Mystery Booster Playtest Card Artists

Posted in Feature on November 11, 2019

By Wizards of the Coast

Every Mystery Booster Convention Edition comes with one Playtest Card with art by a Wizards of the Coast employee or contractor, current and former. Here's who created the art for each of the Playtest Cards!

Card Title Artist Credit
Ral's Vanguard David McDarby
Banding Sliver Alicia Mickes
Baneslayer Aspirant Taylor Ingvarsson
Enroll in the Coalition Chris Mooney
Five Kids in a Trenchcoat Emily Teng
Frontier Explorer Mary Josberger
Imaginary Friends Daniel Holt
Metagamer Francisco O. Martin
Priority Avenger Chris Haukap
Ruff, Underdog Champ Seth Conley
Sarah's Wings Sarah Keortge
Scaled Destruction Daniel Ketchum
Stack of Paperwork Hanspeter Ziegler
Wizened Arbiter Kelly Hamilton
You're in Command Cody Culp
Animate Spell Allison Medwin
Biting Remark Josh Thomas
Command the Chaff George Fan
Control Win Condition Sean Mayovsky
Do-Over Madison Mosley
Enchantmentize Rebecca On
Form of the Mulldrifter George Fan
Innocuous Insect Jehan Choo
Khod, Etlan Shiis Envoy Dave Humpherys
Learned Learner Nick Southam
Loopy Lobster The Turians
Memory Bank Pete White
Recycla-bird Kevin Yee
Squidnapper Jeff Carpenter
The Grand Tour Ethan Fleischer
Time Sidewalk Steve Sunu
Truth or Dare Mollie Harms
Visitor from Planet Q The Meadens
Blood Poet Marsha Rivera
Bone Rattler Ira Humphrey
Buried Ogre Dave Geyer
Celestine Cave Witch Bonnie Gabriel
Chimney Goyf Glenn Jones
Corrupted Key Tom Wanerstrand
Cyclopean Titan Matt Smith
Everlasting Lich Aaron Forsythe
Frogkin Kidnapper Mark Heggen
Gunk Slug Casey Gustafson
Largepox Maxx Marshall
One with Death Robert Schuster
Spellmorph Raise Dead Seth Conley
Sunimret Kelly McBride
Swarm of Locus Emily Maltby
Underdark Beholder Chris Tulach
Witty Demon Brittany Austin
Xyru Specter Jeff Stewart
Yawgmoth's Testament (2019) Eli Shiffrin
Yawgmoth's Testament (2021) Mary Kathryn Amiotte-Beaulieu
Bombardment James Arnold
High Troller Graeme Hopkins
Impatient Iguana Brandi Reece
Lazier Goblin Mark Price
Lightning Colt Christine Lee Risinger
Mana Abundance Ken Nagle
Planequake Chris Kiritz
Problematic Volcano Gavin Verhey
Queue of Beetles Brendan Sell
Red Herring Chris Mooney
Seasoned Weaponsmith Mark L. Gottlieb
Siege Elemental Levi Parker
Throat Wolf Sam Stoddard
Tibalt the Chaotic Zach Francks
Transcantation Ryan Printz
Trial and Error Chris Clay
Geometric Weird Matthew Gregory
Whammy Burn Melissa DeTora
Bear with Set's Mechanic Annie Sardelis
Domesticated Mammoth Jade Granger
Experiment Five Gavin Verhey
Frenemy of the Guildpact Jacob Nourigat
Generated Horizons Daniel Holt
Gorilla Tactics Jiachen Tao
Growth Charm Chris Bellach
Interplanar Brushwagg John Penick
Krosan Adaptation Zach Francks
Maro's Gone Nuts Mark Rosewater
Patient Turtle Katie Allison
Plane-Merge Elf Nataly Scheidt
Inspirational Antelope Mike Demaine
Soulmates Victoria Cana
Vazal, the Compleat Damian Tedrow
A Good Thing Yoni Skolnik
Abian, Luvion Usurper James Kooi
Bind // Liberate Talia Armato-Helle
Bucket List Nathan Ian Greene
Evil Boros Charm Jack and Mark Purvis
Golgari Death Swarm Ovidio Cartagena
Graveyard Dig Sandra Everingham
How to Keep an Izzet Mage Busy Scott Van Essen
Kaya, Ghost Haunter Sydney Adams
Louvaq, the Aberrant Cynthia Sheppard
Personal Decoy Alison Luhrs
Pick Your Poison Corey Bowen
Seek Bolas's Counsel Matt Warren
Sliv-Mizzet, Hivemind Jeff Stewart
Smelt // Herd // Saw Allison Medwin
Start // Fire Nelson Brown
Slivdrazi Monstrosity Justin Cornell
Wrath of Sod Chad Kanotz
Zyym, Mesmeric Lord Nick Bartoletti
Chronobot Stephanie Mitchell
Lantern of Undersight Trick Jarrett
Mirrored Lotus Meris Mullaley
Pithing Spyglass Melissa DeTora
Puresteel Angel Lukas Litzsinger
Unicycle Ari Nieh
Weaponized Scrap Tyler Wright
Aggressive Crag Demitrios Feredinos
Barry's Land Matt Tabak
Domesticated Watercourse Joe Torra
Enchanted Prairie James Arnold
Gold Mine Max McCall
Jasconian Isle Aaron Reed
Noxious Bayou James Rose
Rift Zach Francks
Taiga Stadium Tara Rueping
Waste Land Patrick Kuhlman

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