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The Lord of the Rings: Tales of Middle-earth™

Put Middle-earth in your collection and join familiar favorites on a whole new adventure there and back again with valor, courage, and second breakfast. With the Ring-bearer mechanic, the fate of all rests in the bonds of your Fellowship. Join the epic journey of our time!

The Lost Caverns of Ixalan

Journey to the wondrous center of Ixalan, discovering ancient civilizations alive and well, and your favorite creature types running rampant. Players can build an army of Dinosaurs, Pirates, Vampires, Jaguarfolk, Merpeople and more while exploring new and returning mechanics as they venture deeper into the core of this plane. Nowhere is safe, but everywhere is exciting!

Wilds of Eldraine

Set out into the Wilds and experience iconic fairytales with a twist! With Enchanting Tales and the new Role and Bargain mechanics you can tell your own unique story featuring classic fairy tale creatures like you've never seen them before.

March of the Machine

The Multiverse is fighting back against the Phyrexian invasion and needs your help. With new mechanics like Battle, Backup, and Incubate, allies from across your favorite planes are back to band together for the final fight! Join them and become a legendary hero - make one last stand.

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