Help the brave food fighter Li'l Giri save the day in these five adorable cards with art by kawasumi. This timeless story of derring-do, told across the card art and flavor text, is the perfect addition to any deck or collection.

This Secret Lair drop includes five cards in traditional foil available for purchase only at the Las Vegas Magic 30 event for $39.99, or as part of our Magic 30 Festival in a Box package, while supplies last.

Last Chance art by kawasumi

Li'l Giri Saves the Day

Li'l Giri PeekLi'l Giri GreedLi'l Giri Curiosity

Li'l Giri VandalblastLi'l Giri Last Chance

Li'l Giri Saves the Day is available in traditional foil only.


  • 1x Peek
  • 1x Greed
  • 1x Curiosity
  • 1x Vandalblast
  • 1x Last Chance


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