Everyone has their favorite Magic cards—cards that remind them of the happiest moments from their childhoods, or time spent with their closest friends, or simply cards that are the coolest. And that's fantastic!

However, all of you are wrong, as there can be only one correct list of the greatest Magic cards of all time.

We at Wizards have agonized over this, arguing and shouting and using deeply personal insults to crush the wills of those with dumb opinions. (It's not Mulldrifter, Blake, ugh. Your mom was right.) After months of R&D in-fighting, we have arrived at an undeniable list of the best Magic cards of all time. And what's more, we've somehow made them even greater with glorious brand-new foil full-art treatments.

Now, without further ado, we present Secret Lair Drop Series: Wizards of the Coast Presents: After Great Deliberation, We Have Compiled and Remastered the Greatest Magic: The Gathering Cards of All Time, Ever!

Show Us the Cards!

What, you can't just take our word for it? All right, that makes sense. Here's each card in all its newfangled glory—along with some completely unnecessary behind-the-scenes insights from the biggest brains in Magic R&D.

Goblin Snowman

Seven-time R&D Deck-Building Champion Lažno Immee: "One of the major blind spots in a typical Goblin deck's plan is the lack of mid-to-late-game defensive plays. Goblin Snowman is just the tool you need to go shields-up against opposing midrange and aggro decks while your tokens go on the aggressive."

Senior Associate Game Designer Ann Breagach: "Every Goblin deck is in need of the perfect Basilisk Collar target, and that's where Goblin Snowman is really gonna shine."


Junior Communications Director Rake Blasmussen: "Nothing feels better than attacking with a 1/2 on turn three."


Principal R&D Assistant Hamish Név: "Ramunap Excavator? Life from the Loam? Crucible of Worlds? Not today, losers!"

Vice President of Play Design Pasde Bonnom: "Mudhole represents the kind of open-ended deck-building puzzle that defines Magic. Will you use it to punish delve strategies by emptying their graveyards? Give yourself fuel for your Blight Herder? Really blow out that Splendid Reclamation play from your opponent? The options are quite possibly endless."

Storm Crow

Junior Communications Director Rake Blasmussen: "Wait, this 1/2 can attack on turn three with evasion?! EVEN BETTER!"

Mid-Level Game Balancer Davin Derhey: "It's an Omega Myr that can't be Shattered. A Hushbringer that doesn't turn off your abilities. A Stoneforge Mystic that doesn't risk turning on your opponent's Archive Trap after your search. Need I say more?"

All Together


"How can I get my hands on these amazing, fantastic cards?" you're asking yourself. Well, about that. . .you can check out our totally sweet Secret Lair page to your heart's content, but we aren't printing any of these drops just yet. Real talk, the timing doesn't feel right. Instead, we think you should take this moment to help people struggling due to the outbreak of COVID-19.

Wizards is a proud supporter of the American Red Cross as it continues its lifesaving mission nationwide during this ongoing public health crisis. Instead of putting this collection of great cards up for sale, we invite you to do something great yourself and donate to the American Red Cross.

At some point in the future, after we've all safely gotten past this outbreak, we'll print and provide these Secret Lair drops to WPN stores at no charge, to use at their discretion. We aren't yet sure when that will be or how stores will distribute them, but it'll happen.

For now, let's just enjoy these beautiful (powerful!) cards and do what we can to make life brighter for those in need in communities near and far.