The Brothers' War was a tale lost to myth and legend . . . until now. On November 11, you'll be able to head to your local game store or Amazon to find the real story for yourself. Here's what you might find:

The Brothers' War contains 101 commons, 80 uncommons, 63 rares, and 23 mythic rares. Three of those rares and three of those mythic rares are double-faced meld cards. The Brothers' War also contains 10 basic lands and 10 full-art mech basic lands.

Retro Artifacts

The Brothers' War was fought in times of antiquity. Each pack contains another little piece of Magic's history: 63 artifacts from across Magic's past in the retro frame. Some are appearing for the first time in the retro frame, and some have been here before, but they're all ready to slot in your favorite deck.

Retro artifact Howling Mine Retro artifact Wurmcoil Engine Retro artifact Phyrexian Revoker

There are 63 retro artifacts: 18 uncommons, 30 rares, and 15 mythic rares. Each Set and Draft Booster contains a retro artifact. Collector Boosters contain retro artifacts as well—you can read below for the full product details.

Schematic Artifacts

Schematic artifact Howling Mine Schematic artifact Wurmcoil Engine Schematic artifact Phyrexian Revoker

All 63 of the retro artifacts also have a schematic form. The schematic artifacts feature new art showing early schematics of what the art would later become. The schematic artifacts appear exclusively in the retro frame. They are also available in Set, Draft, and Collector Boosters, where both retro artifacts and schematic artifacts can appear in foil and non-foil.

Each Set and Draft Booster contains either a retro or schematic artifact. It's an uncommon roughly 66% of the time, a rare roughly 27% of the time, and a mythic rare roughly 7% of the time. Regardless of the rarity of your artifact, it will be a schematic one-sixth of the time.

(In their wildcard slots, approximately 24% of The Brothers' War Set Boosters contain an extra retro or schematic artifact as well.)

Serialized Cards

We have also made schematic cards that are their own unique pieces of Magic's history. Each of the 63 schematic cards has 500 serialized versions. Each serialized card is numbered from 1 and 500 and appears on a double rainbow version of our traditional foil:

The Brothers' War Serialized Card Example

Serialized cards can only be found in Collector Boosters. Serialized cards are always in English but can be opened in Collector Boosters of any language. They are mechanically identical to their non-serialized counterparts.


There are tons of giant robots fighting in the Brothers' War—the perfect opportunity to bring other Transformers bots in from Universes Beyond. These cards have their own set code: BOT. You can find 15 Transformers in the BOT set. They are all mythic rare, and they are all mechanically unique. BOT cards can be opened in Set and Collector Boosters in both foil and non-foil.

Optimus Prime, Hero
Optimus Prime, Autobot Leader
Megatron, Tyrant
Megatron, Destructive Force

You can find a Transformers card in 10% of Set Boosters. Each Bundle also contains a non-foil Transformers card, and each Gift Bundle contains a foil Transformers card.

There is also a separate universe that shatters everything you thought you knew about Transformers robots—a universe where heroic Decepticons battle evil Autobots. You can experience this topsy-turvy reality with the Transformers Shattered Glass cards. The Shattered Glass cards are mechanically identical to the regular Transformers cards but feature new art and frames.

Transformers Shattered Glass cards are only found in The Brothers' War Collector Boosters—roughly 12% of Collector Boosters contain one. While non-foil Shattered Glass Transformers cards are printed in all languages Collector Boosters are available in, foil Shattered Glass Transformers cards are printed in English and they appear in Collector Boosters of any language. Foil Shattered Glass Transformers are tough to open—you're about as likely to open a foil Shattered Glass Transformer as you were a neon ink Hidetsugu (of any color) in Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty.

Shattered Glass Optimus Prime, Hero
Shattered Glass Optimus Prime, Autobot Leader
Shattered Glass Megatron, Tyrant
Shattered Glass Megatron, Destructive Force

There are 14 Shattered Glass Transformers, not 15—Arcee does not have a Shattered Glass version.

Mech Basic Lands

Urza and Mishra have built enormous war machines for their struggles, and you can see all sorts of these constructs on the mech basic lands. There are ten mech lands, two for each basic land type:

Plains Plains

Island Island

Swamp Swamp

Mountain Mountain

Forest Forest

You can find the mech basic lands in traditional foil and non-foil in The Brothers' War Set and Draft Boosters. Approximately one-quarter of The Brothers' War Set and Draft Boosters contain a mech basic land. You'll always open a traditional foil mech basic land in The Brothers' War Collector Boosters.

Borderless Cards

You can find borderless cards with alternate art in many Magic sets, and The Brothers' War is no exception. There are six borderless rares and two borderless mythic rares in The Brothers' War. Typically, every planeswalker in a set has a borderless version, but Urza Planeswalker—Urza's melded form—does not. Instead, there are borderless versions of both Mishra, Tamer of Mak Fawa and Urza, Prince of Kroog. You can find these borderless cards in Set, Draft, and Collector Boosters in both traditional foil and non-foil.

Borderless Mishra, Tamer of Mak Fawa Borderless Urza, Prince of Kroog

You can find a non-foil borderless card in roughly 3% of The Brothers' War Draft Boosters and 4% of The Brothers' War Set Boosters.

Extended-Art Cards

You can find 53 rares and 19 mythic rares with extended art in The Brothers' War Collector Boosters. You can also find extended-art versions of the 5 rares from The Brothers' War Jumpstart Boosters, the 16 rares and 4 mythic rares from The Brothers' War Commander decks, and 5 other rares and 2 other mythic rares from The Brothers' War Commander cards that appear in Set Boosters and in The Brothers' War Collector Boosters.

All the extended-art cards from The Brothers' War main set appear in traditional foil and non-foil. The extended-art Jumpstart cards and most of the Commander cards appear only in non-foil; however, the five non-Saga The Brothers' War Commander cards from Set Boosters, plus the two mythic rares from Set Boosters and the mythic rare legendary cards from The Brothers' War Commander decks do appear in foil in Collector Boosters.

Meld cards in The Brothers' War and cards that appear in borderless art do not appear in extended art.

Extended-art Hurkyl, Master Wizard Extended-art Phyrexian Fleshgorger Extended-art Mishra's Foundry

Set Boosters

The Brothers' War Set Booster Display

Every The Brothers' War Set Booster contains:

  • At least 1 rare or mythic rare card (approximately 42% to have 2, 13% to have 3, 1% to have 4, and < 1% to have 5)
  • 1 Retro artifact or retro schematic card from the retro artifact bonus sheet
  • 1 Traditional foil card of any rarity, including borderless rares, Transformers cards, retro artifacts, retro schematics, Jumpstart cards, or Commander cards
  • 2 Wildcards of any rarity, including an opportunity to open The Brothers' War Commander cards, Jumpstart Booster rares, Transformers cards, or retro artifacts and retro schematics
  • 3 Connected uncommons
  • 3 Connected commons
  • 1 Basic land or mech basic land that could come in foil or non-foil
  • 1 Art card
  • 1 Card from The List or a token, DFC helper card, punch-out counter card, or ad card

The Brothers' War Set Booster Collation Infographic

Draft Boosters

The Brothers' War Draft Booster Display

The Brothers' War Draft Boosters contain:

  • 1 Rare or mythic rare, that can potentially be in the borderless frame
  • In a third of boosters replacing a common, 1 traditional foil card that can be a basic land, common, uncommon, rare, or mythic rare, or a retro artifact or retro schematic card
  • 1 Retro artifact or retro schematic card
  • 1 Basic land or mech land card
  • 3 Non-foil uncommons
  • 10 Non-foil commons, unless one is replaced by a traditional foil card of any rarity

The Brothers' War Draft Booster Collation Infographic

Collector Boosters

The Brothers' War Collector Booster Display

Each Collector Booster contains:

  • 1 Foil alternate-frame rare or mythic rare that could be an extended-art, Commander extended-art, borderless, retro artifact, or retro schematic card, or serialized retro schematic card (in less than 1% of boosters)
  • 2 Non-foil retro or schematic artifacts: Each Collector Booster contains 1 retro artifact and 1 schematic artifact, one of which will be rare or mythic rare.
  • 1 Additional foil uncommon retro or schematic artifact
  • 1 Transformers series card, which might be foil (in 21% of boosters) or Shattered Glass (in 12% of boosters) or both (in less than 1% of boosters)
  • 1 Traditional foil rare or mythic rare
  • 1 Non-foil borderless or extended-art rare or mythic rare
  • 1 Non-foil extended-art Commander rare or mythic rare or Jumpstart rare
  • 1 Traditional foil mech land
  • 2 Traditional foil uncommons
  • 4 Traditional foil commons
  • 1 Traditional foil double-sided token

The Brothers' War Collector Booster Collation Infographic

Commander Decks

The two Commander decks in The Brothers' War—one for each brother, Urza and Mishra—are designed to celebrate the history of Magic: each Commander deck is entirely in the retro frame. That's right, every card in both decks will come in the retro frame.

Additionally, each The Brothers' War Commander deck comes with a Collector Booster Sample Pack, which contains two cards:

  • 1 Rare or mythic rare that can be a traditional foil, borderless, or extended-art card
  • 1 Traditional foil uncommon retro artifact or retro schematic

Your Collector Booster Sample Pack might contain a special version of one of the cards in your Commander deck or a card perfect to add to another Commander deck. Most The Brothers' War Commander decks contain a Collector Booster Sample Pack in the same language as the deck. However, if your Commander deck is in Italian, Portuguese, or Spanish, your Collector Booster Sample Pack will be in English.


The Brothers' War Bundle

Each Bundle contains eight The Brothers' War Set Boosters to crack open in a great box for holding your cards and displaying, in addition to:

  • 20 Traditional foil basic lands
  • 20 Non-foil basic lands
  • 1 Traditional foil Queen Kayla bin-Kroog promo card with unique alternate art by Howard Lyon
  • 1 Non-foil Transformers series card
  • 1 Oversized The Brothers' War spindown die with an Urza or Mishra theme

Just in time for the holidays, The Brothers' War will also be coming with a Gift Bundle on December 2, complete with an additional Collector Booster with the eight Set Boosters, a foil Transformers series card, and a Transformers-themed spindown die.

Prerelease Packs

The Brothers' War Urza's Iron Alliance Prerelease Pack
Urza's Iron Alliance
The Brothers' War Mishra's Burnished Banner Prerelease Pack
Mishra's Burnished Banner

Prerelease Packs are available for Prerelease events taking place one week before the launch of The Brothers' War on November 11. Get early access to six The Brothers' War Draft Boosters to build your first The Brothers' War sealed deck at participating retailers. Just for this set, the Prerelease Packs have separate Urza- and Mishra-themed packaging, so you can choose which brother to fight for.

Each Prerelease Pack contains:

  • 6 Draft Boosters
  • 1 Traditional foil and stamped rare or mythic rare from the set
  • 1 Prerelease Pack with punch-out accessories and counters themed to the mechanics of The Brothers' War
  • 1 Spindown die


The Brothers' War Jumpstart Booster Display

The Brothers' War will mark the second time that Jumpstart has released with a themed Magic set and Standard-legal cards. Jumpstart is the quickest and easiest way to play a Limited game of Magic: just open two Jumpstart Boosters, shuffle them together, and play! Jumpstart is a great sealed experience for everyone, from new players to long-time Magic fans. Skip the deck building and jump right into playing games of Magic.

The Brothers' War Jumpstart Boosters come in one of ten themes, and when you put them together, anything can happen. Play a few games of Jumpstart, and you might find grave-bound Gixians using Urza's powerstones, or Mishra's mighty machines teaming up with Titania's Argothian defenses. Each color has a rare card designed for Jumpstart and two themes, each a variant on the same mechanic.

  • White: Infantry (two versions)
  • Blue: Powerstones (two versions)
  • Black: Unearth (two versions)
  • Red: Welded (two versions)
  • Green: Titanic (two versions)

Each The Brothers' War Jumpstart Booster will come with two rare or mythic rare cards: a rare that's themed for the color, and another rare from the main set that is randomly selected from a pool within the theme's color pie. (We'll show you these cards in a dedicated The Brothers' War Jumpstart article soon.)

The Brothers' War Jumpstart Boosters each contain:

  • 1 Theme card that describes the theme of the Jumpstart Booster
  • 20 Total playable cards
  • 2 Rare cards—one random rare or mythic rare from the main set within the theme's mana color and one rare that is unique to Jumpstart Boosters
  • 2 Traditional foil lands
  • 6 Non-foil lands

Welcome Boosters

New Magic players can visit their local WPN store to receive a Welcome Booster. As we begin to explore Magic's history with The Brothers' War and Magic's future in 2023, now is a great time to introduce a friend to Magic: The Gathering!