Guild Kits are a great new way to celebrate your favorite guild. Each one contains a ready-to-play 60-card deck made upof cards from all Ravnica-based sets, along with a special guild-themed Spindown life counter, official guild pin, and more, so you can represent your guild in and out of the game!

Ravnica Allegiance

Orzhov Syndicate

Attain lavish wealth and an eternal life to enjoy it.

Simic Combine

Delve into the deepest mysteries of biology and bring new truths to light.

Cult of Rakdos

Cast off the petty rules of society and indulge your darkest desires with abandon.

Gruul Clans


Azorius Senate

Obey all applicable laws, codes, and regulations.

Guilds of Ravnica

Boros Legion

Uphold the law and demonstrate true valor on and off the battlefield.

House Dimir

Harvest knowledge, sabotage enemies, and covertly communicate with fellow agents.

Selesnya Conclave

Gather weapons and tools to stand as a defender of nature.

Izzet League

Gather highly-classified prototypes to assist with your experiments.

Golgari Swarm

Draw upon the cyclical powers of life and death to destroy enemies.

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