As we've done in the past, Kaldheim will include some unique cards in our Theme Boosters meant to help shore up the theme of the booster while giving players who are interested in building around that theme a little something extra without having to worry about Limited play. We're going to reveal those unique Theme Booster cards just down below. These cards are uncommon and rare and will be at approximately the power level of previous Theme Booster cards.

New with Kaldheim is something we're trying with Set Boosters. Like Theme Boosters, there is a section of the Set Booster experience that follows a theme. This is a set of 6 common and uncommon cards centered around one or more of the set's themes (commons connect with commons and uncommons with uncommons). Like the unique Theme Booster cards, we're including some of these unique cards for Set Boosters that help bolster those themes and provide connectivity among the uncommons. These unique cards are all uncommon. The unique rares listed below will be found in the "headturner" slot for Set Boosters.

All of the following cards will be legal in any format in which Kaldheim is legal.

The following cards, numbered 374–393 can be found in Set and Theme Boosters:

Valkyrie HarbingerSurtland ElementalistCleaving Reaper

Surtland FlingerCanopy TacticianArmed and Armored

Starnheim AspirantWarchanter SkaldYouthful Valkyrie

Absorb IdentityGiant's GraspElderfang Ritualist

Renegade ReaperThornmantle StrikerBearded Axe

Fire Giant's FuryGilded Assault CartElven Ambush

Gladewalker RitualistRampage of the Valkyries

Additionally, several of the cards from above will also be found in the Kaldheim Commander decks: Canopy Tactician, Elderfang Ritualist, Elven Ambush, and Surtland Elementalist.