guild Kit battles, and a special preview adventure from the Guildmaster’s Guide to Ravnica, the upcoming Magic/Dungeons & Dragons crossover book. Just for participating, you could get one of these special guild-affiliated premium foil promo basic lands:

Plains (Selesnya)Forest (Selesnya)

Island (Dimir)Swamp (Dimir)

Island (Izzet)Mountain (Izzet)

Mountain (Boros)Plains (Boros)

Swamp (Golgari)Forest (Golgari)

Guilds of Ravnica Mythic Edition

If you were on social media this past weekend, it was probably pretty difficult to miss these card images:

Here's the deal: we're trying something new. These seven cards (plus an eighth that's part of Guilds of Ravnica and won't be previewed until next week) will be part of a special Guilds of Ravnica Mythic Edition that will only be purchasable through the Hasbro Toy Shop. The product will be a Draft-sized (24 pack) box of Guilds of Ravnica, with the twist that eight packs (they'll be clearly marked) will each come with one of these planeswalker cards inside the pack (plus the normal rare or mythic rare card). You will know which packs have these special planeswalkers, so this can make for an exciting Draft experience. Or just crack the whole box. You do you.

Guilds of Ravnica Mythic Edition will go on sale for $249.99 on October 3, and there will be limited quantities. Limit two per customer. Watch @wizards_magic for more information as we get closer to October 3.


Oh, hi! You're still there. Thanks for sticking with us. As a reward, we've got some packaging to show off!