We have all paused in the moment before opening a booster, hoping for our favorite possible card before breaking the seal and revealing the answer to the eternal question, "What will I open this time?"

I'm Mike Turian, product architect for Dominaria United (DMU). As the architect of a set, I'm responsible for the content structure and promotions within. I'm here today to talk about the contents of everything that you will be hoping for as you open your Dominaria United products. As they are filled with legendary goodness of all varieties, I'll be taking you through what goodies we have in store for you.

Lost Legends Promotion

The first time I got to open an original Legends booster was nearly 30 years ago. As I had started playing during The Dark, a few months after Legends, game stores in my area didn't have any Legends for sale. My friend and I contacted a game store in Italy, and we brought over some boxes of Italian Legends. Legends was the first set to have gold creatures and the first set to have legendary cards, as avid new Magic players, we couldn't wait to open those boosters! Jump ahead 30 years and the excitement all came rushing back as I opened the boosters for the Lost Legends promotion.

For all of the details on the Lost Legends promotion, we have the Uncovering Lost Legends video telling the story of the discovery hosted by Marshall Sutcliffe, or you can read Blake Rasmussen's article giving the full details of the Lost Legends promotion.

The Lost Legends promotion can only be found in 3% of Dominaria United Collector Boosters.

While I had seen pictures of the warehouse where we discovered these Legends boosters, being in the room as cases of Legends displays were unloaded onto the table to form a wall of displays, I knew this was a moment in Magic history that I was going to be excited to share with all of you. We have added a card from the Lost Legends promotion to 3% of Dominaria United Collector Boosters, replacing a Dominaria United foil common. The Collector Booster is the only Dominaria United booster that will have a card from the Lost Legends promotion inserted inside. Blake's article on the Lost Legends promotion has a full list of the cards from the original Legends set that can be opened inside.

Legends Retold

Jasmine Boreal of the Seven Box Topper

Foil-etched Jasmine Boreal of the Seven photo

With Dominaria's rich history of legendary characters, we wanted to take the opportunity to reimagine some of Legends classic characters. Senior Game Designer Ethan Fleischer used his expansive knowledge of the characters of Legends to design 19 new legendary creatures and one new legendary planeswalker. These 20 cards are designed for Commander play and featured in a traditional foil treatment in one-card Box Topper boosters included with Set, Draft, and Collector Booster displays of Dominaria United.

In addition to the foil treatment inside Box Toppers, the 20 Legends Retold cards have two treatments exclusively within Collector Boosters, foil etched and non-foil.

There are five uncommons, ten rares, and five mythic rare Legends Retold cards. In the Box Topper boosters, you will get a foil uncommon 37.5% of the time, a foil rare 50% of the time, and a foil mythic rare 12.5% of the time. Every Collector Booster has a single dedicated Legends Retold uncommon slot that splits evenly between a non-foil and a foil-etched version. In addition, the Collector Booster has two more slots that could have the ten rare and five mythic rare Legends Retold cards either in foil etched or non-foil, along with a number of other potential Booster Fun rares and mythic rares. As these two slots have lots of goodness, I will note that the maximum number of foil-etched Legends Retold cards in a Collector Booster is two.

Lastly, as I mentioned above, these Legends Retold cards are focused on Commander play and have the Dominaria United Commander (DMC) expansion symbol to denote that they are legal for events in the Commander, Legacy, and Vintage formats.

Showcase Stained Glass

Showcase stained-glass basic lands

To start our look at the stained-glass opportunities in Dominaria United, we begin with Magali Villeneuve's first series of basic lands. Her take on these is stunning. You can find these stained-glass full-art basic lands in Draft, Set, Collector, and Dominaria United Jumpstart Boosters. Each Collector Booster is guaranteed to have one of these five in traditional foil. The Dominaria United Jumpstart Booster is guaranteed to have a non-foil version. The Draft and Set Boosters have both stained-glass full-art basic lands as well as three additional versions of each basic land type. The Set Booster's dedicated basic land slot will be a foil basic land in 21% of boosters.

Squee, Dubious MonarchShowcase Squee, Dubious MonarchTextured-foil showcase Squee, Dubious Monarch

With Dominaria United offering one guaranteed legendary creature in Set and Draft Boosters, and more than one in each Collector Booster, we knew we wanted to find a special Booster Fun treatment to offer to each of the legendary creatures in Dominaria United. Above, you can see the showcase stained-glass treatment we have given to each of the 41 legendary creatures in Dominaria United (20 uncommon, 14 rare, and 7 mythic). These 41 creatures are found in Set, Draft, and Collector Boosters.

For Draft Boosters, when you get a non-foil legendary creature, one of three will have the showcase treatment, with the regular version occurring the other two times. The traditional foil version of showcase stained-glass legends and basic lands are available in Draft Boosters as well.

For Set Boosters, you will get a guaranteed non-foil uncommon showcase stained-glass legendary creature in every booster. There are two wildcard slots in Dominaria United Set Boosters that will have non-foil showcase stained-glass legendary uncommons, rares, and mythic rares. In addition, the foil version of these cards can show up in the guaranteed foil slot (along with a plethora of other opportunities).

For Collector Boosters, you will get a guaranteed foil uncommon showcase stained-glass legendary creature in every booster. There is an opportunity to get up to two non-foil showcase stained-glass legendary creatures of rarity rare or better. And on top of that, you could also get a foil showcase stained-glass rare or mythic rare.

The Collector Booster Sample Pack that comes included with Commander decks will always have a foil showcase stained-glass uncommon as one of its two cards. The other card will be a rare or mythic rare, which could be a stained-glass legend, an extended-art card, or a borderless planeswalker.

Phyrexian-language Sheoldred, the ApocalypseShowcase Sheoldred, the ApocalypseTextured-foil showcase Sheoldred, the Apocalypse

As a note, all the information above holds for 40 of the 41 legendary creatures in the set. With Sheoldred, the Apocalypse, there is both the showcase treatment and a Phyrexian version. So the alternate versions of Sheoldred split the possible occurrences with each other when a variant is due to show up.

Textured-Foil Cards

Exclusive to Collector Boosters for Dominaria United, we have taken the popular textured-foil treatment of Double Masters 2022 and applied it in a new way to the 41 legendary creatures of Dominaria United. The textured-foil treatment was applied featuring a unique foil pattern and a high-gloss varnish. This treatment brings out the stained-glass colors and shine in the border of the card to emphasize the beauty of Magic's legendary creatures.

The Raven ManShowcase The Raven ManTextured-foil showcase The Raven Man

You get one textured-foil card in each Collector Booster (63.1% uncommon, 29.5% rare, 7.4% mythic rare). The textured-foil treatment is only applied to the 41 stained-glass foil cards. They are exclusive to the Dominaria United Collector Booster.

Planeswalkers Treatments

Liliana of the VeilBorderless Liliana of the Veil

For Dominaria United, we have brought each of the four Planeswalkers in the Dominaria United set into a borderless treatment. A borderless Lilliana of the Veil will make your opponent suffer and be jealous of your sweet planeswalker at the same time!

For one Planeswalker, Ajani, we wanted to show him both pre- and post-Phyrexian compleation. In addition to a regular planeswalker art and borderless planeswalker version of Ajani before becoming Phyrexianized, we have included a Phyrexian art, a borderless Phyrexian art, and a Phyrexian-language variant of Ajani.

Ajani, Sleeper AgentBorderless Ajani, Sleeper AgentPhyrexianized borderless Ajani, Sleeper Agent

Phyrexian Ajani, Sleeper AgentPhyrexian-language Ajani, Sleeper Agent

Borderless Rare Dual Lands

Adarkar WastesBorderless Adarkar Wastes

Sulfurous SpringsBorderless Sulfurous Springs

There are six rare dual lands in Dominaria United. They can be found in Draft, Set, and Collector Boosters in both foil and non-foil.

Extended-Art Rares and Mythic Rares

Extended-art Temporal Firestorm photo

Extended-art rares and mythic rares are found in Dominaria United Collector Boosters, with a subset being included in the Collector Booster Sample Packs as well. For Dominaria United, you can find non-foil and foil extended-art cards from the rare and mythic rares in the Dominaria United set that don't have a variant treatment elsewhere in the set. Additionally, in non-foil, we have included the five new cards made for Dominaria United Jumpstart in an extended-art version, as well as creating non-foil extended-art versions of the non-planeswalker Commander cards from the Commander decks.

Of note, Sagas aren't included in the extended-art treatment as their art doesn't allow for the extended-art treatment.

Thanks for reading! If you want to learn more about each of the products of Dominaria United, including breakouts of each of the booster products, I'd recommend Tim Brown's article with the full details. If you're ready to get your hands on these incredible cards, you can find Dominaria United products available for preorder at your local game store and online at Amazon.

Until next time, I hope you open cards you love, and when you do, let me know on Twitter at "@mturian"!