The Tokens of Time Spiral Remastered

Posted in Card Preview on March 5, 2021

By Kendall Pepple

Truly timeless art and iconic token creatures combine to make up the fifteen full-art tokens available in Time Spiral Remastered. Each of these tokens are single sided with one token on the front face, and you'll find one in each Draft Booster.

If you haven't yet seen the cards that make these tokens, check out the Time Spiral Remastered Card Image Gallery, and the Promo and Bonus Sheet Card Image Gallery, to see the returning and retro frame cards that create them.

Now, without further ado, here are the tokens of Time Spiral Remastered.

(Editor's Note: The name of the "Kobolds of Kher Keep" token was unfortunately printed as "Kobold" instead. Please note for gameplay and rules purposes "Kobolds of Kher Keep" is the correct name.)

GriffinSoldierCloud Sprite Token



ApeInsectLlanowar Elves Token

SaprolingAssembly-Worker TokenMetallic Sliver Token

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