Commander is a unique and exciting way to play multiplayer Magic, featuring lots of legendary creatures and big, game-changing spells. Your deck is built around a single legendary creature (the "commander," which can be cast multiple times), and can use only cards within that creature's color idenity. A Commander deck must be exactly 100 cards, and can't contain more than one copy of any card other than basic lands, making it a fun challenge for a creative deck builder. Play in a multiplayer free-for-all and maximize your commander's strengths to make sure you're the last one standing!

Commander (2018 Edition) brings back a very special category of commanders: planeswalkers! Yep, instead of a creature, each deck is led by a powerful planeswalker and built to take full advantage of their unique abilities. Most planeswalkers can't be used as commanders, but these four have been designed specifically to fill that role, so you can battle with a true legend of the Multiverse by your side.

Take command. Find your store.


  • Saheeli, the Gifted

    Saheeli, the Gifted

    Saheeli Rai blends artistry and engineering with seamless ease, crafting beautiful artifact creatures from iridescent metals. She has the uncanny ability to craft a lifelike replica of any creature or construct she sees. Her talents have won her renown across her home plane of Kaladesh–admirers, collectors, and investors alike flock to see her designs. Saheeli has a bright, optimistic personality, and she loves facing off against other inventors in contests and tournaments.

  • Tawnos, Urza's Apprentice

    Tawnos, Urza's Apprentice

    Long ago, during the Antiquities War on Dominaria, Tawnos impressed the artificer Urza enough to become his apprentice. Tawnos's inventions often drew inspiration from nature, a method Urza would employ for many centuries afterward. Tawnos survived the cataclysmic end of the war in a "coffin" designed to hold him safely in stasis.

  • Varchild, Betrayer of Kjeldor

    Varchild, Betrayer of Kjeldor

    Varchild was a rogue Kjeldoran general on Dominaria during the Ice Age. Rather than accept the peace between Kjeldor's king, Darien, and the Balduvian chieftain, Lovisa Coldeyes, Varchild embarked on a campaign of terror against Balduvia. The two nations took the field together to stop her, eventually merging into the dynastic union of New Argive.

  • Brudiclad, Telchor Engineer

    Brudiclad, Telchor Engineer

    Brudiclad is known only from the bizarre rifts in time that plagued Dominaria before the Mending. In one possible future, Brudiclad exists as an engineer who melds flesh and metal in glorious harmony.

  • Aminatou, the Fateshifter

    Aminatou, the Fateshifter

    Though she is only eight years old, Aminatou possesses the knowledge of lifetimes and a supernatural attunement to the tapestry of fate. She can foresee the branching consequences of the smallest actions, twist destiny with barely a thought, and perhaps even unmake the Multiverse itself. Fortunately, though she has the curiosity and caprice of a child, she usually limits herself to minor manipulations of fate in service of her whims and desires.

  • Yennett, Cryptic Sovereign

    Yennett, Cryptic Sovereign

    Most sphinxes live in solitude, keeping their esoteric wisdom and arcane insights to themselves–Yennett is not most sphinxes. Knowledge is power, she believes, and she has used that power to become a queen. Her magic snatches moments from the future and pulls them into the present.

  • Varina, Lich Queen

    Varina, Lich Queen

    Varina's necromantic magic has preserved her semblance of life for countless centuries and made the passage of time meaningless to her. She can peer into a range of unfulfilled futures and raise zombies from the shadows of these discarded realities.

  • Yuriko, the Tiger's Shadow

    Yuriko, the Tiger's Shadow

    On the plane of Kamigawa, the identity of the Tiger's Shadow is a mystery, but the monstrous face of the mask she wears inspires hope among the weak and terror in the mighty. She wields secrets as a weapon to debase the powerful and brings aid to the oppressed and afflicted.

  • Lord Windgrace

    Lord Windgrace

    The panther warrior Lord Windgrace once helped Urza fight the Phyrexians on Dominaria. But he despises artifacts and the trouble that magical artificers can cause–emphatically including Urza, whose long-ago detonation of a cataclysmic magical device devastated Windgrace's people. Centuries after the Phyrexian Invasion, Windgrace gave up his Planeswalker spark to close a time rift above Urborg, his home. To this day, the Windgrace Acolytes purge Urborg of artifacts in his name.

  • Gyrus, Waker of Corpses

    Gyrus, Waker of Corpses

    In the swamps of Jund, one of the reunited shards of Alara, the terrifying hydra Gyrus hunts–but not alone. Its heads dredge dead things from the murky water and animate them as shadows of their former selves. Zombified crocodiles, snakes, and other creatures serve Gyrus, bringing food to blunt the hydra's insatiable hunger.

  • Xantcha, Sleeper Agent

    Xantcha, Sleeper Agent

    Xantcha was a Phyrexian created to live undetected among humans. Corrupted by a trace of human compassion, she turned against Phyrexia and traveled with Urza for centuries, eventually sacrificing herself to aid him in his millennia-long battle against her creators. Her heartstone, the seat of her personhood, became part of the golem Karn.

  • Thantis, the Warweaver

    Thantis, the Warweaver

    A monstrous web of burning mana spreads across a distant forest, inciting rage in every creature that stumbles into its tangle. As these creatures seethe and struggle, they become food for Thantis, a giant and malevolent spider. The fury of her prey feeds her own ferocity before she feasts on their corpses.

  • Estrid, the Masked

    Estrid, the Masked

    Constantly striving for self-perfection, Estrid fashions magical masks that imbue her with the strengths and skills of the creatures they represent. Calm and collected in times of danger, Estrid takes pride in her flexibility. She is always ready with the right face–and set of talents–for whatever challenge she encounters. As Estrid journeys through the Multiverse, she seeks mighty creatures with unique fighting styles and weaves their powers into new masks.

  • Kestia, the Cultivator

    Kestia, the Cultivator

    The nymphs of Theros are associated with the wilds of nature–lush plains, verdant forests, and rushing waters. Kestia is a unique creation of the gods, and the cultivated fields that sustain human life are her domain. A benevolent steward of the earth's bounty, she oversees fertile fields, crop growth, and irrigation.

  • Tuvasa the Sunlit

    Tuvasa the Sunlit

    Amog the River Heralds of Ixalan, most shamans feel close affinity with the winds and waters, or with the verdant growth of the jungle. Tuvasa believes the light of the sun is the power that unites them both, giving life to plants and warming coastal waters.

  • Arixmethes, Slumbering Isle

    Arixmethes, Slumbering Isle

    The kraken Arixmethes is so large that he is frequently mistaken for an island. While he slumbered, an entire city was built on his back. When he awakened–as the Planeswalker Kiora battled the sea god Thassa–he wrought destruction beyond any the hapless citizens of the "island" had ever known.