Welcome to the lights and excitement of Unfinity! Magic's latest Un- set release is packed with attractions (and Attractions) to delight players—from the fresh-faced thrill seekers ready for something new to the venerable visitors making their latest trip through a set.

So, let's take a tour of the park and the (not-so) infinite cards to collect.

Foil Box Topper Borderless Shock Lands

Unfinity Box Topper

Each Draft and Collector Booster display of Unfinity comes with a Box Topper booster filled with one traditional foil shock land—the famous-from-Ravnica cycle of dual lands—themed with literally out-of-this-world borderless artwork:

Hallowed FountainWatery GraveBlood Crypt

Stomping GroundTemple Garden

Godless ShrineSteam VentsOvergrown Tomb

Sacred FoundryBreeding Pool

These iconic lands are powerful additions to your favorite Magic deck and feature incredible artwork unlike any seen before. And beyond Box Toppers, there's also an opportunity to open traditional foil (and galaxy foil—see below!) shock lands in Unfinity Collector Boosters.

For Draft Boosters, roughly one out of every 24 Boosters contains a borderless shock land where you would find a basic land card.

For Collector Boosters, there are two slots where a basic land appears, and for each of those slots roughly one out of 24 appearances will be a borderless shock land instead. (Yes, that means it's possible to find two borderless shock lands in one Unfinity Collector Booster.)

Planetary Space-ic Basic Lands and Orbital Space-ic Basic Lands

Beginning with the first Un- set release in 1998's Unglued, each Un- set has offered an amazing new twist on full-art basic lands.

  • 9677
  • 73951
  • 439602
  • 479481

Since full-art basic lands, such as the stained-glass versions found in Dominaria United, are a frequent feature of Magic sets today, it was back to Unfinity to set its sights higher. This time, there are two amazing full-art basic land treatments to find!

The first is the bread and butter of Un- sets with the orbital space-ic basic lands, an outer space take on full-art basic lands. These are beautiful cards that bring the full-art treatment to an interstellar point of view:

Orbital space-ic PlainsOrbital space-ic IslandOrbital space-ic Swamp

Orbital space-ic MountainOrbital space-ic Forest

The other is an atomic age reimagining with full-art planetary space-ic basic lands. These feature an atomic model-esque mana symbol (note: not an actual atomic model for mana) over a vibrant planetary-scale landscape:

Planetary space-ic PlainsPlanetary space-ic IslandPlanetary space-ic Swamp

Planetary space-ic MountainPlanetary space-ic Forest

Both the orbital space-ic and planetary space-ic basic lands can be found in Draft and Collector Boosters, in both foil and non-foil treatments. In fact, all basic lands found in Unfinity boosters will be one of those two treatments!

You'll find planetary space-ic lands in both Draft and Collector Boosters of Unfinity, and roughly one in four Draft Boosters will contain an orbital space-ic land instead.

Galaxy Foil

Unfinity also introduces a beautiful new foil treatment that's perfect for the cards that make you starry-eyed. Meet galaxy foils:

Galaxy foil planetary space-ic basic lands

The galaxy foil treatment offers the similarly bright and reflective look of the traditional foil treatment but punctuates it with echoes of planets and stars across the foiling. The planetary space-ic basic lands shown above feature the galaxy foil treatment, but many more cards across the set can show off this new foil treatment—including borderless shock lands in Collector Boosters, both showcase styles of full-art basic lands, and many other cards across the set.

Galaxy foil cards can only be found in Unfinity Collectors Boosters. In each Collector Booster, you will receive between three and five galaxy foil cards. Note that the galaxy foil treatment is featured on cards numbered 287–537, which will be included (without a faux galaxy foil look) in our Unfinity Variant Card Image Gallery.

There is a full breakout of how these galaxy foils are found in Collector Boosters later in this article.

Acorn Cards, Eternal, and Attractions

Previously, all Un- set Magic cards appeared with a silver border instead of the typical black border. As Mark Rosewater explained when introducing Unfinity, many cards found in previous Un- sets were perfectly suitable (and even later became) black-border cards as part of a typical Magic release.

Magic rules already handle many strange—and unique—mechanics and interactions, so in a first for Un- sets, cards you'll find in Unfinity boosters all have a black border (aside from a selection of silver-border reprints as part of The List—more on that below).

However, that doesn't mean the wildest cards of Unfinity are destined for the most competitive decks in the game.

Acorn Security Seal

An acorn-shaped symbol on the bottom of Unfinity cards—shown above in the style of the security hologram that's featured on applicable rares and mythic rares—means that card isn't legal for tournament play. Cards without an acorn symbol are legal for Vintage, Legacy, and Commander.

Killer Cosplay
Galaxy foil Killer Cosplay
Galaxy Foil
Saw in Half
Galaxy foil Saw in Half
Galaxy Foil

Killer Cosplay features an acorn security stamp as a rare, and Saw in Half features the typical oval security stamp. While every card will find its home in decks, an acorn symbol will let you know if there are restrictions on where you can play the card outside of Unfinity Draft.

All acorn cards feature an acorn symbol or security seal placed at the bottom center. Eternal-legal cards that are commons and uncommons won't have any symbol there, and Eternal-legal rares and mythic rares will feature the typical oval security seal.

A new Magic card subtype appears with and without acorn symbols: Attractions!

Dart Throw (a)Dart Throw (b)

Dart Throw (c)Dart Throw (d)

Fortune Teller (a)Fortune Teller (b)Fortune Teller (c)

Fortune Teller (d)Fortune Teller (e)Fortune Teller (f)

Attractions are exactly what you think of when you visit a theme park: awesome locations, games, and experiences you can participate in and enjoy. Other cards will tell you when and how to interact with your Attractions, and they will be an important part of Unfinity Draft—so important that Draft Boosters (as well as Collector Boosters) have dedicated slots for you to open them. Plus, Attractions share a non-Magic card back featuring additional reminders on how they work in-game.

Attraction card back

Plus, Attractions (except for one) come in several variations—both with and without acorn symbols, as you can see above—so you'll have plenty of ways to mix, match, and play with them!

Across Unfinity, here is the breakdown of acorn-symbol and Eternal-legal cards, including Attractions (but not each Attraction variation):

  • 60 Eternal-legal commons (8 Attractions)
  • 30 Acorn-symbol commons (2 Attractions)
  • 43 Eternal-legal uncommons (7 Attractions)
  • 29 Acorn-symbol uncommons (5 Attractions)
  • 18 Eternal-legal rares (7 Attractions)
  • 36 Acorn-symbol rares (6 Attractions)
  • 4 Eternal-legal mythic rares
  • 14 Acorn-symbol mythic rares
  • 10 Basic lands (two treatments for each type; Eternal-legal reprints)
  • 10 Borderless shock lands (Eternal-legal reprints)

Note that Unfinity Attraction cards can be found in a dedicated slot for Attractions in both Draft and Collector Boosters, as well as the traditional foil card that can replace a common in Draft Boosters.

Booster Fun: Showcase Cards of Tomorrow

Unfinity also features its own showcase cards of tomorrow Booster Fun treatment, this one an homage to midcentury modern style with an aesthetic that's perfect for the atomic futurism-meets-Magic amusement park:

Magar of the Magic Strings
Galaxy foil Magar of the Magic Strings
Galaxy Foil
Showcase Magar of the Magic Strings
Galaxy foil showcase Magar of the Magic Strings
Galaxy Foil Showcase

These showcase treatments include the legendary creatures from uncommons, rares, and mythic rares—with and without acorns—across Unfinity. In the set there are:

  • 10 Showcase uncommon cards
  • 14 Showcase rare cards
  • 6 Showcase mythic rare cards
  • 2 Borderless planeswalker mythic rare cards (see below)

In Draft Boosters, whenever an uncommon, rare, or mythic rare appears, if it has a showcase treatment that treatment will appear roughly one out of four times.

In Collector Boosters, dedicated slots in the booster can include showcase cards.

Booster Fun: Borderless Planeswalkers

Have you met the goodest boy in the Magic Multiverse?

Comet, Stellar Pup
Galaxy foil Comet, Stellar Pup
Galaxy Foil
Borderless Comet, Stellar Pup
Galaxy foil borderless Comet, Stellar Pup
Galaxy Foil Borderless

Comet, Stellar Pup is one of two planeswalkers in the set. Each planeswalker also features a borderless version, and both versions appear in traditional foil and galaxy foil treatments, too!

The List for Unfinity

The List takes a turn into the Un- side of Magic with Unfinity, featuring a set of 60 silver-border cards (58 individual cards and two cards with two variants each) from across Un- sets of the past.

These cards, like all cards reprinted through The List, feature a small planeswalker symbol on the bottom left-hand corner. However, for Unfinity, these cards will be in traditional foil (some with a few updates to make them shine) and appear in each Unfinity Collector Booster (unlike the roughly one in every four Set Boosters of recent releases).

Check out our complete breakdown of The List for Unfinity to get all the details.

Unfinity Draft Boosters

Unfinity Draft Booster display

Draft Booster contents:

  • 1 Planetary space-ic basic land, orbital space-ic basic land, or borderless shock land
  • 1 Rare or mythic rare (can be a showcase or borderless planeswalker card)
  • 2 Attraction cards of any rarity (and both can be the same rarity, including two rares)
  • 3 Uncommons
  • 6 Commons
  • 1 Common or a traditional foil card of any rarity (can be a showcase or borderless planeswalker card, or an Attraction card)
  • 1 Sticker insert (with a variety of stickers for gameplay use)
  • 1 Token or ad insert

Unfinity Draft Booster breakdown

Every Unfinity Draft Booster comes with a full-art land. Usually, it will be a planetary space-ic basic land, but roughly one in four Draft Boosters will contain an orbital space-ic land, and roughly one out of every 24 Draft Boosters contains a borderless shock land.

Unfinity Collector Boosters

Unfinity Collector Booster display

Collector Booster contents:

  • 1 Traditional foil planetary space-ic basic land, orbital space-ic basic land, or borderless shock land
  • 1 Galaxy foil planetary space-ic basic land, orbital space-ic basic land, or borderless shock land
  • 1 Galaxy foil or traditional foil Booster Fun rare or mythic card (will be a showcase or borderless planeswalker card)
  • 1 Traditional foil rare or mythic rare (cannot be a showcase or borderless planeswalker card)
  • 1 Galaxy foil rare or mythic rare (cannot be a showcase cards of tomorrow or borderless planeswalker card)
  • 1 Galaxy foil common or uncommon (cannot be a showcase card)
  • 1 Galaxy foil or traditional foil showcase uncommon
  • 1 Traditional foil Attraction card of any rarity
  • 4 Traditional foil commons
  • 2 Traditional foil uncommons
  • 1 Traditional foil double-sided token
  • 1 Traditional foil card from The List for Unfinity

Unfinity Collector Booster breakdown

Every Unfinity Collector Booster comes with two full-art lands, one traditional foil and one galaxy foil. Generally, these will be planetary space-ic basic lands, but for each foil version (traditional foil and galaxy foil), roughly one in four Collector Boosters will contain an orbital space-ic basic land—and roughly one out of every 24 Collector Boosters contains a borderless shock land.

That's it! When you're ready to enter the park, be sure to visit concessions for plenty of snacks and prepare yourself for the release of Unfinity on October 7, available at your local game store, online at Amazon, and elsewhere Magic is sold.

Thanks for taking the tour to see what there is to find. As you dive into the wild fun of Unfinity, let me know what you found the most exciting over on Twitter at @mturian!