Nearly fifteen years ago in October 2009, we released an adventure-focused set featuring a mysterious, all-new plane to explore: that set was Zendikar. What we found there, amid the ancient hedrons and machinations of Planeswalkers, was a force of nature with a story that started millennia earlier threatening the entire plane—and perhaps the Multiverse itself.

The Eldrazi.

Witness the End card artwork by Igor Kieryluk

Witness the End | Art by Igor Kieryluk

The story of unfathomable horrors the Eldrazi wrought is one that winds its way through Magic Story and features a cast of fan-favorite characters who rallied to achieve the unthinkable: defeating these god-like titans of the Multiverse.

Modern Horizons 3 is packed with Eldrazi—new, imaginative versions never seen before, as well as returning favorites in a Commander deck dedicated to them—and is the perfect opportunity to catch up on why these beings are one of the true existential dangers a plane can face.

In three waves, we're republishing classic Magic Story content for fans to feast upon, sprinkled with some Modern Horizons 3 card previews and refreshed to look their best. We hope long-time fans will recall the thrill of fighting these foes once more—and newer Magic fans enjoy an era of story that closed nearly a decade ago with Oath of the Gatewatch.

Aside from fixing formatting and inserting a summary to help transition between stories here or there, these stories are as they have been; these aren't rewrites but glow-ups to celebrate iconic and inscrutable forces of Magic nature just in time for Modern Horizons 3.

These stories arrive in three waves and will be linked on the DailyMTG homepage (for a limited period of time) in a convenient module to navigate them all: 30 stories in total.

  • The Eldrazi Awaken – May 13 [Available today!]
  • Battles at the Brink – May 15
  • Zendikar's Last Stand – May 17

Please enjoy this stroll through Magic Story's past, then return for the full Modern Horizons 3 fanfare with our live stream on Tuesday, May 21, beginning at 9 a.m. PT. Plus, you can preorder Modern Horizons 3 now at local game stores near you, online at Amazon, and elsewhere Magic is sold!