On June 14, Modern Horizons 3 delivers a powerful collection of new cards, exciting reprints, and of course a legion of supporting tokens of comparable caliber—from the familiar, like Goblins and Zombies, to the frighteningly formidable, like the Eldrazi and the Tarmogoyf. There are 70 tokens in all, including 3 emblems and 1 helper card, across Modern Horizons 3 products that offer exciting and iconic Magic play!

You can find 34 full-art tokens in Play Boosters, as well as 1 emblem and 1 Energy Reserve helper (which can appear on the back face of tokens).

0005_MTGMH3_Token: Cat Warrior Token 0035_MTGMH3_Token: Emblem (Tamiyo, Seasoned Scholar) 0036_MTGMH3_PlayAid: Energy Reserve (Play Aid)

Collector Boosters also have 34 full-art tokens and 1 emblem—all double sided and in traditional foil.

Modern Horizons 3 Commander decks have 35 different tokens, 2 emblems, and 1 Energy Reserve helper card spread across the four decks. Each deck includes 10 double-sided full-art tokens to support you on the battlefield.

0027_MTGMH3_TokenCom_a: Emblem (Garruk, Apex Predator)

We also have a something new coming for fans of Commander: Modern Horizons 3 Collector's Edition Commander decks! Get all the cards from the Commander decks but upgraded with an exclusive new ripple foil treatment!

Interactive digital render. Not actual card.
Ulalek, Fused Atrocity
(Ripple Foil Borderless Profile)

Each of these Collector's Edition Commander decks includes 10 double-sided tokens with the front face in ripple foil and the back face in non-foil. Across all four Modern Horizons 3 Collector's Edition Commander decks are a total of 42 full-art tokens with unique collector numbers, 31 of which can appear in ripple foil, plus an Energy Reserve helper card in ripple foil and 2 emblems that are non-foil.

0001_MTGMH3_TokenCom_a: Eldrazi Token (10/10) 0009_MTGMH3_TokenCom_a: Aetherborn Token

Want to see all the tokens included in each of these products? Now you can by visiting the Modern Horizons 3 Card Image Gallery:

Find your new forever favorites and tap into power with the worldwide release of Modern Horizons 3 on June 14, 2024! Preorder now from your local game store, online retailers like Amazon, and elsewhere Magic products are sold.