Magic: The Gathering's Starter Kit 2022 comes with everything two players need to start epic head-to-head battles with friends.

Everything Two People Need to Start Playing

Learn how to play in person and online with two ready-to-play decks (each with five rare cards!) and codes to play with a friend online in MTG Arena. The interactive online tutorial and included Play Guide booklet will teach you the basics before you immerse yourself in a thrilling, strategic game that's never the same twice.

Here's everything included in each Starter Kit:

  • 2 Ready-to-play 60-card decks—1 White-Blue deck and 1 Red-Green deck
  • 1 Magic Play Guide booklet
  • 2 Deck boxes
  • Codes for two people to unlock both decks to play online in MTG Arena
  • 5 Rare cards—including 1 rare foil card—in each deck

Magic: The Gathering 2022 Red-Green Starter Kit

Choose Your Deck

Each color, or color combination, in Magic reflects a certain style of play—each with its own personality, goals, and strategies.

Choose the Red-Green deck to do massive damage with buffed-up creatures, trampling through your opponent's defenses.

Choose the White-Blue deck to take control of the game—casting spells to stall your opponent while you fill the skies with a deadly swarm of creatures.

Tour the Magic Multiverse

Get a taste of Magic's rich and varied Multiverse—from a 1920s-inspired world run by powerful crime families to a neon-lit cyberpunk future and a gothic horror plane full of vampires and werewolves.

Both decks contain cards from multiple Magic sets, including Streets of New Capenna, Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty, Innistrad: Crimson Vow, and Innistrad: Midnight Hunt.

(Editor's Note: The decklists below pull the newest printing of each card automatically from Gatherer, including printings which are not in this product. These decklists are not card-for-card product displays but rather interactive lists of the cards included in each deck.)

1 Welcoming Vampire 1 Extraction Specialist 1 Dreamshackle Geist 1 Hullbreaker Horror 1 Consuming Tide 2 Unholy Officiant 3 Backup Agent 4 Wretched Throng 3 Inspiring Overseer 3 Seven-Tail Mentor 2 Stormrider Spirit 2 Nebelgast Beguiler 3 Serpentine Ambush 2 Kill Shot 2 Brute Suit 2 Fading Hope 4 Tranquil Cove 12 Plains 11 Island 1 Thundering Raiju 1 Ascendant Packleader 1 Creepy Puppeteer 1 Topiary Stomper 1 Glorious Sunrise 2 Voldaren Stinger 4 Timberland Guide 3 Lambholt Harrier 3 High-Rise Sawjack 3 Spore Crawler 3 Mounted Dreadknight 2 Flourishing Hunter 3 Witch's Web 3 Abrade 2 Burn the Accursed 4 Rugged Highlands 12 Mountain 11 Forest