With Unfinity, there's a universe of things to do at Myra the Magnificent's Intergalactic Astrotorium of Fun. Between spotless safety records (thanks to an impeccable cleaning crew) and perfectly fair games of skill (thanks to cleverly obfuscated probabilistic permutations), there's something for anyone to enjoy.

As Matt Tabak explained in his mechanics overview of Unfinity, Attractions are something that are, well, attractive for decks that plan to use them. (He also explained many other Unfinity mechanics, but we're only concerned with Attractions here.)

Here's his breakdown if you missed it:


"Attractions represent all the rides, games, and shops you might visit while on the midway. Attractions aren't played in your main decks, and they don't have normal Magic backs. Rather, they're played in their own deck called the Attraction deck.


Fortune Teller (a)
Attraction back


Attractions are artifacts, but you'll notice they don't have a mana cost. They aren't cast, and in fact, they never even go to your hand. To get them from your Attraction deck to the battlefield, you'll need to open them, using cards like "Lifetime" Pass Holder.


Lifetime Pass Holder
Galaxy foil Lifetime Pass Holder
Galaxy Foil


When told to open an Attraction, put the top card of your Attraction deck onto the battlefield face up under your control. Each Attraction has lights numbered 1–6 in the lower right corner. In fact, different versions of the same Attraction may have different lights lit up. The number 1 will never be lit up, and the number 6 will always be lit up.


Fortune Teller (a)Fortune Teller (b)Fortune Teller (c)

Fortune Teller (d)Fortune Teller (e)Fortune Teller (f)


At the beginning of your first main phase on each of your turns, you roll to visit your Attractions by rolling a six-sided die. If the result is lit up on an Attraction you control, you visit that Attraction, causing that Attraction's visit ability to trigger. You visit Attractions only for this special die roll or if a card specifically tells you to roll to visit your Attractions. Other die rolls caused by spells and abilities won't cause visit abilities to trigger.

If an Attraction would leave the battlefield and go to any zone other than exile, it instead goes to the junkyard, the Attraction deck's version of the scrapyard, which is the Contraption deck's version of the graveyard. Things that affect the graveyard do not affect the junkyard. You can exile Attractions just fine.

Some Attractions offer minigames and prizes!


Dart Throw (a)Dart Throw (b)

Dart Throw (c)Dart Throw (d)


The prize is a reward for winning the minigame offered by the visit ability. Although these Attractions close down after you claim their prizes, you do get to open another to replace it.

In Limited formats (Sealed Deck and Booster Draft), your Attraction deck must contain at least three Attraction cards and may contain duplicates. In Booster Draft specifically, Attractions are drafted like other cards in the booster. If you don't draft at least three Attraction cards, you won't be able to use an Attraction deck. In Constructed games, your Attraction deck must contain at least ten Attraction cards and it must be "Singleton," that is, no more than one card with any specific name (even if they have different text or lights lit up)."


Why all the hullabaloo about Attractions? Aren't they just part of the Astrotorium experience?

One visitor isn't content to settle for a quick thrill or passing challenge. They want to see everything there is to offer. They want to perfect their skill and take home more than they arrived with.

They want to win it all, and not even Myra will stop them.

The Most Dangerous Gamer
Galaxy foil The Most Dangerous Gamer
Galaxy Foil
Showcase The Most Dangerous Gamer
Galaxy foil Showcase The Most Dangerous Gamer
Galaxy Foil Showcase

The Most Dangerous Gamer isn't a misnomer. Every Attraction—every ride, every game, every activity available at the Astrotorium—is one they look forward to, especially if they can win a prize. Attractions, after all, are colorless (they're artifacts and fit alongside any deck) and plentiful.

You can (eventually) find every Attraction in our Unfinity Card Image Gallery, but a few more that offer prizes are below:

Guess Your Fate (a)Guess Your Fate (b)

Guess Your Fate (c)Guess Your Fate (d)

Memory Test (a)Memory Test (b)

Squirrel Stack (a)Squirrel Stack (b)Squirrel Stack (c)

Squirrel Stack (d)Squirrel Stack (e)Squirrel Stack (f)

The Superlatorium (a)The Superlatorium (b)The Superlatorium (c)

The Superlatorium (d)The Superlatorium (e)The Superlatorium (f)

The Most Dangerous Gamer turns every Attraction into an even more exciting addition to your side of the battlefield. It seeks out new ones to open, gets stronger every time it does, and adds to the prizes you win by taking away something (that's probably your opponent's).

The Most Dangerous Gamer
The Most Dangerous Gamer | Art by: Aaron J. Riley

The catch is you have to win the prizes. Keep an eye out for even more Attractions that you can min-max-overmax for your benefit—you can be the next most dangerous gamer.

You can preorder Unfinity today at your local game store, online at retailers like Amazon, and elsewhere Magic is sold.