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Urza is among the most influential Planeswalkers who ever lived. A master of artifice with near-godlike power, Urza’s true strength lay in his ability to lay plans years (even centuries!) in advance. Insatiably curious and utterly callous, Urza stopped at nothing to achieve his goals. As a young man, Urza was obsessed with the history of Dominaria and the Thran Empire that once ruled the plane. This led to a millennia-long vendetta against Yawgmoth and the plane of Phyrexia. After countless years of conflict, both subtle and overt, Urza and Yawgmoth perished together. Urza’s legacy is not a heroic one. While perhaps the Phyrexians would have destroyed Dominaria without his intervention, Urza trampled upon countless lives in his pursuit of vengeance.


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