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Magic: The Gathering | Arena
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Welcome the Challenge

Play Magic: The Gathering on your PC, Mac, iOS or Android device and jump into strategy card game action with players of all levels.
Jump into action
Unlock 15 Unique Decks. Collect Daily Rewards to Grow Your Collection.
Have fun
Play Multiple Game Modes. Access In-Game Events with Exciting Prizes.


Light Your Candle. The Harvesttide Festival is here. Will you try to ward off the coming dark? Or embrace the power of the encroaching darkness? Face your fears with new spooky mechanics and double-faced werewolf cards that become more terrifying at night!

Daybound / Nightbound Mechanic
Showcase Equinox Frames
Flashback Mechanic

Start Playing Today

Play the tutorial and practice against AI to learn the basics. Queue into casual matches to sharpen your skills at your own pace.
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