The Phyrexian invasion is here. Are you ready for March of the Machine on MTG Arena?

Magic's latest release arrived in MTG Arena, bringing with it legendary team-ups across the Multiverse, the return of familiar legends from Magic's past, and new mechanics—like battle cards, backup, and incubate—to play.

All the coolest details about March of the Machine on MTG Arena are available in our Release Notes. But if you want a peek into even more info about the set, we've gathered it from our March of the Machine Early Access event last week, where creators and Magic fans got their first look at everything available.

Let's get into the numbers.

March of the Machine Draft and Sealed Data

Fans of Limited—those who play Sealed Deck or Draft events—enjoy the unique challenge each event offers while getting to add to their collection quickly. Between Premier Play events (such as the upcoming Arena Open, April 29–30) and drafts to rank up with, getting started with a new set puts everyone on an even battlefield.

Looking at decks that contain each color, we can see the performance for Sealed and Premier Draft across hundreds of matches.

March of the Machine
Premier Draft Win Rates
Color Win Rate
Blue 52.30%
Red 51.40%
Black 50.30%
Green 49.30%
White 47.80%
March of the Machine
Sealed Deck Win Rates
Color Win Rate
Red 51.50%
White 49.40%
Green 49.10%
Black 48.70%
Blue 48.20%