Step into the Neon Arcade

Posted in Magic Digital on February 16, 2022

By Wizards of the Coast

The Neon Arcade is the hottest spot for the best players in the city. Are you a whiz at pinball? A fighting-game master? A hero of jukebox dance-offs? No matter your play style, this is where you can turn that skill into ultimate gaming glory. So, drop in your coin, rack up all the points you can, and shoot for the stars!

A Kamigawa cityscape with buildings trimmed in neon lights

Neon Arcade Event Details

Dates: March 4–18

Format: Alchemy Singleton with a High Score emblem with the text:

Whenever you cast a spell, if its mana value is greater than the number of charge counters on High Score Emblem, put a number of charge counters on High Score Emblem equal to the difference and create a Treasure token. This ability triggers only once each turn.

Structure: 4 wins or 2 losses in Best-of-One matches

Entry: 2,000 gold or 400 gems


Wins Rewards
4 wins 2,500 gold + 3 card styles
3 wins 1,500 gold + 3 card styles
2 wins 1,000 gold + 2 card styles
1 win 500 gold + 2 card styles
0 win 1 card style

Example of soft glow card style:

Neon blue soft glow treatment on the Tezzeret, Betrayer of Flesh card

Soft Glow Card Style Rewards

The following soft glow card styles can be earned in this event. Each is equally likely, and you will always receive styles you don't own until you collect them all:

  • Blade of the Oni
  • Cloudsteel Kirin
  • Eater of Virtue
  • Explosive Singularity
  • Greasefang, Okiba Boss
  • Kodama of the West Tree
  • Lion Sash
  • Lizard Blades
  • Mechtitan Core
  • Mindlink Mech
  • Mirror Box
  • Mukotai Soulripper
  • Ogre-Head Helm
  • Reckoner Bankbuster
  • Soul Transfer
  • Surgehacker Mech
  • Tameshi, Reality Architect
  • Tezzeret, Betrayer of Flesh
  • The Reality Chip
  • Thundering Raiju

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