Starting with Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty, Set Boosters will be made available in both Korean and Chinese (Traditional), replacing Draft Boosters. In regions that previously received Draft Boosters in these languages, English Draft Boosters may still be available.

This change is part of a rebalancing of our product lineup aimed at addressing player needs and purchasing behaviors in regions served by Korean and Chinese (Traditional) language boosters. Our goal is to provide better access to a broad range of cards while still providing Limited play experiences for players who want them:

  • Set Boosters—which contain cards from The List and exclusive Commander-focused cards from each set—better enable players to build collections for a growing Commander community.
  • Draft play will still be supported in this region, and we will be providing local game stores with options for play events on Prerelease with local-language boosters and/or English Draft Boosters. Players who have previously played in events in these languages should check with their local stores once we get closer to Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty.

We understand that for many players who are not otherwise affected by this change, it might signal a shift in our approach to Draft Boosters globally. While shipping and production challenges over the past year certainly affected our ability to deliver an optimized product balance, Draft Boosters are and will remain an important part of the player experience.