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Outlaws of Thunder Junction

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Rustle Up Some Trouble

Welcome to Thunder Junction, the brand-new frontier plane that’s an outlaw’s paradise.

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Welcome to the brand-spankin’-new frontier plane of Thunder Junction! Everyone’s streaming in from across the Multiverse to be an outlaw here, so better practice your draw if you want to score big.

Outlaws of Thunder Junction Product Lineup

Play Boosters

Perfect for Limited Play and fun to open, with at least 1 foil card and the possibility of multiple Rare cards in every pack.

Collector Boosters

Get Thunder Junction’s most wanted cards, with boosters full of shining foils, exclusive special treatments, and a total of 5 cards of rarity Rare or higher in every pack.

Commander Decks

Duel your rival outlaws in thrilling multiplayer games. These Commander Decks are ready to play right out of the box and each deck introduces 10 never-before-seen Commander cards.


Build decks set in the frontier world of Thunder Junction with 9 Play Boosters, 30 Land cards (including 10 Full-Art Western Landscape Lands), and Bundle-exclusive accessories.

Prerelease Packs

Saddle up for a wild ride. Attend a Prerelease event starting April 12 to start exploring Magic’s first western-themed set. Don’t forget your hat!


This heist could change the game! Grab the Breaking News bonus sheet, and all that glitters with Textured Foil cards found in Collector Boosters.


Rassle Some Updates

In Thunder Junction the wanted posters are up, and the jobs are goin’ down. Sign up now to get updates about future collaborations, events, and releases sent straight to your inbox.

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