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The Mechanics of

Table of Contents Heroic Enchantments and Nyx Bestow Devotion and Gods Monstrosity Scry The plane of Theros is home to brave heroes, rampaging monsters, and a pantheon of powerful gods. HeroicA creature with a heroic ability gives you powerful benefits...

Dragon's Maze Mechanics

The plane of Ravnica is home to ten ancient two-color guilds. Return to Ravnica showed off five of those guilds: the white-blue Azorius, the blue-red Izzet, the black-red Rakdos, the black-green Golgari, and the green-white Selesnya.

Archenemy Rules Revealed

Way back in January, we announced Archenemy, a new multiplayer product coming in June. We told you about its unique "One vs. Many" game play, allowing you to face off against as many of your friends as your kitchen table can hold. We told you about the...
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