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Come to a Magic Open House

The new mentor mechanic lets your creatures power each other up by attacking, proving yet again that you don't need a classroom to get a good education. Get your own Boros Challenger at Open House, September 22 and 23!

Ral, Izzet Viceroy

Ral Zarek sure has moved up in the world! Even though he's busy running the guild, he still finds time for his hobbies, such as playing with lightning and pushing the boundaries of reality.

Emmara, Soul of the Accord

Teamwork is great, even if you have to make your own team members. Play in the Store Championship September 10 - 16 to get this sweet promo Emmara on your team.

Sacred Foundry

Shocking new development: shock lands are back!

Sinister Sabotage

That's the face your opponent will make when you counter their best spell at Friday Night Magic—which is also the place to get your hands on this shiny promo.

Guilds of Ravnica Story

Under the Cover of Fog

By Nicky Drayden

Merret, a covert agent of House Dimir, works a lowly position on the docks until he stumbles upon life-changing magic.

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Testing the Dark Waters

By Nicky Drayden

An Izzet chemister makes an incredible discovery about the world . . . and herself.

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Clans & Legions

By Nicky Drayden

A newly promoted Wojek stumbles upon a massive conspiracy.

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Death's Precious Moments

By Nicky Drayden

A hopeful kraul competes for training as a necromancer and brushes closer with death than expected.

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Bound and Bonded

By Nicky Drayden

A Selesnyan wurmcaller confronts the mistakes of his past with a little help from his friends.

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