People of Kaladesh, it is time to rise up.

We've seen the Consulate's "progress" and their "promises." Inspectors on every corner and surveillance thopters peeking in our windows. Aether diverted from poor neighborhoods to fuel undisclosed programs. Thousands of inventions stolen from their creators. Peaceful automatons morphing into military enforcers. The moment Grand Consul Tezzeret installed his policies was the moment we lost our freedom. We will take it back.

Stand with us on the barricades. Make the Consuls listen to the truth. Stay safe, stay aware, stay true. Help us create the world you want to live in. Make Ghirapur our city again!

Sram, Senior Edificer

Sram serves as a reminder of what the Consulate should be: tirelessly vigilant, brilliantly talented, and dedicated to the good of Ghirapur. His only failing is that he stands with the establishment even as they plunge into corruption. We should remember that it was the highest authorities inside the Spire that started this downward spiral, not people like Sram. That said, we should keep his engineering teams busy with some "spontaneous bridge rotor malfunctions" to cut off the movement of the Honorable.


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