Wilds of Eldraine is now available on MTG Arena, and with it comes a fresh new set of packets to choose from in Jump In! matches.

There are ten new packets featuring cards from Wilds of Eldraine. Each packet has a some variability in the cards you’ll find in each to keep things interesting game after game (you can see these in the tables below each decklist below).

We've retired some packets from the pool, but among those included are these ten packets from Jump Into Middle-earth:

  • Breakfast
  • Insight
  • Sauron’s
  • Moria
  • Shire
  • Amass
  • Elves
  • Tokens
  • Wild
  • Humans


  • Entry: 1,000 gold or 200 gems
  • FormatJump In!—pick two packets and play a combined deck with added basic lands.
  • Structure: Play as many games as you want, resign when you're done. You may pay the entry and rejoin to select new packets and play again.
  • Rewards: First win awards an uncommon individual card reward (ICR), with a 5% upgrade possibility to rare or mythic rare.


When you play in Jump In! events, you automatically receive a mix of basic lands based on the packets you choose, balanced for the costs and activated abilities on the spells in your packets.

You'll also receive nonbasic lands for play! packets you choose will add dual lands in the colors appropriate to your deck.

Dismal Backwater Swiftwater Cliffs Thornwood Falls

If you haven't acquired these lands before, they'll be added to your collection, and these nonbasic lands are factored in before basic lands are determined for your deck.


Jump In! will present you with three options for your first packet. At least one option will be a packet you've never selected in a previous run of the event (unless you've selected them all). There will always be at least one monocolor option and one multicolor option, and no options will have exactly the same color identity as another.

You will also be presented with three options for your second packet. The options for the second packet are based on the colors of your first packet selection:

If your first packet selection has one color, there will always be at least one monocolor option and at least one multicolor option. All multicolor options will contain the color of the first packet selection.

If your first packet selection has two colors, there will always be at least two monocolor options and at least one of each color. No monocolor option will be outside of the first packet selection's colors. If there is a multicolor option, either its colors will be the same as the first packet selected or it will contain both of those colors plus an additional color.

If your first packet selection has three colors, there will always be at least two monocolor options, covering at least two of those colors. No monocolor option will be outside of the first packet selection's colors. If there is a multicolor option, it will only contain colors within the first packet selection's color.

Check out packet details from past Jump In! updates:


Below, you'll find the latest packets and cards that have been added. Each packet list is followed by a table showing the alternate card possibilities. Reading across each row, you'll find the card names and their chance of appearing in that slot in the packet.

(Editor’s Note: Card images displayed in the packet lists below may be of versions not present in this product. These packet lists are not card-for-card product displays but instead represent the cards you can find in each packet.)

1 Slumbering Keepguard 1 Hopeful Vigil 1 Spellbook Vendor 1 Cursed Courtier 1 Knight of Doves 1 Rimefur Reindeer 1 Dutiful Griffin 1 Break the Spell 1 Archon's Glory 1 Cooped Up 1 The Princess Takes Flight 1 The Fair Basilica
Charmed Packet Variability
Card Appears Card Appears
Spellbook Vendor 80% Virtue of Loyalty 20%
Rimefur Reindeer 50% Besotted Knight 50%
Break the Spell 50% Return Triumphant 50%
Archon's Glory 50% Kellan's Lightblades 50%