On his home plane of Fiora, Daretti was known as a goblin of uncommon intellect, talent, and ambition. His goal was both simple and audacious: to become a master artificer at the Academy in the High City of Paliano. As he rose through the ranks, the city's mage elite tittered, then scoffed, then protested. In the end, it was not their plotting but Daretti's own experiments that proved his downfall. One of Daretti's famed creations exploded, leaving a blasted crater with no sign of the goblin's body. In truth, the shock of the explosion ignited Daretti's latent Planeswalker spark, hurling him across the planes to relative safety. He lost his legs in the blast, but he survived...with his eyes opened to the infinite worlds of knowledge and artifice he could explore. He built himself an elaborate cogwork conveyance and continued his experiments in artifice, both on Fiora and in the worlds beyond.

After some time away, Daretti has returned to Fiora to reshape the power structures of Paliano that denied him his aspirations. His schemings were responsible for the disbanding of the Academy, as he tipped Grenzo, the palace's goblin prison warden, off to Muzzio's storehouse of cogwork warriors. He was also instrumental in instigating the goblin riots, both to overturn Paliano's current leadership and to root out former members of the Academy who are now lying low in the city.






Fiora is a world of political intrigue, where government factions vie for power and hope to control Paliano, the High City. Despite its scenic vistas, Fiora is one of the most dangerous planes a Planeswalker can visit.  


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