The Grand Creature Type Update

Posted in Feature on September 26, 2007

By Mark Gottlieb

The time has come! Over the past few years, we've been updating Magic cards to modern creature type standards in dribs and drabs. Rather than continuing to live with inconsistencies for the foreseeable future, we're going all out and updating everything in one fell swoop.

Why Update?

Initially, we weren't going to. Back in the Mirrodin set, we implemented the "race class" model for Magic creatures, and we made Human a creature type. At first, we had no plans to update cards from the past. Then you'd have to check Oracle to know what creature types your card is, and we felt that was best avoided.

We soon realized that policy would be impossible to support because we reprint cards. When Samite Healer showed up in Ninth Edition, was it supposed to remain a Cleric rather than a Human Cleric? No, of course not—the only way for it to make sense in Ninth Edition and in Standard was to make it a Human. So our policy was that we'd update creature types when we reprinted cards.

But we reprint cards in all sorts of weird ways. There are the core set cards. There are reprints that show up in expert-level sets (like Elves of Deep Shadow or Verdeloth the Ancient). A bunch of Ice Age and Alliances cards popped up in Coldsnap theme decks. Two expert-level sets (Mirage and Visions) have been digitally reprinted for Magic Online. Masters Edition is another set of online-only reprints, but that was a compilation, not a standard set.

As time went on, two things became clear to us:

1) It would be easier to look at the big picture and update everything than it would be to continually update small slices of the pie. Decisions made while looking at a tiny subset aren't necessarily the right decisions in the long run, so why not make the long-run decisions now?

2) Our hope that players would be able to avoid Oracle when they want to know what creature types their cards are was already torpedoed. If you're holding an Ice Age card, do you know whether it's been reprinted in Ninth Edition? Tenth Edition? Masters Edition? A Coldsnap theme deck? You've got to look it up if you really need to know. Once that's the case, then it's in everyone's best interests to make the creature types as sensible as possible.

Why Update Now?

The creature type update is synched to the Lorwyn release because Lorwyn is a tribal set. Those creature types matter! Updating the master creature type list that lives in the Comp Rules is especially important because all the Lorwyn creatures with changeling have all those types. So now is the best time to seriously streamline that list.

What's Changing?

There are four main categories of changes.

1) Creatures without creature types got some creature types. There are three types of cards that lacked creature types:

  • Legendary creatures. Prior to the Mirrodin set, Legend was a creature type. Most legendary creatures were printed as "Summon Legend" or "Creature — Legend," and had no further creature types. (Some, like Sliver Queen, had creature types in their text box; others, like Rorix Bladewing, had extra types on their type lines.)
  • Artifact creatures. Some artifact creatures had types like Golem, Gnome, or Chimera. But we didn't have an "every creature has a creature type" policy, so lots of artifact creatures were subtypeless.
  • Cards that self-animate. Many cards that can turn into creatures, from Mishra's Factory to Opal Titan, listed the creature types they turn into. But some didn't.

2) Creatures that lacked races got a race. The vast majority of these are creatures that should be Human but were printed before Mirrodin. In fact, more than half of the cards involved in this update got "Human" added to them. Some cards got other races, like Dryad (Dawnstrider), Dauthi (Dauthi Marauder), Soltari (Soltari Crusader), Thalakos (Thalakos Sentry), Kor (Silkenfist Fighter), Merfolk (Ceta Disciple), and so on.

3) Creatures that lacked an obvious class got a class. If a class exists in a creature's name, like Dwarven Warriors and Elvish Archers, the creature got that class added to its types. Some other strong name cues led to type changes; for example, creatures with "Vandal" or "Bandit" in their names are now Rogues.

4) Obsolete creature types were eliminated. A number of completely bizarre creature types were still on the books. Being? Entity? Gaea's-Avenger? Gone, and their former owners now have more sensible types. In addition, there were a number of creature types that were too specific, and these have been folded into more standard types. For example, Erne and Vulture are now Bird, and Dragonfly and Ant are now Insect.

That covers most things. There were some other causes for change. For example, we've introduced Hellion and Homunculus as new creature types recently. Those types were propagated back to the three previous Hellions and two previous Homunculi. Also, we added a lot of animal types to Beasts that really look like those animals. For example, Anurid Brushhopper is now a Frog Beast and Battering Craghorn is now a Goat Beast.

This brings up an important point: Wherever possible, we added creature types to existing supported types rather than replacing those types. Take Brine Shaman, for example. It was printed as a Cleric. It should clearly be a Human, and it should clearly be a Shaman. But it says "Cleric" right there on the card! Our answer was to make it a Human Cleric Shaman. It's a little redundant, but if you're playing with the card and you have to guess whether it's a Cleric, you'll probably be right... and if you have to guess whether it's a Shaman, you'll probably be right too.

Text Changes

Goblin King never affected itself because it wasn't a Goblin for the first decade or so of its life. When it was reprinted in Ninth Edition as a Goblin, its template was changed so that it would continue to not affect itself—it now affected "other" Goblins. A number of cards got similar errata as part of this update to preserve their functionality as much as possible. They are: Zombie Master; Kobold Drill Sergeant; Kobold Overlord; Orc General; Anaba Ancestor; Faerie Noble; Thopter Squadron; Kangee, Aerie Keeper; and Lovisa Coldeyes. In addition, Elephant Graveyard now regenerates only Elephants because Mammoth no longer exists. (All Mammoths are now Elephants, so Elephant Graveyard interacts with the same cards that it always did.)

Three cards got more extensive changes.

Ivory Guardians
The "Guardian" creature type was eliminated in this update, for much the same reason that "Lord" was eliminated as a creature type. That left Ivory Guardians in a quandary, since its Oracle wording gives a bonus to all Guardians. But its printed wordings are much less clear. Compare Goblin Balloon Brigade. Its Alpha / Beta / Unlimited wording gave a bonus to "Goblins." This was interpreted as giving the bonus not to all Goblins, but just to Goblin Balloon Brigade. "Goblins" was shorthand for the creature's name. The same interpretation can be applied to Ivory Guardians, so it now gives the bonus to all creatures named Ivory Guardians. It's a bit of a kluge, but that's the story we're going with.

Aysen Crusader
Aysen Crusader's power and toughness are each equal to 2 plus the number of Heroes you control. Unfortunately for Aysen Crusader, "Hero" is also eliminated in this update. It hasn't been a supported type for years; if it were, Reborn Hero, Devoted Hero, Goblin Hero, and various others would all have the type. Instead, the only Heroes in existence were Benalish Hero, Beast Walkers, and Kjeldoran Warrior—and Benalish Hero became a Human Soldier in the Masters Edition update. Aysen Crusader lucks out, however—taking the spirit of its ability to heart, we determined that its power and toughness will now be determined based on the number of Soldiers and Warriors you control! At least that should make up for Ivory Guardians getting short shrift.

Wirefly Hive
Wirefly Hive produced Wirefly tokens. But just like The Hive (which originally made Wasps) and Giant Caterpillar (which originally made a Butterfly), this should make Insects. After the update, it'll make Insect tokens named Wirefly. The tricky part is that the artifact also destroys Wireflies. In the past, this would've destroyed Mistform Ultimus too, since it was also a Wirefly. After the update, Wirefly Hive will destroy only creatures named Wirefly.

Un- Types

None of the Unglued or Unhinged creature types were changed. I couldn't change them even if I wanted to, since those cards don't exist in Oracle! However, all creature types specific to Un- cards are being eliminated from the Comprehensive Rules list. In the land of silver bordered cards, fractions are legal numbers—but this is specifically prohibited by the Comp Rules. When playing with Un- cards, pink, brown, and hazel are legit colors—but they're not listed in the Comp Rules. So why are creature types like Gus, Paratrooper, and Donkey in the Comp Rules? As of the Lorwyn update, they're not.

Final Notes

Overall, this was a huge project. A total of 1197 cards changed in the creature type update. 146 creature types were eliminated, and 8 were added, to leave the final list at 216 creature types.

And you know what? We probably didn't do it perfectly. When you're updating nearly 1200 cards, there are probably some things that slipped through the cracks. There are certainly issues that are ambiguous. If you think we made a mistake, or left something out, or have any other comments you'd like us to see, please leave a note in the message boards. We'll be checking, and any oversights will be corrected in the next Oracle update. Please do not send me email on this topic. The only way to have your voice be heard is to post in the message boards.

Eliminated Types

Abomination, Aladdin, Albatross, Alchemist, Ali-Baba, Ali-from-Cairo, Alligator, Ambush-Party, Ant, Asp, Bandit, Banshee, Bee, Being, Bodyguard, Brownie, Bull, Bureaucrat, Caravan, Carnivore, Carriage, Cave-People, Cheetah, Chicken, Child, Clamfolk, Cobra, Constable, Cow, Crusader, Designer, Devouring-Deep, Dinosaur, Dog, Donkey, Dragonfly, Drill-Sergeant, Eel, Effigy, El-Hajjâj, Enchantress, Entity, Erne, Essence, Exorcist, Expansion-Symbol, Farmer, Fiend, Frostbeast, Fungusaur, Gaea's-Avenger, Gamer, General, Ghost, Ghoul, Guardian, Gus, Gypsy, Harlequin, Heretic, Hero, Hipparion, Hornet, Horseman, Hyena, Infernal-Denizen, Inquisitor, Island-Fish, Jackal, Keeper, Kelp, King, Lady-of-Proper- Etiquette, Legionnaire, Leper, Lord, Lurker, Lycanthrope, Mage, Maiden, Mammoth, Marid, Master, Medusa, Merchant, Mime, Minor, Miracle-Worker, Mold-Demon, Monster, Mummy, Murk-Dwellers, Nameless-Race, Narwhal, Niall-Silvain, Noble, Paladin, Paratrooper, Penguin, People-of-the-Woods, Phantasm, Pig, Pikemen, Pixie-Queen, Poltergeist, Pony, Priest, Pyknite, Ranger, Robber, Roc, Rock-Sled, Sage, Scavenger, Shark, Ship, Shyft, Sister, Smith, Sorceress, Spuzzem, Spy, Stangg-Twin, Tactician, Tarpan, Teddy, Thief, The-Biggest-Baddest-Nastiest-Scariest-Creature-You'll-Ever-See, Twin, Viper, Vulture, Waiter, Walking-Dead, Whippoorwill, Wight, Wiitigo, Wirefly, Wolverine-Pack, Wolves-of-the-Hunt, Wretched

Added Types

Anemone, Anteater, Elk, Harpy, Nautilus, Scarecrow, Squid, Thalakos

New List of Creature Types (a.k.a., What Mirror Entity Is)

Advisor, Anemone, Angel, Anteater, Antelope, Ape, Archer, Archon, Artificer, Assassin, Assembly-Worker, Atog, Aurochs, Avatar, Badger, Barbarian, Basilisk, Bat, Bear, Beast, Beeble, Berserker, Bird, Blinkmoth, Boar, Bringer, Brushwagg, Camarid, Camel, Caribou, Carrier, Cat, Centaur, Cephalid, Chimera, Citizen, Cleric, Cockatrice, Construct, Coward, Crab, Crocodile, Cyclops, Dauthi, Demon, Deserter, Devil, Djinn, Dragon, Drake, Dreadnought, Drone, Druid, Dryad, Dwarf, Efreet, Egg, Elder, Elemental, Elephant, Elf, Elk, Eye, Faerie, Ferret, Fish, Flagbearer, Fox, Frog, Fungus, Gargoyle, Giant, Gnome, Goat, Goblin, Golem, Gorgon, Graveborn, Gremlin, Griffin, Hag, Harpy, Hellion, Hippo, Homarid, Homunculus, Horror, Horse, Hound, Human, Hydra, Illusion, Imp, Incarnation, Insect, Jellyfish, Juggernaut, Kavu, Kirin, Kithkin, Knight, Kobold, Kor, Kraken, Lammasu, Leech, Leviathan, Lhurgoyf, Licid, Lizard, Manticore, Masticore, Mercenary, Merfolk, Metathran, Minion, Minotaur, Monger, Mongoose, Monk, Moonfolk, Mutant, Myr, Mystic, Nautilus, Nephilim, Nightmare, Nightstalker, Ninja, Nomad, Octopus, Ogre, Ooze, Orb, Orc, Orgg, Ouphe, Ox, Oyster, Pegasus, Pentavite, Pest, Phelddagrif, Phoenix, Pincher, Pirate, Plant, Prism, Rabbit, Rat, Rebel, Reflection, Rhino, Rigger, Rogue, Salamander, Samurai, Sand, Saproling, Satyr, Scarecrow, Scorpion, Scout, Serf, Serpent, Shade, Shaman, Shapeshifter, Sheep, Skeleton, Slith, Sliver, Slug, Snake, Soldier, Soltari, Spawn, Specter, Spellshaper, Sphinx, Spider, Spike, Spirit, Splinter, Sponge, Squid, Squirrel, Starfish, Survivor, Tetravite, Thalakos, Thopter, Thrull, Treefolk, Triskelavite, Troll, Turtle, Unicorn, Vampire, Vedalken, Viashino, Volver, Wall, Warrior, Weird, Whale, Wizard, Wolf, Wolverine, Wombat, Worm, Wraith, Wurm, Yeti, Zombie, Zubera

So that's the overview. This is your last chance to escape before we get to the giant table.

What follows is a set-by-set breakdown of every card that got a new creature type. Changes in bold are those that feature the new creature types in rules text rather than on the type line.

CardPrinted TypesCurrent TypesNew TypesSet
Dwarven WarriorsDwarvesDwarfDwarf WarriorAlpha
Elvish ArchersElvesElfElf ArcherAlpha
Jade Statue GolemAlpha
Lord of AtlantisLord of AtlantisMerfolk LordMerfolkAlpha
NightmareNightmareNightmareNightmare HorseAlpha
Northern PaladinPaladinKnightHuman KnightAlpha
Phantasmal ForcesPhantasmPhantasmIllusionAlpha
Roc of Kher RidgesRocRocBirdAlpha
Scavenging GhoulGhoulGhoulZombieAlpha
Veteran BodyguardBodyguardBodyguardHumanAlpha
War MammothMammothMammothElephantAlpha
White KnightKnightKnightHuman KnightAlpha
Zombie MasterLordLordZombieAlpha
Abu Ja'farLeperLeperHumanArabian Nights
AladdinAladdinAladdinHuman RogueArabian Nights
Ali BabaAli BabaAli-BabaHumanArabian Nights
Ali from CairoAli from CairoAli-from-CairoHumanArabian Nights
Bird MaidenBird MaidenMaidenHumanArabian Nights
Brass Man ConstructArabian Nights
Desert NomadsNomadsNomadHuman NomadArabian Nights
El-HajjâjEl-HajjâjEl-HajjâjHumanArabian Nights
Guardian BeastGuardianGuardianBeastArabian Nights
Hurr JackalJackalJackalHoundArabian Nights
Island Fish JasconiusIsland FishIsland-FishFishArabian Nights
King SuleimanKingKingHumanArabian Nights
Merchant ShipShipShipHumanArabian Nights
Nafs AspAspAspSnakeArabian Nights
Old Man of the SeaMaridMaridDjinnArabian Nights
Repentant BlacksmithSmithSmithHumanArabian Nights
Sorceress QueenSorceressSorceressHuman WizardArabian Nights
Argivian BlacksmithSmithSmithHuman ArtificerAntiquities
Battering Ram ConstructAntiquities
Citanul DruidDruidDruidHuman DruidAntiquities
Clay Statue GolemAntiquities
Clockwork Avian BirdAntiquities
Dwarven WeaponsmithDwarvesDwarfDwarf ArtificerAntiquities
Gaea's AvengerGaea's AvengerGaea's-AvengerTreefolkAntiquities
Goblin ArtisansGoblinsGoblinGoblin ArtificerAntiquities
Grapeshot Catapult ConstructAntiquities
Martyrs of KorlisBodyguardBodyguardHumanAntiquities
Mishra's War Machine JuggernautAntiquities
Priest of YawgmothClericClericHuman ClericAntiquities
Primal Clay ShapeshifterAntiquities
Sage of Lat-NamSageSageHuman ArtificerAntiquities
Shapeshifter ShapeshifterAntiquities
Tetravus ConstructAntiquities
Triskelion ConstructAntiquities
Urza's Avenger ShapeshifterAntiquities
Xenic PoltergeistPoltergeistPoltergeistSpiritAntiquities
Ærathi BerserkerBerserkerBerserkerHuman BerserkerLegends
Akron LegionnaireLegionnaireLegionnaireHuman SoldierLegends
Angus MackenzieLegend Human ClericLegends
Axelrod GunnarsonLegend GiantLegends
Ayesha TanakaLegend Human ArtificerLegends
Barktooth WarbeardLegend Human WarriorLegends
Bartel RuneaxeLegend Human WarriorLegends
Blazing EffigyEffigyEffigyElementalLegends
Boris DevilboonLegend Human WizardLegends
Boris DevilboonMinor DemonMinor DemonDemon named Minor DemonLegends
Bronze Horse HorseLegends
Carrion AntsAntsAntInsectLegends
Clergy of the Holy NimbusPriestPriestHuman ClericLegends
Cyclopean MummyMummyMummyZombieLegends
D'Avenant ArcherArcherSoldierHuman Soldier ArcherLegends
Devouring DeepDevouring DeepDevouring-DeepFishLegends
Emerald DragonflyDragonflyDragonflyInsectLegends
Enchanted BeingBeingBeingHumanLegends
Floral SpuzzemSpuzzemSpuzzemElementalLegends
Gabriel AngelfireLegend AngelLegends
Ghosts of the DamnedGhostsGhostSpiritLegends
Gosta DirkLegend Human WarriorLegends
Gwendlyn Di CorciLegend HumanLegends
HalfdaneLegend ShapeshifterLegends
Hazezon TamarLegend Human WarriorLegends
Headless HorsemanHorsemanHorsemanZombie KnightLegends
Hornet CobraCobraCobraSnakeLegends
Hunding GjornersenLegend Human WarriorLegends
Hyperion BlacksmithSmithSmithHuman ArtificerLegends
Ichneumon DruidDruidDruidHuman DruidLegends
Infernal MedusaMedusaMedusaGorgonLegends
Ivory GuardiansGuardiansGuardianHuman ClericLegends
Jedit OjanenLegend Cat WarriorLegends
Jerrard of the Closed FistLegend Human KnightLegends
JohanLegend Human WizardLegends
Kasimir the Lone WolfLegend Human WarriorLegends
Keepers of the FaithKeepersKeeperHuman ClericLegends
Kei TakahashiLegend Human ClericLegends
Killer BeesBeesBeeInsectLegends
Kobold Drill SergeantDrill SergeantDrill-SergeantKobold SoldierLegends
Kobold OverlordLordLordKoboldLegends
Lady CaleriaLegend Human ArcherLegends
Lady EvangelaLegend Human ClericLegends
Lady OrcaLegend DemonLegends
Lesser WerewolfLycanthropeLycanthropeHuman WolfLegends
Livonya SiloneLegend Human WarriorLegends
Lord MagnusLegend Human DruidLegends
Lost SoulLost SoulMinionSpirit MinionLegends
Marble Priest ClericLegends
Marhault ElsdragonLegend Elf WarriorLegends
Master of the HuntMasterMasterHumanLegends
Master of the HuntWolves of the HuntWolves-of-the-HuntWolf named Wolves of the Hunt that has "bands with other Wolves"Legends
Mold DemonMold DemonMold-DemonFungus DemonLegends
Moss MonsterMonsterMonsterFungusLegends
NebuchadnezzarLegend Human WizardLegends
Osai VulturesVulturesVultureBirdLegends
Pavel MalikiLegend HumanLegends
Pixie QueenPixie QueenPixie-QueenFaerieLegends
Pradesh GypsiesGypsiesGypsyHuman NomadLegends
Princess LucreziaLegend Human WizardLegends
Psionic EntityEntityEntityBeastLegends
Raging BullBullBullOxLegends
RagnarLegend Human ClericLegends
Ramirez DePietroLegend Human PirateLegends
Ramses OverdarkLegend Human AssassinLegends
Rasputin DreamweaverLegend Human WizardLegends
Riven TurnbullLegend Human AdvisorLegends
Rohgahh of Kher KeepLegend KoboldLegends
Rubinia SoulsingerLegend HumanLegends
Segovian LeviathanLeviathanSerpentLeviathanLegends
Sentinel ShapeshifterLegends
Sir Shandlar of EberynLegend Human KnightLegends
Sivitri ScarzamLegend HumanLegends
StanggLegend Human WarriorLegends
StanggStangg TwinStangg-TwinHuman Warrior named Stangg TwinLegends
Sunastian FalconerLegend Human ShamanLegends
Tetsuo UmezawaLegend Human WarriorLegends
The Lady of the MountainLegend GiantLegends
The WretchedWretchedWretchedDemonLegends
Tobias AndrionLegend HumanLegends
Tor WaukiLegend Human ArcherLegends
Torsten Von UrsusLegend Human SoldierLegends
Tuknir DeathlockLegend Human WizardLegends
Ur-DragoLegend DemonLegends
Walking DeadWalking DeadWalking-DeadSkeletonLegends
Wolverine PackWolverine PackWolverine-PackWolverineLegends
Xira ArienLegend Insect WizardLegends
BansheeBansheeBansheeSpiritThe Dark
Cave PeopleCave PeopleCave-PeopleHumanThe Dark
Diabolic Machine ConstructThe Dark
Electric EelEelEelFishThe Dark
ExorcistExorcistExorcistHuman ClericThe Dark
Frankenstein's MonsterMonsterMonsterZombieThe Dark
Giant SharkSharkSharkFishThe Dark
Goblin Rock SledRock SledRock-SledGoblinThe Dark
Grave RobbersRobbersRobberHuman RogueThe Dark
LurkerLurkerLurkerBeastThe Dark
Marsh ViperViperViperSnakeThe Dark
Miracle WorkerMiracle WorkerMiracle-WorkerHuman ClericThe Dark
Murk DwellersMurk DwellersMurk-DwellersZombieThe Dark
Nameless RaceNameless RaceNameless-Race[nothing]The Dark
Niall SilvainNiall SilvainNiall-SilvainElementalThe Dark
Orc GeneralGeneralGeneralOrc WarriorThe Dark
People of the WoodsPeople of the WoodsPeople-of-the-WoodsHumanThe Dark
PikemenPikemenPikemenHuman SoldierThe Dark
Rag ManRag ManMinionHuman MinionThe Dark
Scarecrow ScarecrowThe Dark
Scarwood BanditsBanditsBanditHuman RogueThe Dark
Scavenger FolkScavenger FolkScavengerHumanThe Dark
Sisters of the FlameSistersSisterHuman ShamanThe Dark
TrackerTrackerTrackerHumanThe Dark
WhippoorwillWhippoorwillWhippoorwillBirdThe Dark
Combat MedicSoldierSoldierHuman Soldier ClericFallen Empires
Dwarven LieutenantDwarfDwarfDwarf SoldierFallen Empires
Elvish HunterElfElfElf ArcherFallen Empires
Elvish ScoutElfElfElf ScoutFallen Empires
Farrel's ZealotTownsfolkTownsfolkHumanFallen Empires
Farrelite PriestClericClericHuman ClericFallen Empires
Homarid ShamanHomaridHomaridHomarid ShamanFallen Empires
Homarid WarriorHomaridHomaridHomarid WarriorFallen Empires
Icatian InfantrySoldiersSoldierHuman SoldierFallen Empires
Icatian MoneychangerTownsfolkTownsfolkHumanFallen Empires
Icatian PhalanxSoldiersSoldierHuman SoldierFallen Empires
Icatian ScoutSoldierSoldierHuman Soldier ScoutFallen Empires
Icatian SkirmishersSoldiersSoldierHuman SoldierFallen Empires
Orcish CaptainOrcOrcOrc WarriorFallen Empires
Svyelunite PriestMerfolkMerfolkMerfolk ClericFallen Empires
Thelonite DruidClericClericHuman Cleric DruidFallen Empires
Thelonite MonkClericClericInsect Monk ClericFallen Empires
Thrull WizardThrullThrullThrull WizardFallen Empires
Vodalian MageMerfolkMerfolkMerfolk WizardFallen Empires
Vodalian SoldiersMerfolkMerfolkMerfolk SoldierFallen Empires
Adarkar Sentinel SoldierIce Age
Balduvian ConjurerWizardWizardHuman WizardIce Age
Balduvian ShamanClericClericHuman Cleric ShamanIce Age
Barbarian GuidesBarbariansBarbarianHuman BarbarianIce Age
Bone ShamanGiantGiantGiant ShamanIce Age
Brine ShamanClericClericHuman Cleric ShamanIce Age
Chaos LordLordLordHumanIce Age
Dread WightWightWightZombieIce Age
Elder DruidClericClericElf Cleric DruidIce Age
Elvish HealerClericClericElf ClericIce Age
Flame SpiritSpiritSpiritElemental SpiritIce Age
Freyalise SupplicantClericClericHuman ClericIce Age
Fyndhorn BrownieBrownieBrownieOupheIce Age
Fyndhorn ElderElfElfElf DruidIce Age
General JarkeldLegend Human SoldierIce Age
HipparionHipparionHipparionHorseIce Age
Infernal DenizenInfernal DenizenInfernal-DenizenDemonIce Age
Juniper Order DruidClericClericHuman Cleric DruidIce Age
Kelsinko RangerRangerRangerHumanIce Age
Kjeldoran FrostbeastFrostbeastFrostbeastElemental BeastIce Age
Kjeldoran GuardSoldierSoldierHuman SoldierIce Age
Kjeldoran KnightKnightKnightHuman KnightIce Age
Kjeldoran PhalanxSoldiersSoldierHuman SoldierIce Age
Kjeldoran SkycaptainSoldierSoldierHuman KnightIce Age
Kjeldoran SkyknightSoldierSoldierHuman KnightIce Age
Kjeldoran WarriorHeroHeroHuman WarriorIce Age
Knight of StromgaldKnightKnightHuman KnightIce Age
Krovikan ElementalistWizardWizardHuman WizardIce Age
Krovikan SorcererWizardWizardHuman WizardIce Age
Lost Order of JarkeldKnightsKnightHuman KnightIce Age
Magus of the UnseenWizardWizardHuman WizardIce Age
MercenariesMercenariesMercenaryHuman MercenaryIce Age
Minion of LeshracDemonDemonDemon MinionIce Age
Minion of Tevesh SzatDemonDemonDemon MinionIce Age
Moor FiendFiendFiendHorrorIce Age
Mountain TitanTitanTitanGiantIce Age
MusicianMageMageHuman WizardIce Age
Order of the Sacred TorchPaladinPaladinHuman KnightIce Age
Order of the White ShieldKnightsKnightHuman KnightIce Age
Phantasmal MountPhantasmPhantasmIllusion HorseIce Age
Pygmy AllosaurusDinosaurDinosaurLizardIce Age
PyknitePyknitePykniteOupheIce Age
Sea SpiritSpiritSpiritElemental SpiritIce Age
Shield BearerSoldierSoldierHuman SoldierIce Age
ShyftShyftShyftShapeshifterIce Age
Silver ErneErneErneBirdIce Age
Skeleton ShipLegend SkeletonIce Age
Soldevi MachinistWizardWizardHuman Wizard ArtificerIce Age
Soldevi Simulacrum SoldierIce Age
Stone SpiritSpiritSpiritElemental SpiritIce Age
Storm SpiritSpiritSpiritElemental SpiritIce Age
Stromgald CabalKnightsKnightHuman KnightIce Age
TarpanTarpanTarpanHorseIce Age
WiitigoWiitigoWiitigoYetiIce Age
Wind SpiritSpiritSpiritElemental SpiritIce Age
Zuran EnchanterWizardWizardHuman WizardIce Age
Abbey MatronClericClericHuman ClericHomelands
Ambush PartyAmbush PartyAmbush-PartyHuman RogueHomelands
Anaba AncestorGhostGhostMinotaur SpiritHomelands
An-Havva ConstableConstableConstableHumanHomelands
Aysen BureaucratsBureaucratsBureaucratHuman AdvisorHomelands
Aysen CrusaderCrusaderCrusaderHuman KnightHomelands
Beast WalkersHeroesHeroHuman SoldierHomelands
Black CarriageCarriageCarriageHorseHomelands
ChandlerLegend Human RogueHomelands
Clockwork Steed HorseHomelands
Clockwork Swarm InsectHomelands
Daughter of AutumnLegend AvatarHomelands
Dwarven PonyPonyPonyHorseHomelands
Ebony Rhino RhinoHomelands
Faerie NobleNobleNobleFaerieHomelands
Folk of An-HavvaFolk of An-HavvaTownsfolkHumanHomelands
Ghost HoundsHoundsHoundHound SpiritHomelands
Giant AlbatrossAlbatrossAlbatrossBirdHomelands
Grandmother SengirLegend VampireHomelands
Greater WerewolfLycanthropeLycanthropeHuman WolfHomelands
Hazduhr the AbbotLegend Human ClericHomelands
Ihsan's ShadeLegend ShadeHomelands
Irini SengirLegend Dwarf WizardHomelands
JovenLegend Human RogueHomelands
Rashka the SlayerLegend Human ArcherHomelands
Reef PiratesShipsShipZombie PirateHomelands
Reveka, Wizard SavantLegend Human WizardHomelands
Roterothopter ThopterHomelands
Samite AlchemistAlchemistAlchemistHuman ClericHomelands
Serra InquisitorsInquisitorsInquisitorHumanHomelands
Serra PaladinPaladinPaladinHuman KnightHomelands
Soraya the FalconerLegend HumanHomelands
Timmerian FiendsFiendsFiendHorrorHomelands
Trade CaravanCaravanCaravanHumanHomelands
Veldrane of SengirLegend Human RogueHomelands
Wall of KelpWallWallPlant WallHomelands
Wall of KelpKelpKelp WallPlant Wall named KelpHomelands
Willow PriestessFaerieFaerieFaerie DruidHomelands
Aesthir Glider BirdAlliances
Agent of StromgaldKnightKnightHuman KnightAlliances
Balduvian War-MakersBarbariansBarbarianHuman BarbarianAlliances
Benthic ExplorersMerfolkMerfolkMerfolk ScoutAlliances
Chaos HarlequinHarlequinHarlequinHumanAlliances
Elvish Spirit GuideSpiritSpiritElf SpiritAlliances
Enslaved ScoutGoblinGoblinGoblin ScoutAlliances
Fyndhorn DruidDruidDruidHuman DruidAlliances
Gorilla BerserkersGorillasApeApe BerserkerAlliances
Juniper Order AdvocateKnightKnightHuman KnightAlliances
KaysaLegend Human DruidAlliances
Keeper of TresserhornKeeperKeeperAvatarAlliances
Kjeldoran EscortSoldierSoldierHuman SoldierAlliances
Krovikan HorrorHorrorHorrorHorror SpiritAlliances
Lim-Dûl's PaladinPaladinPaladinHuman KnightAlliances
Phantasmal SpherePhantasmPhantasmIllusionAlliances
Phyrexian Devourer ConstructAlliances
Rogue SkycaptainMercenaryMercenaryHuman Rogue MercenaryAlliances
Royal HerbalistClericClericHuman ClericAlliances
Seasoned TacticianTacticianTacticianHuman AdvisorAlliances
Soldevi AdnateClericClericHuman ClericAlliances
Soldevi HereticHereticHereticHuman ClericAlliances
Soldevi SageWizardWizardHuman WizardAlliances
Soldevi Sentry SoldierAlliances
Soldevi Steam Beast BeastAlliances
Soldier of FortuneMercenaryMercenaryHuman MercenaryAlliances
Storm ShamanClericClericHuman ShamanAlliances
Stromgald SpySpySpyHuman RogueAlliances
Sustaining SpiritGuardianGuardianAngel SpiritAlliances
Sworn DefenderKnightKnightHuman KnightAlliances
Urza's Engine JuggernautAlliances
Varchild's CrusaderKnightKnightHuman KnightAlliances
Wandering MageClericClericHuman Cleric WizardAlliances
Whip VineWallWallPlant WallAlliances
Dwarven NomadDwarfDwarfDwarf NomadMirage
Ekundu CyclopsCyclopsGiantCyclopsMirage
Fetid HorrorShadeShadeShade HorrorMirage
Gibbering HyenasHyenasHyenaHoundMirage
Melesse SpiritAngelSpiritAngel SpiritMirage
Pyric SalamanderSalamanderLizardSalamanderMirage
Stampeding WildebeestsWildebeestsBeastAntelope BeastVisions
Goblin VandalGoblinGoblinGoblin RogueWeatherlight
ThundermareThundermareElementalElemental HorseWeatherlight
Veteran ExplorerSoldierHuman SoldierHuman Soldier ScoutWeatherlight
Advance ScoutSoldierSoldierHuman Soldier ScoutTempest
Bounty HunterMinionMinionHuman Archer MinionTempest
Clergy en-VecClericClericHuman ClericTempest
Coffin QueenWizardWizardHuman WizardTempest
Coiled Tinviper SnakeTempest
Commander Greven il-VecLegend Human WarriorTempest
Dauthi GhoulZombieZombieDauthi ZombieTempest
Dauthi HorrorBeastBeastDauthi HorrorTempest
Dauthi MarauderMinionMinionDauthi MinionTempest
Dauthi MercenaryKnightKnightDauthi Knight MercenaryTempest
Dauthi MindripperMinionMinionDauthi MinionTempest
Eladamri, Lord of LeavesLegend Elf WarriorTempest
Elite JavelineerSoldierSoldierHuman SoldierTempest
Energizer JuggernautTempest
Field of SoulsEssenceEssenceSpiritTempest
FireslingerWizardWizardHuman WizardTempest
Flowstone Sculpture ShapeshifterTempest
Fugitive DruidDruidDruidHuman DruidTempest
FylamaridBeastBeastSquid BeastTempest
Knight of DawnKnightKnightHuman KnightTempest
Manakin ConstructTempest
Mounted ArchersSoldiersSoldierHuman Soldier ArcherTempest
OpportunistSoldierSoldierHuman SoldierTempest
Oracle en-VecWizardWizardHuman WizardTempest
Orim, Samite HealerLegendClericHuman ClericTempest
Ranger en-VecSoldierSoldierHuman Soldier ArcherTempest
Renegade WarlordSoldierSoldierHuman WarriorTempest
Rootwater ShamanMerfolkMerfolkMerfolk ShamanTempest
Sacred GuideClericClericHuman ClericTempest
Screeching HarpyBeastBeastHarpy BeastTempest
Skyshroud ElfElfElfElf DruidTempest
Skyshroud TrollGiantTrollTroll GiantTempest
Soltari CrusaderKnightKnightSoltari KnightTempest
Soltari EmissarySoldierSoldierSoltari SoldierTempest
Soltari Foot SoldierSoldierSoldierSoltari SoldierTempest
Soltari GuerrillasSoldiersSoldierSoltari SoldierTempest
Soltari LancerKnightKnightSoltari KnightTempest
Soltari MonkClericClericSoltari Monk ClericTempest
Soltari TrooperSoldierSoldierSoltari SoldierTempest
Spike DroneSpikeSpikeSpike DroneTempest
Stalking Stones ElementalTempest
Starke of RathLegend Human RogueTempest
Staunch DefendersSoldiersSoldierHuman SoldierTempest
Telethopter ThopterTempest
Thalakos DreamsowerWizardWizardThalakos WizardTempest
Thalakos MistfolkIllusionIllusionThalakos IllusionTempest
Thalakos SeerWizardWizardThalakos WizardTempest
Thalakos SentrySoldierSoldierThalakos SoldierTempest
Tooth and ClawCarnivoreCarnivoreBeast named CarnivoreTempest
Watchdog HoundTempest
Wood SageDruidDruidHuman DruidTempest
Dauthi TrapperMinionMinionDauthi MinionStronghold
Dungeon ShadeSpiritSpiritShade SpiritStronghold
Flowstone HellionBeastBeastHellion BeastStronghold
Hermit DruidDruidDruidHuman DruidStronghold
Hornet CannonHornetHornetInsect named HornetStronghold
Lancers en-KorSoldiersSoldierKor SoldierStronghold
Nomads en-KorSoldiersSoldierKor Nomad SoldierStronghold
Shaman en-KorClericClericKor Shaman ClericStronghold
Skyshroud ArcherElfElfElf ArcherStronghold
Skyshroud TroopersElvesElfElf Druid WarriorStronghold
Soltari ChampionSoldierSoldierSoltari SoldierStronghold
Spirit en-KorSpiritSpiritKor SpiritStronghold
Stronghold AssassinAssassinAssassinZombie AssassinStronghold
Stronghold TaskmasterMinionMinionGiant MinionStronghold
Thalakos DeceiverWizardWizardThalakos WizardStronghold
Tidal WarriorMerfolkMerfolkMerfolk WarriorStronghold
Wall of BlossomsWallWallPlant WallStronghold
Warrior en-KorKnightKnightKor Warrior KnightStronghold
Warrior AngelAngelAngelAngel WarriorStronghold
Avenging DruidDruidDruidHuman DruidExodus
Cat BurglarMinionMinionKor Rogue MinionExodus
Charging PaladinKnightKnightHuman KnightExodus
Dauthi CutthroatMinionMinionDauthi MinionExodus
Dauthi JackalHoundHoundDauthi HoundExodus
Dauthi WarlordSoldierSoldierDauthi SoldierExodus
Entropic SpecterSpiritSpiritSpecter SpiritExodus
Ertai, Wizard AdeptLegendWizardHuman WizardExodus
Keeper of the BeastsWizardWizardHuman WizardExodus
Keeper of the DeadWizardWizardHuman WizardExodus
Keeper of the FlameWizardWizardHuman WizardExodus
Keeper of the LightWizardWizardHuman WizardExodus
Keeper of the MindWizardWizardHuman WizardExodus
Mage il-VecWizardWizardHuman WizardExodus
Mogg AssassinGoblinGoblinGoblin AssassinExodus
Ogre ShamanOgreOgreOgre ShamanExodus
Pit SpawnBeastBeastDemonExodus
Rootwater AlligatorAlligatorAlligatorCrocodileExodus
Rootwater MysticMerfolkMerfolkMerfolk WizardExodus
ScrivenerTownsfolkTownsfolkHuman WizardExodus
Shield MateSoldierSoldierHuman SoldierExodus
Soltari VisionaryClericClericSoltari ClericExodus
Standing TroopsSoldiersSoldierHuman SoldierExodus
Thalakos DriftersTownsfolkTownsfolkThalakosExodus
Thalakos ScoutSoldierSoldierThalakos Soldier ScoutExodus
Thopter Squadron ThopterExodus
Workhorse HorseExodus
Zealots en-DalSoldiersSoldierHuman SoldierExodus
Angelic PageSpiritSpiritAngel SpiritUrza's Saga
Argothian ElderElfElfElf DruidUrza's Saga
Argothian EnchantressEnchantressEnchantressHuman DruidUrza's Saga
Barrin, Master WizardLegendWizardHuman WizardUrza's Saga
Cathodion ConstructUrza's Saga
Citanul HierophantsDruidsDruidHuman DruidUrza's Saga
Crater HellionBeastBeastHellion BeastUrza's Saga
Disciple of GraceClericClericHuman ClericUrza's Saga
Disciple of LawClericClericHuman ClericUrza's Saga
Disruptive StudentWizardWizardHuman WizardUrza's Saga
Eastern PaladinKnightKnightZombie KnightUrza's Saga
Elite ArchersSoldiersSoldierHuman Soldier ArcherUrza's Saga
Faith HealerClericClericHuman ClericUrza's Saga
Gorilla WarriorApeApeApe WarriorUrza's Saga
Hidden StagBeastBeastElk BeastUrza's Saga
Hollow DogsHoundsHoundZombie HoundUrza's Saga
Hopping Automaton ConstructUrza's Saga
Intrepid HeroSoldierSoldierHuman SoldierUrza's Saga
Mana LeechWormWormLeechUrza's Saga
Monk IdealistClericClericHuman Monk ClericUrza's Saga
Monk RealistClericClericHuman Monk ClericUrza's Saga
Opal AcrolithGuardianGuardianSoldierUrza's Saga
Order of YawgmothKnightKnightZombie KnightUrza's Saga
Phyrexian Colossus GolemUrza's Saga
Priest of GixMinionMinionHuman Cleric MinionUrza's Saga
Priest of TitaniaElfElfElf DruidUrza's Saga
Reclusive WightMinionMinionZombie MinionUrza's Saga
RetromancerViashinoViashinoViashino ShamanUrza's Saga
Sanctum CustodianClericClericHuman ClericUrza's Saga
Sanguine GuardKnightKnightZombie KnightUrza's Saga
Serra ZealotSoldierSoldierHuman SoldierUrza's Saga
Silent AttendantClericClericHuman ClericUrza's Saga
SongstitcherClericClericHuman ClericUrza's Saga
Soul SculptorTownsfolkTownsfolkHumanUrza's Saga
Spined FlukeHorrorHorrorWorm HorrorUrza's Saga
Stern ProctorWizardWizardHuman WizardUrza's Saga
Titania's ChosenElfElfElf ArcherUrza's Saga
Western PaladinKnightKnightZombie KnightUrza's Saga
Wirecat CatUrza's Saga
Wizard MentorWizardWizardHuman WizardUrza's Saga
Angelic CuratorSpiritSpiritAngel SpiritUrza's Legacy
Bloated ToadToadToadFrogUrza's Legacy
Defender of ChaosKnightKnightHuman KnightUrza's Legacy
Defender of LawKnightKnightHuman KnightUrza's Legacy
Devout HarpistTownsfolkTownsfolkHumanUrza's Legacy
Expendable TroopsSoldiersSoldierHuman SoldierUrza's Legacy
Gang of ElkBeastsBeastElk BeastUrza's Legacy
Ghitu Fire-EaterNomadNomadHuman NomadUrza's Legacy
Ghitu SlingerNomadNomadHuman NomadUrza's Legacy
Goblin MedicsGoblinsGoblinGoblin ShamanUrza's Legacy
Goblin WelderGoblinGoblinGoblin ArtificerUrza's Legacy
Jhoira's Toolbox InsectUrza's Legacy
Karmic GuideSpiritSpiritAngel SpiritUrza's Legacy
Mother of RunesClericClericHuman ClericUrza's Legacy
Multani, Maro-SorcererLegend ElementalUrza's Legacy
Opal AvengerGuardianGuardianSoldierUrza's Legacy
Radiant's DragoonsSoldiersSoldierHuman SoldierUrza's Legacy
Thran War Machine ConstructUrza's Legacy
Tragic PoetTownsfolkTownsfolkHumanUrza's Legacy
Academy RectorClericClericHuman ClericUrza's Destiny
Apprentice NecromancerWizardWizardZombie WizardUrza's Destiny
Bloodshot CyclopsGiantGiantCyclops GiantUrza's Destiny
Brass Secretary ConstructUrza's Destiny
Brine SeerWizardWizardHuman WizardUrza's Destiny
Capashen KnightKnightKnightHuman KnightUrza's Destiny
Capashen TemplarKnightKnightHuman KnightUrza's Destiny
Cinder SeerWizardWizardHuman WizardUrza's Destiny
Colos YearlingBeastBeastGoat BeastUrza's Destiny
Extruder JuggernautUrza's Destiny
False ProphetClericClericHuman ClericUrza's Destiny
Field SurgeonClericClericHuman ClericUrza's Destiny
Goblin BerserkerGoblinGoblinGoblin BerserkerUrza's Destiny
Goblin MarshalGoblinGoblinGoblin WarriorUrza's Destiny
Heart WardenElfElfElf DruidUrza's Destiny
Hunting MoaBeastBirdBird BeastUrza's Destiny
Ivy SeerWizardWizardElf WizardUrza's Destiny
Jasmine SeerWizardWizardHuman WizardUrza's Destiny
Junk Diver BirdUrza's Destiny
Keldon ChampionBarbarianBarbarianHuman BarbarianUrza's Destiny
Keldon VandalsTownsfolkTownsfolkHuman RogueUrza's Destiny
Masticore MasticoreUrza's Destiny
Metalworker ConstructUrza's Destiny
Metathran EliteSoldierSoldierMetathran SoldierUrza's Destiny
Metathran SoldierSoldierSoldierMetathran SoldierUrza's Destiny
Nightshade SeerWizardWizardHuman WizardUrza's Destiny
Plague DogsHoundHoundZombie HoundUrza's Destiny
Rayne, Academy ChancellorWizard LegendWizardHuman WizardUrza's Destiny
Reliquary MonkClericClericHuman Monk ClericUrza's Destiny
Rofellos, Llanowar EmissaryElf LegendElfElf DruidUrza's Destiny
Telepathic SpiesWizardWizardHuman WizardUrza's Destiny
Wild ColosBeastBeastGoat BeastUrza's Destiny
Yavimaya ElderDruidDruidHuman DruidUrza's Destiny
Aerial CaravanSoldierSoldierHuman SoldierMercadian Masques
Alley GriftersMercenaryMercenaryHuman MercenaryMercadian Masques
Arms DealerGoblinGoblinGoblin RogueMercadian Masques
Balloon PeddlerSpellshaperSpellshaperHuman SpellshaperMercadian Masques
Battle SquadronShipShipGoblinMercadian Masques
Blaster MageSpellshaperSpellshaperHuman SpellshaperMercadian Masques
Bog SmugglersMercenaryMercenaryHuman MercenaryMercadian Masques
Bog WitchSpellshaperSpellshaperHuman SpellshaperMercadian Masques
Cackling WitchSpellshaperSpellshaperHuman SpellshaperMercadian Masques
Caller of the HuntLordLordHumanMercadian Masques
Cateran BruteMercenaryMercenaryHorror MercenaryMercadian Masques
Cateran EnforcerMercenaryMercenaryHorror MercenaryMercadian Masques
Cateran KidnappersMercenaryMercenaryHuman MercenaryMercadian Masques
Cateran OverlordMercenaryMercenaryHorror MercenaryMercadian Masques
Cateran PersuaderMercenaryMercenaryHuman MercenaryMercadian Masques
Cateran SlaverMercenaryMercenaryHorror MercenaryMercadian Masques
Ceremonial GuardSoldierSoldierHuman SoldierMercadian Masques
Chambered NautilusBeastBeastNautilus BeastMercadian Masques
Chameleon SpiritIllusionIllusionIllusion SpiritMercadian Masques
Charm PeddlerSpellshaperSpellshaperHuman SpellshaperMercadian Masques
Cho-Arrim AlchemistSpellshaperSpellshaperHuman SpellshaperMercadian Masques
Cho-Arrim BruiserRebelRebelOgre RebelMercadian Masques
Cho-Arrim LegateSoldierSoldierHuman SoldierMercadian Masques
Corrupt OfficialMinionMinionHuman MinionMercadian Masques
DawnstriderSpellshaperSpellshaperDryad SpellshaperMercadian Masques
Deepwood DrummerSpellshaperSpellshaperHuman SpellshaperMercadian Masques
Deepwood ElderSpellshaperSpellshaperDryad SpellshaperMercadian Masques
Devout WitnessSpellshaperSpellshaperHuman SpellshaperMercadian Masques
Diplomatic EscortSpellshaperSpellshaperHuman SpellshaperMercadian Masques
Flailing ManticoreMonsterMonsterManticoreMercadian Masques
Flailing SoldierSoldierSoldierHuman SoldierMercadian Masques
Fountain WatchGuardianGuardianHuman ClericMercadian Masques
Fresh VolunteersRebelRebelHuman RebelMercadian Masques
Gerrard's IrregularsSoldierSoldierHuman SoldierMercadian Masques
Glowing AnemoneBeastBeastAnemone BeastMercadian Masques
Hammer MageSpellshaperSpellshaperHuman SpellshaperMercadian Masques
Henge Guardian DragonMercadian Masques
Highway RobberMercenaryHuman MercenaryHuman Rogue MercenaryMercadian Masques
Ignoble SoldierSoldierSoldierHuman SoldierMercadian Masques
InstigatorSpellshaperSpellshaperHuman SpellshaperMercadian Masques
Jhovall QueenRebelRebelCat RebelMercadian Masques
Jhovall RiderRebelRebelHuman RebelMercadian Masques
Kris MageSpellshaperSpellshaperHuman SpellshaperMercadian Masques
Lumbering SatyrBeastBeastSatyr BeastMercadian Masques
Misshapen FiendMercenaryMercenaryHorror MercenaryMercadian Masques
Molting HarpyMercenaryMercenaryHarpy MercenaryMercadian Masques
Nightwind GliderRebelRebelHuman RebelMercadian Masques
Notorious AssassinSpellshaperSpellshaperHuman Spellshaper AssassinMercadian Masques
OvertakerSpellshaperSpellshaperHuman SpellshaperMercadian Masques
Pious WarriorRebelRebelHuman Rebel WarriorMercadian Masques
Port InspectorTownsfolkTownsfolkHumanMercadian Masques
Primeval ShamblerMercenaryMercenaryHorror MercenaryMercadian Masques
Ramosian CaptainRebelRebelHuman RebelMercadian Masques
Ramosian CommanderRebelRebelHuman RebelMercadian Masques
Ramosian LieutenantRebelRebelHuman RebelMercadian Masques
Ramosian SergeantRebelRebelHuman RebelMercadian Masques
Ramosian Sky MarshalRebelRebelHuman RebelMercadian Masques
Rampart CrawlerMercenaryMercenaryLizard MercenaryMercadian Masques
Rappelling ScoutsRebelRebelHuman Rebel ScoutMercadian Masques
Revered ElderClericClericHuman ClericMercadian Masques
Rishadan AirshipPiratePirateHuman PirateMercadian Masques
Rishadan BrigandPiratePirateHuman PirateMercadian Masques
Rishadan CutpursePiratePirateHuman PirateMercadian Masques
Rishadan FootpadPiratePirateHuman PirateMercadian Masques
Rock BadgerBeastBeastBadger BeastMercadian Masques
Rushwood HerbalistSpellshaperSpellshaperHuman SpellshaperMercadian Masques
Sacred PreyBeastBeastHorseMercadian Masques
SailmongerMongerMongerHuman MongerMercadian Masques
Sand SquidBeastBeastSquid BeastMercadian Masques
Saprazzan LegateSoldierSoldierMerfolk SoldierMercadian Masques
Saprazzan OutriggerShipShipMerfolkMercadian Masques
ScandalmongerMongerMongerBoar MongerMercadian Masques
Seismic MageSpellshaperSpellshaperHuman SpellshaperMercadian Masques
Shock TroopsSoldierSoldierHuman SoldierMercadian Masques
Silent AssassinMercenaryMercenaryHuman Mercenary AssassinMercadian Masques
Silverglade PathfinderSpellshaperSpellshaperDryad SpellshaperMercadian Masques
Skulking FugitiveMercenaryMercenaryHorror MercenaryMercadian Masques
Snorting GahrBeastBeastRhino BeastMercadian Masques
Strongarm ThugMercenaryMercenaryHuman MercenaryMercadian Masques
Task ForceRebelRebelHuman RebelMercadian Masques
Thermal GliderRebelRebelHuman RebelMercadian Masques
Tonic PeddlerSpellshaperSpellshaperHuman SpellshaperMercadian Masques
ToymakerSpellshaperSpellshaperSpellshaperMercadian Masques
Trap RunnerSoldierSoldierHuman SoldierMercadian Masques
Vine TrellisWallWallPlant WallMercadian Masques
WarmongerMongerMongerOx MongerMercadian Masques
Waterfront BouncerSpellshaperSpellshaperMerfolk SpellshaperMercadian Masques
WishmongerMongerMongerUnicorn MongerMercadian Masques
Arc MageSpellshaperSpellshaperHuman SpellshaperNemesis
Avenger en-DalSpellshaperSpellshaperHuman SpellshaperNemesis
Bola WarriorSpellshaperSpellshaperHuman SpellshaperNemesis
Chieftain en-DalKnightKnightHuman KnightNemesis
Coiling WoodwormInsectInsectWormNemesis
Defender en-VecClericClericHuman ClericNemesis
Divining WitchSpellshaperSpellshaperHuman SpellshaperNemesis
Flowstone Thopter ThopterNemesis
Harvest MageSpellshaperSpellshaperHuman SpellshaperNemesis
Laccolith WarriorBeastBeastBeast WarriorNemesis
LawbringerRebelRebelHuman RebelNemesis
LightbringerRebelRebelHuman RebelNemesis
Lin Sivvi, Defiant HeroRebel LegendRebelHuman RebelNemesis
MoggcatcherMercenaryMercenaryHuman MercenaryNemesis
MossdogHoundHoundFungus HoundNemesis
Netter en-DalSpellshaperSpellshaperHuman SpellshaperNemesis
OraxidBeastBeastCrab BeastNemesis
Phyrexian DriverMercenaryMercenaryZombie MercenaryNemesis
Phyrexian ProwlerMercenaryMercenaryZombie MercenaryNemesis
Plague WitchSpellshaperSpellshaperHuman SpellshaperNemesis
Rackling ConstructNemesis
Rathi AssassinMercenaryMercenaryZombie Mercenary AssassinNemesis
Rathi FiendMercenaryMercenaryHorror MercenaryNemesis
Rathi IntimidatorMercenaryMercenaryHorror MercenaryNemesis
RhoxBeastBeastRhino BeastNemesis
Rootwater ThiefMerfolkMerfolkMerfolk RogueNemesis
SeahunterMercenaryMercenaryHuman MercenaryNemesis
Silkenfist FighterSoldierSoldierKor SoldierNemesis
Silkenfist OrderSoldierSoldierKor SoldierNemesis
Skyshroud PoacherRebelRebelHuman RebelNemesis
Sneaky HomunculusIllusionIllusionHomunculus IllusionNemesis
Spiteful BullyMercenaryMercenaryZombie MercenaryNemesis
Stampede DriverSpellshaperSpellshaperHuman SpellshaperNemesis
Stronghold BiologistSpellshaperSpellshaperHuman SpellshaperNemesis
Stronghold MachinistSpellshaperSpellshaperHuman SpellshaperNemesis
Stronghold ZeppelinShipShipHumanNemesis
Trickster MageSpellshaperSpellshaperHuman SpellshaperNemesis
Viseling ConstructNemesis
Volrath the FallenLegend ShapeshifterNemesis
Agent of ShaukuMercenaryMercenaryHuman MercenaryProphecy
Alexi, Zephyr MageSpellshaper LegendSpellshaperHuman SpellshaperProphecy
Bog GliderMercenaryMercenaryHuman MercenaryProphecy
Branded BrawlersSoldierSoldierHuman SoldierProphecy
Chilling ApparitionGhostGhostSpiritProphecy
Chimeric Idol TurtleProphecy
DarbaBeastBeastBird BeastProphecy
Death CharmerMercenaryMercenaryWorm MercenaryProphecy
Fault RidersSoldierSoldierHuman SoldierProphecy
Greel, Mind RakerSpellshaper LegendSpellshaperHorror SpellshaperProphecy
Gulf SquidBeastBeastSquid BeastProphecy
Hazy HomunculusIllusionIllusionHomunculus IllusionProphecy
Hollow WarriorGolemGolemGolem WarriorProphecy
Keldon ArsonistSoldierSoldierHuman SoldierProphecy
Keldon Battlewagon JuggernautProphecy
Keldon BerserkerSoldierSoldierHuman SoldierProphecy
Keldon FirebombersSoldierSoldierHuman SoldierProphecy
Latulla, Keldon OverseerSpellshaper LegendSpellshaperHuman SpellshaperProphecy
Mageta the LionSpellshaper LegendSpellshaperHuman SpellshaperProphecy
Mercenary InformerRebel MercenaryRebel MercenaryHuman Rebel MercenaryProphecy
Mine BearerSoldierSoldierHuman SoldierProphecy
Pit RaptorMercenaryMercenaryBird MercenaryProphecy
Rebel InformerMercenary RebelMercenary RebelHuman Mercenary RebelProphecy
Reveille SquadRebelRebelHuman RebelProphecy
Shield DancerRebelRebelHuman RebelProphecy
Soul CharmerRebelRebelHuman RebelProphecy
Squirrel WranglerDruidDruidHuman DruidProphecy
Sword DancerRebelRebelHuman RebelProphecy
Trenching SteedRebelRebelHorse RebelProphecy
Troubled HealerClericClericHuman ClericProphecy
Veteran BrawlersSoldierSoldierHuman SoldierProphecy
Wall of VipersWallWallSnake WallProphecy
WindscouterShipShipHuman ScoutProphecy
Ardent SoldierSoldierSoldierHuman SoldierInvasion
Armored GuardianGuardianGuardianCat WarriorInvasion
Atalya, Samite MasterCleric LegendClericHuman ClericInvasion
Benalish EmissaryWizardWizardHuman WizardInvasion
Benalish HeraldsSoldierSoldierHuman SoldierInvasion
Benalish LancerKnightKnightHuman KnightInvasion
Benalish TrapperSoldierSoldierHuman SoldierInvasion
Blind SeerLegend Human WizardInvasion
Bog InitiateWizardWizardHuman WizardInvasion
Captain SisayLegend Human WarriorInvasion
Crimson AcolyteClericClericHuman ClericInvasion
Crusading KnightKnightKnightHuman KnightInvasion
DuskwalkerMinionMinionHuman MinionInvasion
Empress GalinaLegend MerfolkInvasion
Firebrand RangerSoldierSoldierHuman SoldierInvasion
Hanna, Ship's NavigatorLegend Human ArtificerInvasion
Kangee, Aerie KeeperLegend Bird SoldierInvasion
Kavu ScoutKavuKavuKavu ScoutInvasion
Llanowar CavalrySoldierSoldierHuman SoldierInvasion
Lotus Guardian DragonInvasion
Marauding KnightKnightKnightZombie KnightInvasion
Metathran AerostatShipShipMetathranInvasion
Metathran TransportShipShipMetathranInvasion
Metathran ZombieZombieZombieMetathran ZombieInvasion
Nightscape ApprenticeWizardWizardZombie WizardInvasion
Nightscape MasterWizardWizardZombie WizardInvasion
Nomadic ElfElfElfElf NomadInvasion
Obsidian AcolyteClericClericHuman ClericInvasion
Quirion SentinelElfElfElf DruidInvasion
Quirion TrailblazerElfElfElf ScoutInvasion
Sabertooth NishobaBeastBeastCat Beast WarriorInvasion
Samite ArcherClericClericHuman Cleric ArcherInvasion
Shivan EmissaryWizardWizardHuman WizardInvasion
Stalking AssassinAssassinAssassinHuman AssassinInvasion
Stormscape ApprenticeWizardWizardHuman WizardInvasion
Stormscape MasterWizardWizardHuman WizardInvasion
Sunscape ApprenticeWizardWizardHuman WizardInvasion
Sunscape MasterWizardWizardHuman WizardInvasion
Thornscape ApprenticeWizardWizardHuman WizardInvasion
Thornscape MasterWizardWizardHuman WizardInvasion
Thunderscape ApprenticeWizardWizardHuman WizardInvasion
Thunderscape MasterWizardWizardHuman WizardInvasion
Tidal VisionaryWizardWizardMerfolk WizardInvasion
Tolarian EmissaryWizardWizardHuman WizardInvasion
Treefolk HealerTreefolkTreefolkTreefolk ClericInvasion
Tsabo TavocLegend ZombieInvasion
Tsabo's AssassinAssassinAssassinZombie AssassinInvasion
Urborg EmissaryWizardWizardHuman WizardInvasion
Urborg PhantomMinionMinionSpirit MinionInvasion
Verduran EmissaryWizardWizardHuman WizardInvasion
Vodalian HypnotistWizardWizardMerfolk WizardInvasion
Yavimaya BarbarianBarbarian ElfBarbarian ElfElf BarbarianInvasion
Cavern HarpyBeastBeastHarpy BeastPlaneshift
Disciple of KangeeWizardWizardHuman WizardPlaneshift
Ertai, the CorruptedWizard LegendWizardHuman Mutant WizardPlaneshift
Honorable ScoutSoldierSoldierHuman Soldier ScoutPlaneshift
Meddling MageWizardWizardHuman WizardPlaneshift
Morgue ToadToadToadFrogPlaneshift
Nightscape BattlemageWizardWizardZombie WizardPlaneshift
Quirion ExplorerElfElfElf Druid ScoutPlaneshift
Samite ElderClericClericHuman ClericPlaneshift
Samite PilgrimClericClericHuman ClericPlaneshift
Steel Leaf PaladinKnightKnightElf KnightPlaneshift
Stormscape BattlemageWizardWizardMetathran WizardPlaneshift
Stratadon BeastPlaneshift
Sunscape BattlemageWizardWizardHuman WizardPlaneshift
Tahngarth, Talruum HeroMinotaur LegendMinotaurMinotaur WarriorPlaneshift
Thunderscape BattlemageWizardWizardHuman WizardPlaneshift
Ana DiscipleWizardWizardHuman WizardApocalypse
Angelfire CrusaderSoldierSoldierHuman Soldier KnightApocalypse
Ceta DiscipleWizardWizardMerfolk WizardApocalypse
Coalition Honor GuardFlagbearerFlagbearerHuman FlagbearerApocalypse
CromatLegend IllusionApocalypse
Dega DiscipleWizardWizardHuman WizardApocalypse
Enlistment OfficerSoldierSoldierHuman SoldierApocalypse
Fungal ShamblerBeastBeastFungus BeastApocalypse
Gerrard CapashenLegend Human SoldierApocalypse
HelionautSoldierSoldierHuman SoldierApocalypse
Jungle BarrierWallWallPlant WallApocalypse
Living AirshipShipShipMetathranApocalypse
Minotaur IllusionistMinotaurMinotaurMinotaur WizardApocalypse
Necra DiscipleWizardWizardHuman WizardApocalypse
Raka DiscipleWizardWizardMinotaur WizardApocalypse
Reef ShamanMerfolkMerfolkMerfolk ShamanApocalypse
Standard BearerFlagbearerFlagbearerHuman FlagbearerApocalypse
Urborg ElfElfElfElf DruidApocalypse
Vodalian MysticMerfolkMerfolkMerfolk WizardApocalypse
Whirlpool WarriorMerfolkMerfolkMerfolk WarriorApocalypse
Ashen FirebeastBeastBeastElemental BeastOdyssey
AuramancerWizardWizardHuman WizardOdyssey
Aven ArcherBird SoldierBird SoldierBird Soldier ArcherOdyssey
Balshan BeguilerWizardWizardHuman WizardOdyssey
Barbarian LunaticBarbarianBarbarianHuman BarbarianOdyssey
Beloved ChaplainClericClericHuman ClericOdyssey
Braids, Cabal MinionMinion LegendMinionHuman MinionOdyssey
Cabal InquisitorMinionMinionHuman MinionOdyssey
Cabal PatriarchWizard LegendWizardHuman WizardOdyssey
Cephalid LooterCephalidCephalidCephalid RogueOdyssey
Cephalid ScoutCephalid WizardCephalid WizardCephalid Wizard ScoutOdyssey
ConfessorClericClericHuman ClericOdyssey
Dedicated MartyrClericClericHuman ClericOdyssey
Devoted CaretakerClericClericHuman ClericOdyssey
Diligent FarmhandDruidDruidHuman DruidOdyssey
Dirty WereratMinion RatMinion RatHuman Rat MinionOdyssey
Dogged HunterNomadNomadHuman NomadOdyssey
Druid LyristDruidDruidHuman DruidOdyssey
Dwarven Strike ForceDwarfDwarfDwarf BerserkerOdyssey
Escape ArtistWizardWizardHuman WizardOdyssey
HalberdierBarbarianBarbarianHuman BarbarianOdyssey
Hallowed HealerClericClericHuman ClericOdyssey
Krosan ArcherCentaurCentaurCentaur ArcherOdyssey
Krosan AvengerDruidDruidHuman DruidOdyssey
Luminous GuardianGuardianGuardianHuman NomadOdyssey
Master ApothecaryClericClericHuman ClericOdyssey
Millikin ConstructOdyssey
Minotaur ExplorerMinotaurMinotaurMinotaur ScoutOdyssey
Mystic CrusaderNomad MysticNomad MysticHuman Nomad MysticOdyssey
Mystic PenitentNomad MysticNomad MysticHuman Nomad MysticOdyssey
Mystic VisionaryNomad MysticNomad MysticHuman Nomad MysticOdyssey
Mystic ZealotNomad MysticNomad MysticHuman Nomad MysticOdyssey
Nomad DecoyNomadNomadHuman NomadOdyssey
Nut CollectorDruidDruidHuman DruidOdyssey
Otarian Juggernaut JuggernautOdyssey
Overeager ApprenticeMinionMinionHuman MinionOdyssey
PainbringerMinionMinionHuman MinionOdyssey
Pardic FirecatCatCatElemental CatOdyssey
Patron WizardWizardWizardHuman WizardOdyssey
Phantom WhelpHoundHoundIllusion HoundOdyssey
Pianna, Nomad CaptainNomad LegendNomadHuman Nomad SoldierOdyssey
Pilgrim of JusticeClericClericHuman ClericOdyssey
Pilgrim of VirtueClericClericHuman ClericOdyssey
Resilient WandererNomadNomadHuman NomadOdyssey
Sadistic HypnotistMinionMinionHuman MinionOdyssey
Savage FirecatCatCatElemental CatOdyssey
ScrivenerTownsfolkTownsfolkHuman WizardOdyssey
SkyshooterCentaurCentaurCentaur ArcherOdyssey
Tireless TribeNomadNomadHuman NomadOdyssey
WerebearDruid BearDruid BearHuman Bear DruidOdyssey
Woodland DruidDruidDruidHuman DruidOdyssey
ZoologistDruidDruidHuman DruidOdyssey
Anurid ScavengerBeastBeastFrog BeastTorment
Balthor the StoutDwarf LegendDwarfDwarf WarriorTorment
Barbarian OutcastBarbarian BeastBarbarian BeastHuman Barbarian BeastTorment
Cabal SurgeonMinionMinionHuman MinionTorment
Cabal TorturerMinionMinionHuman MinionTorment
Cephalid VandalCephalidCephalidCephalid RogueTorment
Chainer, Dementia MasterMinion LegendMinionHuman MinionTorment
Crazed FirecatCatCatElemental CatTorment
GloomdrifterMinionMinionZombie MinionTorment
Grim LavamancerWizardWizardHuman WizardTorment
Hell-Bent RaiderBarbarianBarbarianHuman BarbarianTorment
Hydromorph GuardianGuardianGuardianElementalTorment
Hydromorph GullBird GuardianBird GuardianElemental BirdTorment
Krosan RestorerDruidDruidHuman DruidTorment
Longhorn FirebeastBeastBeastElemental Ox BeastTorment
Militant MonkClericClericHuman Monk ClericTorment
Pardic ArsonistBarbarianBarbarianHuman BarbarianTorment
Pardic CollaboratorBarbarianBarbarianHuman BarbarianTorment
Pardic LancerBarbarianBarbarianHuman BarbarianTorment
Possessed BarbarianBarbarian HorrorBarbarian HorrorHuman Barbarian HorrorTorment
Possessed NomadNomad HorrorNomad HorrorHuman Nomad HorrorTorment
Reborn HeroSoldierSoldierHuman SoldierTorment
Seton's ScoutCentaur DruidCentaur DruidCentaur Druid Scout ArcherTorment
Stern JudgeClericClericHuman ClericTorment
Teroh's FaithfulClericClericHuman ClericTorment
Teroh's VanguardNomadNomadHuman NomadTorment
Zombie TrailblazerZombieZombieZombie ScoutTorment
Anurid BarkripperBeastBeastFrog BeastJudgment
Anurid BrushhopperBeastBeastFrog BeastJudgment
Anurid SwarmsnapperBeastBeastFrog BeastJudgment
Barbarian BullyBarbarianBarbarianHuman BarbarianJudgment
Benevolent BodyguardClericClericHuman ClericJudgment
Border PatrolNomadNomadHuman NomadJudgment
Cabal TraineeMinionMinionHuman MinionJudgment
Firecat BlitzCatCatElemental CatJudgment
Giant WarthogBeastBeastBoar BeastJudgment
Goretusk FirebeastBeastBeastElemental Boar BeastJudgment
Hapless ResearcherWizardWizardHuman WizardJudgment
Harvester DruidDruidDruidHuman DruidJudgment
Jeska, Warrior AdeptBarbarian LegendBarbarianHuman BarbarianJudgment
Krosan WayfarerDruidDruidHuman DruidJudgment
Nantuko Monastery Insect MonkJudgment
Phantom NishobaBeast SpiritBeast SpiritCat Beast SpiritJudgment
Phantom NomadNomad SpiritNomad SpiritSpirit NomadJudgment
Pulsemage AdvocateClericClericHuman ClericJudgment
Selfless ExorcistClericClericHuman ClericJudgment
Shieldmage AdvocateClericClericHuman ClericJudgment
Spellgorger BarbarianNightmare BarbarianNightmare BarbarianHuman Nightmare BarbarianJudgment
Spurnmage AdvocateNomadNomadHuman NomadJudgment
Sylvan SafekeeperWizardWizardHuman WizardJudgment
Treacherous WerewolfMinion WolfMinion WolfHuman Wolf MinionJudgment
Vigilant SentryNomadNomadHuman NomadJudgment
Wormfang BehemothNightmare BeastNightmare BeastNightmare Fish BeastJudgment
Wormfang MantaNightmare BeastNightmare BeastNightmare Fish BeastJudgment
Wormfang NewtNightmare BeastNightmare BeastNightmare Lizard BeastJudgment
Wormfang TurtleNightmare BeastNightmare BeastNightmare Turtle BeastJudgment
Ancestor's ProphetCleric LordCleric LordHuman ClericOnslaught
Anurid MurkdiverZombie BeastZombie BeastZombie Frog BeastOnslaught
Aphetto AlchemistWizardWizardHuman WizardOnslaught
Aphetto GrifterWizardWizardHuman WizardOnslaught
Battering CraghornBeastBeastGoat BeastOnslaught
Battlefield MedicClericClericHuman ClericOnslaught
Birchlore RangersElfElfElf DruidOnslaught
Blistering FirecatCatCatElemental CatOnslaught
Cabal ArchonClericClericHuman ClericOnslaught
Cabal ExecutionerClericClericHuman ClericOnslaught
Cabal SlaverClericClericHuman ClericOnslaught
Catapult MasterSoldier LordSoldier LordHuman SoldierOnslaught
Catapult SquadSoldierSoldierHuman SoldierOnslaught
Crowd FavoritesSoldierSoldierHuman SoldierOnslaught
Daru CavalierSoldierSoldierHuman SoldierOnslaught
Daru HealerClericClericHuman ClericOnslaught
Daru LancerSoldierSoldierHuman SoldierOnslaught
Daunting DefenderClericClericHuman ClericOnslaught
Dawning PuristClericClericHuman ClericOnslaught
Disciple of GraceClericClericHuman ClericOnslaught
Disciple of MaliceClericClericHuman ClericOnslaught
Disruptive PitmageWizardWizardHuman WizardOnslaught
Ebonblade ReaperClericClericHuman ClericOnslaught
Elvish PathcutterElfElfElf ScoutOnslaught
Elvish VanguardElfElfElf WarriorOnslaught
Foothill GuideClericClericHuman ClericOnslaught
Ghosthelm CourierWizardWizardHuman WizardOnslaught
Goblin PiledriverGoblinGoblinGoblin WarriorOnslaught
Grassland CrusaderCleric SoldierCleric SoldierHuman Cleric SoldierOnslaught
Gravel SlingerSoldierSoldierHuman SoldierOnslaught
Gravespawn SovereignZombie LordZombie LordZombieOnslaught
Gustcloak RunnerSoldierSoldierHuman SoldierOnslaught
Gustcloak SentinelSoldierSoldierHuman SoldierOnslaught
HeadhunterClericClericHuman ClericOnslaught
ImagecrafterWizardWizardHuman WizardOnslaught
Information DealerWizardWizardHuman WizardOnslaught
Ironfist CrusherSoldierSoldierHuman SoldierOnslaught
Ixidor, Reality SculptorWizard LegendWizardHuman WizardOnslaught
Kamahl, Fist of KrosaDruid LegendDruidHuman DruidOnslaught
Krosan TuskerBeastBeastBoar BeastOnslaught
Nova ClericClericClericHuman ClericOnslaught
Pearlspear CourierSoldierSoldierHuman SoldierOnslaught
Prowling PangolinBeastBeastAnteater BeastOnslaught
Riptide BiologistWizardWizardHuman WizardOnslaught
Riptide ChronologistWizardWizardHuman WizardOnslaught
Riptide EntrancerWizardWizardHuman WizardOnslaught
Rummaging WizardWizardWizardHuman WizardOnslaught
Shieldmage ElderCleric WizardCleric WizardHuman Cleric WizardOnslaught
Skirk Fire MarshalGoblin LordGoblin LordGoblinOnslaught
Slipstream EelBeastBeastFish BeastOnslaught
Spurred WolverineBeastBeastWolverine BeastOnslaught
Supreme InquisitorWizard LordWizard LordHuman WizardOnslaught
Symbiotic BeastBeastBeastInsect BeastOnslaught
Voice of the WoodsElf LordElf LordElfOnslaught
WhipcorderSoldier RebelSoldier RebelHuman Soldier RebelOnslaught
Wirewood ElfElfElfElf DruidOnslaught
Wretched AnuridZombie BeastZombie BeastZombie Frog BeastOnslaught
Akroma's DevotedClericClericHuman ClericLegions
Aphetto ExterminatorWizardWizardHuman WizardLegions
Beacon of DestinyClericClericHuman ClericLegions
Blood CelebrantClericClericHuman ClericLegions
Chromeshell CrabBeastBeastCrab BeastLegions
Cloudreach CavalrySoldierSoldierHuman SoldierLegions
Covert OperativeWizardWizardHuman WizardLegions
Crested CraghornBeastBeastGoat BeastLegions
Dark SupplicantClericClericHuman ClericLegions
Daru MenderClericClericHuman ClericLegions
Daru SanctifierClericClericHuman ClericLegions
Daru StingerSoldierSoldierHuman SoldierLegions
Deathmark PrelateClericClericHuman ClericLegions
Defender of the OrderClericClericHuman ClericLegions
Deftblade EliteSoldierSoldierHuman SoldierLegions
EarthblighterClericClericHuman ClericLegions
Echo TracerWizardWizardHuman WizardLegions
Frenetic RaptorBeastBeastLizard BeastLegions
Gempalm AvengerSoldierSoldierHuman SoldierLegions
Gempalm SorcererWizardWizardHuman WizardLegions
Glintwing InvokerWizard MutantWizard MutantHuman Wizard MutantLegions
GlowriderClericClericHuman ClericLegions
Infernal CaretakerClericClericHuman ClericLegions
Liege of the AxeSoldierSoldierHuman SoldierLegions
Lowland TrackerSoldierSoldierHuman SoldierLegions
Master of the VeilWizardWizardHuman WizardLegions
Merchant of SecretsWizardWizardHuman WizardLegions
Planar GuideClericClericHuman ClericLegions
Ridgetop RaptorBeastBeastLizard BeastLegions
Riptide DirectorWizardWizardHuman WizardLegions
Skirk AlarmistWizardWizardHuman WizardLegions
Spectral SliverSliverSliverSliver SpiritLegions
Stoic ChampionSoldierSoldierHuman SoldierLegions
Sunstrike LegionnaireSoldierSoldierHuman SoldierLegions
Vile DeaconClericClericHuman ClericLegions
Voidmage ApprenticeWizardWizardHuman WizardLegions
Warped ResearcherWizard MutantWizard MutantHuman Wizard MutantLegions
Whipgrass EntanglerClericClericHuman ClericLegions
White KnightKnightKnightHuman KnightLegions
Wirewood ChannelerElfElfElf DruidLegions
Aphetto RunecasterWizardWizardHuman WizardScourge
Bladewing the RisenDragon LegendDragonZombie DragonScourge
Daru SpiritualistClericClericHuman ClericScourge
Daru WarchiefSoldierSoldierHuman SoldierScourge
Dragonspeaker ShamanBarbarianBarbarianHuman Barbarian ShamanScourge
EdgewalkerClericClericHuman ClericScourge
Exiled DoomsayerClericClericHuman ClericScourge
Frontline StrategistSoldierSoldierHuman SoldierScourge
Hunting PackBeastBeastCat BeastScourge
Karona, False GodLegend AvatarScourge
Karona's ZealotClericClericHuman ClericScourge
Noble TemplarCleric SoldierCleric SoldierHuman Cleric SoldierScourge
Proteus Machine ShapeshifterScourge
Putrid RaptorZombie BeastZombie BeastZombie Lizard BeastScourge
Raven Guild InitiateWizardWizardHuman WizardScourge
Raven Guild MasterWizard MutantWizard MutantHuman Wizard MutantScourge
Riptide SurvivorWizardWizardHuman WizardScourge
Scornful EgotistWizardWizardHuman WizardScourge
Silver KnightKnightKnightHuman KnightScourge
Trap DiggerSoldierSoldierHuman SoldierScourge
Treetop ScoutElfElfElf ScoutScourge
Cathodion ConstructMirrodin
Clockwork VorracBeastBeastBoar BeastMirrodin
Copperhoof VorracBeastBeastBoar BeastMirrodin
Dross Scorpion ScorpionMirrodin
Duskworker ConstructMirrodin
Frogmite FrogMirrodin
Goblin Dirigible ConstructMirrodin
Goblin War Wagon JuggernautMirrodin
Grid Monitor ConstructMirrodin
Leveler JuggernautMirrodin
Molder SlugBeastBeastSlug BeastMirrodin
Pentavus ConstructMirrodin
Rustspore Ram SheepMirrodin
Solemn Simulacrum GolemMirrodin
Stalking Stones ElementalMirrodin
Triskelion ConstructMirrodin
Arcbound Bruiser GolemDarksteel
Arcbound Crusher JuggernautDarksteel
Arcbound Fiend HorrorDarksteel
Arcbound Hybrid BeastDarksteel
Arcbound Lancer BeastDarksteel
Arcbound Ravager BeastDarksteel
Arcbound Stinger InsectDarksteel
Arcbound Worker ConstructDarksteel
Auriok Siege Sled JuggernautDarksteel
Chimeric Egg ConstructDarksteel
Darksteel Brute BeastDarksteel
Darksteel Colossus GolemDarksteel
Drill-Skimmer ThopterDarksteel
Gemini Engine ConstructDarksteel
Gemini EngineTwinTwinConstruct named TwinDarksteel
Spincrusher ConstructDarksteel
Sundering Titan GolemDarksteel
Vulshok War BoarBeastBeastBoar BeastDarksteel
Wirefly HiveWireflyWireflyInsect named WireflyDarksteel
Anodet Lurker ConstructFifth Dawn
Arcbound Wanderer GolemFifth Dawn
Chimeric Coils ConstructFifth Dawn
Ensouled Scimitar SpiritFifth Dawn
Etched Oracle WizardFifth Dawn
Guardian Idol GolemFifth Dawn
Iron-Barb HellionBeastBeastHellion BeastFifth Dawn
Moriok RiggerHuman RogueHuman RogueHuman Rogue RiggerFifth Dawn
Ouphe VandalsOupheOupheOuphe RogueFifth Dawn
Sawtooth Thresher ConstructFifth Dawn
Silent Arbiter GolemFifth Dawn
Skyreach Manta FishFifth Dawn
Solarion ConstructFifth Dawn
Summoner's Egg EggFifth Dawn
Suncrusher ConstructFifth Dawn
Sylvok ExplorerHuman DruidHuman DruidHuman Druid ScoutFifth Dawn
Synod Centurion ConstructFifth Dawn
Thermal Navigator ConstructFifth Dawn
Viridian ScoutElf WarriorElf WarriorElf Warrior ScoutFifth Dawn
Slumbering Tora CatBetrayers of Kamigawa
Stampeding SerowBeastBeastAntelope BeastSaviors of Kamigawa
Chorus of the ConclaveDryad LordDryad LordDryadRavnica
Coalhauler SwineBeastBeastBoar BeastRavnica
Dromad PurebredBeastBeastCamel BeastRavnica
Greater MossdogHoundHoundFungus HoundRavnica
Tidewater MinionElementalElementalElemental MinionRavnica
Ghost Council of OrzhovaSpirit LordSpirit LordSpiritGuildpact
GristlebackBeastBeastBoar BeastGuildpact
Ulasht, the Hate SeedHydraHydraHellion HydraGuildpact
Darien, King of KjeldorHuman LordHuman LordHuman SoldierColdsnap
Karplusan WolverineBeastBeastWolverine BeastColdsnap
Lovisa ColdeyesHuman LordHuman LordHuman BarbarianColdsnap
Woolly RazorbackBeastBeastBoar BeastColdsnap
Dralnu, Lich LordZombie LordZombie LordZombieTime Spiral
Tivadar of ThornHuman LordHuman LordHuman KnightTime Spiral
Benalish CommanderHuman Soldier LordHuman Soldier LordHuman SoldierPlanar Chaos
Crovax, Ascendant HeroHuman LordHuman LordHumanPlanar Chaos
Jedit Ojanen of EfravaCat Warrior LordCat Warrior LordCat WarriorPlanar Chaos
TimbermareElementalElementalElemental HorsePlanar Chaos
Border Guard SoldierHuman SoldierPortal
Capricious Sorcerer WizardHuman WizardPortal
Charging Bandits BanditHuman RoguePortal
Charging Paladin KnightHuman KnightPortal
Cloud Pirates PirateHuman PiratePortal
Coral Eel EelFishPortal
Craven Knight KnightHuman KnightPortal
Devoted Hero SoldierHuman SoldierPortal
Fleet-Footed Monk ClericHuman Monk ClericPortal
Gorilla Warrior ApeApe WarriorPortal
Ingenious Thief ThiefHuman RoguePortal
Keen-Eyed Archers SoldierHuman Soldier ArcherPortal
King's Assassin AssassinHuman AssassinPortal
Knight Errant KnightHuman KnightPortal
Mercenary Knight Mercenary KnightHuman Mercenary KnightPortal
Noxious Toad ToadFrogPortal
Pillaging Horde BarbarianHuman BarbarianPortal
Raging Minotaur MinotaurMinotaur BerserkerPortal
Sacred Knight KnightHuman KnightPortal
Serpent Assassin AssassinSnake AssassinPortal
Spiritual Guardian GuardianSpiritPortal
Stern Marshal SoldierHuman SoldierPortal
Thing from the Deep BeastLeviathanPortal
Alaborn CavalierKnightKnightHuman KnightPortal Second Age
Alaborn GrenadierSoldierSoldierHuman SoldierPortal Second Age
Alaborn MusketeerSoldierSoldierHuman SoldierPortal Second Age
Alaborn TrooperSoldierSoldierHuman SoldierPortal Second Age
Alaborn VeteranKnightKnightHuman KnightPortal Second Age
Alaborn ZealotSoldierSoldierHuman SoldierPortal Second Age
Apprentice SorcererWizardWizardHuman WizardPortal Second Age
Armored GalleonShipShipHuman PiratePortal Second Age
Coastal WizardWizardWizardHuman WizardPortal Second Age
Dakmor SorceressWizardWizardHuman WizardPortal Second Age
Goblin GeneralGoblinGoblinGoblin WarriorPortal Second Age
Norwood ArchersElvesElfElf ArcherPortal Second Age
Norwood PriestessElfElfElf DruidPortal Second Age
Norwood WarriorElfElfElf WarriorPortal Second Age
Ogre BerserkerOgreOgreOgre BerserkerPortal Second Age
Ogre WarriorOgreOgreOgre WarriorPortal Second Age
Steam CatapultSoldiersSoldierHuman SoldierPortal Second Age
Steam FrigateShipShipHuman PiratePortal Second Age
Sylvan YetiBeastElementalYetiPortal Second Age
Talas Air ShipShipShipHuman PiratePortal Second Age
Talas ExplorerMerchantMerchantHuman Pirate ScoutPortal Second Age
Talas MerchantMerchantMerchantHuman PiratePortal Second Age
Talas ResearcherWizardWizardHuman Pirate WizardPortal Second Age
Talas ScoutPiratePirateHuman Pirate ScoutPortal Second Age
Talas WarriorPiratePirateHuman Pirate WarriorPortal Second Age
Temple AcolyteClericClericHuman ClericPortal Second Age
Temple ElderClericClericHuman ClericPortal Second Age
Town SentrySoldierSoldierHuman SoldierPortal Second Age
Trokin High GuardKnightKnightHuman KnightPortal Second Age
Volunteer MilitiaSoldierSoldierHuman SoldierPortal Second Age
Alert Shu InfantrySoldiersSoldierHuman SoldierPortal: Three Kingdoms
Barbarian GeneralSoldierSoldierHuman Barbarian SoldierPortal: Three Kingdoms
Barbarian HordeSoldiersSoldierHuman Barbarian SoldierPortal: Three Kingdoms
Cao Cao, Lord of WeiLegend Human SoldierPortal: Three Kingdoms
Cao Ren, Wei CommanderLegend Human Soldier WarriorPortal: Three Kingdoms
Corrupt Court OfficialAdvisorAdvisorHuman AdvisorPortal: Three Kingdoms
Corrupt EunuchsAdvisorAdvisorHuman AdvisorPortal: Three Kingdoms
Council of AdvisorsAdvisorsAdvisorHuman AdvisorPortal: Three Kingdoms
Cunning AdvisorAdvisorAdvisorHuman AdvisorPortal: Three Kingdoms
Diaochan, Artful BeautyLegend Human AdvisorPortal: Three Kingdoms
Dong Zhou, the TyrantLegend Human SoldierPortal: Three Kingdoms
Fire BowmanSoldierSoldierHuman Soldier ArcherPortal: Three Kingdoms
Flanking TroopsSoldiersSoldierHuman SoldierPortal: Three Kingdoms
Guan Yu, Sainted WarriorLegend Human Soldier WarriorPortal: Three Kingdoms
Hua Tuo, Honored PhysicianLegend Human ShamanPortal: Three Kingdoms
Huang Zhong, Shu GeneralLegend Human SoldierPortal: Three Kingdoms
Hunting CheetahCheetahCheetahCatPortal: Three Kingdoms
Imperial RecruiterAdvisorAdvisorHuman AdvisorPortal: Three Kingdoms
Independent TroopsSoldiersSoldierHuman SoldierPortal: Three Kingdoms
Kongming, "Sleeping Dragon"Legend Human AdvisorPortal: Three Kingdoms
Kongming's ContraptionsSoldiersSoldierHuman SoldierPortal: Three Kingdoms
Lady SunLegend Human AdvisorPortal: Three Kingdoms
Lady Zhurong, Warrior QueenLegend Human Soldier WarriorPortal: Three Kingdoms
Liu Bei, Lord of ShuLegend Human SoldierPortal: Three Kingdoms
Loyal RetainersAdvisorsAdvisorHuman AdvisorPortal: Three Kingdoms
Lu Bu, Master-at-ArmsLegend Human Soldier WarriorPortal: Three Kingdoms
Lu Meng, Wu GeneralLegend Human SoldierPortal: Three Kingdoms
Lu Su, Wu AdvisorLegend Human AdvisorPortal: Three Kingdoms
Lu Xun, Scholar GeneralLegend Human SoldierPortal: Three Kingdoms
Ma Chao, Western WarriorLegend Human Soldier WarriorPortal: Three Kingdoms
Meng Huo, Barbarian KingLegend Human Barbarian SoldierPortal: Three Kingdoms
Meng Huo's HordeSoldiersSoldierHuman SoldierPortal: Three Kingdoms
Mountain BanditSoldierSoldierHuman Soldier RoguePortal: Three Kingdoms
Pang Tong, "Young Phoenix"Legend Human AdvisorPortal: Three Kingdoms
Ravaging HordeSoldiersSoldierHuman SoldierPortal: Three Kingdoms
Red Cliffs ArmadaShipsShipHuman SoldierPortal: Three Kingdoms
Renegade TroopsSoldiersSoldierHuman SoldierPortal: Three Kingdoms
Shu CavalrySoldiersSoldierHuman SoldierPortal: Three Kingdoms
Shu DefenderSoldierSoldierHuman SoldierPortal: Three Kingdoms
Shu Elite CompanionsSoldiersSoldierHuman SoldierPortal: Three Kingdoms
Shu Elite InfantrySoldiersSoldierHuman SoldierPortal: Three Kingdoms
Shu FarmerFarmerFarmerHumanPortal: Three Kingdoms
Shu Foot SoldiersSoldiersSoldierHuman SoldierPortal: Three Kingdoms
Shu GeneralSoldierSoldierHuman SoldierPortal: Three Kingdoms
Shu Grain CaravanSoldiersSoldierHuman SoldierPortal: Three Kingdoms
Shu Soldier-FarmersSoldiersSoldierHuman SoldierPortal: Three Kingdoms
Sima Yi, Wei Field MarshalLegend Human SoldierPortal: Three Kingdoms
Slashing TigerTigerTigerCatPortal: Three Kingdoms
Stone CatapultSoldiersSoldierHuman SoldierPortal: Three Kingdoms
Straw SoldiersSoldiersSoldierScarecrow SoldierPortal: Three Kingdoms
Sun Ce, Young ConquererLegend Human SoldierPortal: Three Kingdoms
Sun Quan, Lord of WuLegend Human SoldierPortal: Three Kingdoms
Taoist HermitMysticMysticHuman MysticPortal: Three Kingdoms
Taoist MysticMysticMysticHuman MysticPortal: Three Kingdoms
Trained CheetahCheetahCheetahCatPortal: Three Kingdoms
Trained JackalJackalJackalHoundPortal: Three Kingdoms
Volunteer MilitiaSoldierSoldierHuman SoldierPortal: Three Kingdoms
Wei Ambush ForceSoldiersSoldierHuman SoldierPortal: Three Kingdoms
Wei AssassinsSoldiersSoldierHuman Soldier AssassinPortal: Three Kingdoms
Wei Elite CompanionsSoldiersSoldierHuman SoldierPortal: Three Kingdoms
Wei InfantrySoldiersSoldierHuman SoldierPortal: Three Kingdoms
Wei Night RaidersSoldiersSoldierHuman SoldierPortal: Three Kingdoms
Wei ScoutSoldierSoldierHuman Soldier ScoutPortal: Three Kingdoms
Wei Strike ForceSoldiersSoldierHuman SoldierPortal: Three Kingdoms
Wu AdmiralSoldierSoldierHuman SoldierPortal: Three Kingdoms
Wu Elite CavalrySoldiersSoldierHuman SoldierPortal: Three Kingdoms
Wu InfantrySoldiersSoldierHuman SoldierPortal: Three Kingdoms
Wu Light CavalrySoldiersSoldierHuman SoldierPortal: Three Kingdoms
Wu LongbowmanSoldierSoldierHuman Soldier ArcherPortal: Three Kingdoms
Wu ScoutSoldierSoldierHuman Soldier ScoutPortal: Three Kingdoms
Wu SpySoldierSoldierHuman SoldierPortal: Three Kingdoms
Wu WarshipShipShipHuman SoldierPortal: Three Kingdoms
Xiahou Dun, the One-EyedLegend Human SoldierPortal: Three Kingdoms
Xun Yu, Wei AdvisorLegend Human AdvisorPortal: Three Kingdoms
Yellow Scarves CavalrySoldiersSoldierHuman SoldierPortal: Three Kingdoms
Yellow Scarves GeneralSoldierSoldierHuman SoldierPortal: Three Kingdoms
Yellow Scarves TroopsSoldiersSoldierHuman SoldierPortal: Three Kingdoms
Young Wei RecruitsSoldiersSoldierHuman SoldierPortal: Three Kingdoms
Yuan Shao, the IndecisiveLegend Human SoldierPortal: Three Kingdoms
Yuan Shao's InfantrySoldiersSoldierHuman SoldierPortal: Three Kingdoms
Zhang Fei, Fierce WarriorLegend Human Soldier WarriorPortal: Three Kingdoms
Zhang He, Wei GeneralLegend Human SoldierPortal: Three Kingdoms
Zhang Liao, Hero of HefeiLegend Human SoldierPortal: Three Kingdoms
Zhao Zilong, Tiger GeneralLegend Human Soldier WarriorPortal: Three Kingdoms
Zhou Yu, Chief CommanderLegend Human SoldierPortal: Three Kingdoms
Zhuge Jin, Wu StrategistLegend Human AdvisorPortal: Three Kingdoms
Zodiac DogDogDogHoundPortal: Three Kingdoms
Zodiac PigPigPigBoarPortal: Three Kingdoms
Zodiac RoosterRoosterChickenBirdPortal: Three Kingdoms
Zodiac TigerTigerTigerCatPortal: Three Kingdoms
Zuo Ci, the Mocking SageLegend Human AdvisorPortal: Three Kingdoms
Champion LancerKnightKnightHuman KnightStarter 1999
Dakmor LancerKnightKnightHuman KnightStarter 1999
Devout MonkClericClericHuman Monk ClericStarter 1999
Royal TrooperSoldierSoldierHuman SoldierStarter 1999
Trained OrggBeastBeastOrgg BeastStarter 1999

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January 14, 2020

Theros Beyond Death Prerelease Primer by, Gavin Verhey

Gods. Heroes. Monsters. And now . . . the Underworld. That can only mean one thing when it comes to Magic planes: we're on Theros! And it's going to be epic. You may have caught a glimps...

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January 10, 2020

Theros Beyond Death Story Summary by, Wizards of the Coast

Elspeth was dead. But we must begin far before that, centuries ago. Before the gods of Theros rose to power, the titans—horrific primal urges made flesh—roamed the mortal realm, sowing d...

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