Battle For Zendikar Story

Return to the wild plane of Zendikar, where the monstrous Eldrazi threaten the entire world with destruction. The plane's inhabitants, and even the land itself, stand united to oppose them.

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  • Episode 1: Slaughter at the Refuge

    Episode 1: Slaughter at the Refuge

    Gideon brings Jace to Zendikar to solve the "mystery of the hedrons," but instead of arriving in a safe camp of Sea Gate refugees, the Planeswalkers find themselves in a scene of carnage. Before Jace can get to work, he and Gideon must fight their way through the Eldrazi horde in search of survivors.

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  • Episode 2: The Silent Cry

    Episode 2: The Silent Cry

    Nissa is bonded with the soul of the land and she wields the full power of Zendikar as she fights the Eldrazi alongside her towering elemental companion, Ashaya. She feels unstoppable—until everything is ripped away. When Zendikar stops responding to her call, when Ashaya collapses, when the land falls silent, Nissa is left to face the monsters alone.

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  • Episode 3: The Believers’ Pilgrimage

    Episode 3: The Believers’ Pilgrimage

    The only reason Jace is here on Zendikar is to continue where researchers at Sea Gate left off—to discover how the mysterious stone hedrons throughout the plane can be used as a weapon against the Eldrazi. After conferring with the merfolk explorer Jori En, they decide to journey to the Eye of Ugin to complete Jace’s study. On the way, they encounter a group of pilgrims who have an unusual—and deadly—relationship to the Eldrazi.

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  • Episode 4: The Survivors of Sky Rock

    Episode 4: The Survivors of Sky Rock

    When Sea Gate was overrun, Gideon helped Commander Vorik and his army evacuate to safety. Now Vorik's injuries threaten his life, and Gideon feels responsible for the survival of the commander's army. But with the Eldrazi swarms ceaselessly growing and spreading across the land, Gideon fears that, unless something changes, survival on Zendikar will soon become impossible.

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  • Episode 5: Memories of Blood

    Episode 5: Memories of Blood

    Drana successfully led a revolt liberating her vampires in Malakir from the call of the Eldrazi, which threatened to take away their autonomy and identity. Their reward is to be hunted down by the growing hordes of Eldrazi overrunning the continent of Guul Draz. Time, and room to escape, is running out.

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  • Episode 6: Nissa’s Quest

    Episode 6: Nissa’s Quest

    Lost and alone after the power of Zendikar was ripped away from her, Nissa must decide if she will stay on her home plane and search for her friend, the world's soul, or leave and take the last seeds of Zendikar's extinct trees with her to another plane. Though she doesn't want to give up hope, it's becoming harder and harder for her to justify risking both her life and the future of the seeds she carries in her pocket. When a swarm of Eldrazi descends upon her, threatening to overwhelm her, Nissa is forced to ask herself the question she has been trying to avoid answering: Is Zendikar really gone?

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  • Episode 7: Home Waters

    Episode 7: Home Waters

    The merfolk Planeswalker Kiora returns to Zendikar wielding a stolen prize of great power: the bident of Thassa, god of the sea on the plane of Theros. But her escape was a narrow one, her strength drained, and her people scattered. The merfolk of Zendikar face their own gods risen against them, a mockery of everything they once held dear, and hope is hard to come by. But Kiora is no stranger to defying the gods.

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  • Episode 8: Nissa’s Resolve

    Episode 8: Nissa’s Resolve

    Convinced that the soul of the world retreated to Khalni Heart, Nissa returns to her home continent of Bala Ged for the first time since it fell to the Eldrazi scourge in hopes of finding the new bloom of the powerful flower and Zendikar's soul. While there, she is bombarded with memories of her past and confronted with the missteps she made since she last set foot in her village. Unwilling to revert to being the same elf she was in her youth, Nissa resists tapping into her deepest powers, afraid of falling into old, familiar patterns.

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  • Episode 9: Revelation at the Eye

    Episode 9: Revelation at the Eye

    After an arduous journey, Jace Beleren has nearly reached the Eye of Ugin, the center of Zendikar's hedron network and, hopefully, the key to stopping the Eldrazi titan Ulamog. But the situation at the Eye has changed since Jace's last visit, and unexpected encounters yield complications—and opportunities.

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  • Episode 10: Shaping an Army

    Episode 10: Shaping an Army

    Noyan Dar was once a lullmage, one of a specialized tradition of wizards who knew how to calm Zendikar's treacherous Roil. But times have changed. The Eldrazi have risen. And the Roil, once Zendikar's most deadly danger, might now become a crucial weapon for its salvation.

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  • Episode 11: The Liberation of Sea Gate

    Episode 11: The Liberation of Sea Gate

    A bedraggled and ragtag army brought from all across Zendikar assembles to reclaim Sea Gate from the Eldrazi. As Gideon shoulders the responsibility of commanding this great host, he must learn the difference between being a hero and being a leader.

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  • Episode 12: Hedron Alignment

    Episode 12: Hedron Alignment

    Fresh off a victory, Gideon's army works to fortify Sea Gate. But when Jori En arrives with news that Ulamog is coming, Gideon and his council are faced with the decision to evacuate or fight. The fate of Zendikar rests in their hands.

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  • Episode 13: At Any Cost

    Episode 13: At Any Cost

    Ob Nixilis’s plans are ruined and his body ravaged, but he has no intention of giving up now. He still needs his Planeswalker spark back. He still needs to take revenge on Nissa and on Zendikar. To achieve these goals, he will do what he always has: whatever it takes.

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  • Episode 14: Promises to Keep

    Episode 14: Promises to Keep

    Chandra Nalaar remains on the plane of Regatha, far from Zendikar's woes. She has refused to join the others in the exhilarating fight on Zendikar, promising instead to become the dutiful Abbot of Keral Keep.

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  • Battle for Zendikar Story Summary

    Battle for Zendikar Story Summary

    Missed any of these stories from Battle for Zendikar? Holding out to read them all at once? You can read any (or all) of the stories together in our newest Magic compilation!

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Fiercely loyal, unyielding, just, and charismatic, Gideon Jura doesn't hesitate to enter combat to defend the innocent. A powerful warrior-mage with the ability to make himself invulnerable, he wields a four-bladed surral and hieromancy magic against his foes.

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This land of primal mana was lethal before its Eldrazi prisoners escaped. Now colossal predators from the Æther are devouring everything in their path.