More monsters! More horror! More drafts! More of everything you love about Innistrad arrives January 28, 2022, with Innistrad: Double Feature.

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Available at your local WPN game store, Innistrad: Double Feature combines cards across both Innistrad: Midnight Hunt and Innistrad: Crimson Vow into a beautiful draft-ready booster to play and collect! Innistrad: Double Feature is available in displays of 24 Draft Boosters in English only, and each booster contains the following 15 cards:

  • 4x Innistrad: Midnight Hunt commons
  • 4x Innistrad: Crimson Vow commons
  • 2x Innistrad: Midnight Hunt uncommons
  • 2x Innistrad: Crimson Vow uncommons
  • 1x Innistrad: Midnight Hunt rare or mythic rare
  • 1x Innistrad: Crimson Vow rare or mythic rare
  • 1x Silver screen foil card

Each Draft Booster contains two non-foil double-faced cards, one from Innistrad: Midnight Hunt and one from Innistrad: Crimson Vow.

Which cards from Innistrad: Midnight Hunt and Innistrad: Crimson Vow can you find inside Innistrad: Double Feature boosters? The complete breakdown is below.

What is a silver screen foil card? It's a card with black-and-white artwork printed as a traditional foil using a special silver substrate, then finished with a glossy varnish like the showcase eternal night cards you already know from Innistrad: Midnight Hunt and Innistrad: Crimson Vow. (Check out the Booster Fun breakdown for Innistrad: Crimson Vow for a closer look at showcase eternal night cards.)

Torens, Fist of the Angels

Every card you can find in Innistrad: Double Feature can be a silver screen foil card, meaning you can open up to three rare or mythic rare cards in each pack!

Don't forget that, unlike our recent Innistrad releases, Innistrad: Double Feature is available exclusively at your local WPN game store.

Innistrad: Double Feature Preview Event

For fans who play at WPN Premium stores, there's even more to look forward to: a Preview Event one week in advance on January 21, 2022!

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This event will let you draft or build sealed decks to battle, and participants will receive an exclusive Endless Ranks of the Undead promo card.

Endless Ranks of the Undead promo

Want to attend an Innistrad: Double Feature Preview Event? Our store locator will show you which stores are WPN Premium and may be running the event. Take a look to find the WPN Premium store near you and reach out to see if you can participate—space for these events will be limited!

Card Lists for Innistrad: Double Feature

Check out the Innistrad: Double Feature card image gallery to see all the cards in their beautiful black-and-white artwork. Below you'll find the breakdowns of cards returning from Innistrad: Midnight Hunt and Innistrad: Crimson Vow.

From Innistrad: Midnight Hunt

Card NameRarityColor
Blessed DefianceCommonWhite
Candlegrove WitchCommonWhite
Cathar CommandoCommonWhite
Celestus SanctifierCommonWhite
Clarion CatharsCommonWhite
Flare of FaithCommonWhite
Gavony SilversmithCommonWhite
Gavony TrapperCommonWhite
Hedgewitch's MaskCommonWhite
Homestead CourageCommonWhite
Ritual GuardianCommonWhite
Search Party CaptainCommonWhite
Soul-Guide GryffCommonWhite
Sungold BarrageCommonWhite
Thraben ExorcismCommonWhite
Unruly MobCommonWhite
Component CollectorCommonBlue
Devious Cover-UpCommonBlue
Drownyard AmalgamCommonBlue
Falcon AbominationCommonBlue
Flip the SwitchCommonBlue
Larder ZombieCommonBlue
Locked in the CemeteryCommonBlue
Organ HoarderCommonBlue
Otherworldly GazeCommonBlue
Revenge of the DrownedCommonBlue
Secrets of the KeyCommonBlue
Shipwreck SiftersCommonBlue
Stormrider SpiritCommonBlue
Unblinking ObserverCommonBlue
Arrogant OutlawCommonBlack
Bat WhispererCommonBlack
Blood PactCommonBlack
Crawl from the CellarCommonBlack
Diregraf HordeCommonBlack
Eaten AliveCommonBlack
Hobbling ZombieCommonBlack
Morkrut BehemothCommonBlack
No Way OutCommonBlack
Novice OccultistCommonBlack
Olivia's Midnight AmbushCommonBlack
Rotten ReunionCommonBlack
Siege ZombieCommonBlack
Vampire InterloperCommonBlack
Abandon the PostCommonRed
Ardent ElementalistCommonRed
Brimstone VandalCommonRed
Burn the AccursedCommonRed
Electric RevelationCommonRed
Falkenrath PerforatorCommonRed
Famished ForagersCommonRed
Festival CrasherCommonRed
Lambholt HarrierCommonRed
Moonrager's SlashCommonRed
Mounted DreadknightCommonRed
Neonate's RushCommonRed
Pack's BetrayalCommonRed
Raze the EffigyCommonRed
Stolen VitalityCommonRed
Voldaren StingerCommonRed
Bounding WolfCommonGreen
Bramble ArmorCommonGreen
Candlelit CavalryCommonGreen
Dawnhart RejuvenatorCommonGreen
Duel for DominanceCommonGreen
Eccentric FarmerCommonGreen
Harvesttide SentryCommonGreen
Howl of the HuntCommonGreen
Might of the Old WaysCommonGreen
Path to the FestivalCommonGreen
Pestilent WolfCommonGreen
Return to NatureCommonGreen
Shadowbeast SightingCommonGreen
Snarling WolfCommonGreen
Tapping at the WindowCommonGreen
Timberland GuideCommonGreen
Crossroads CandleguideCommonColorless
Silver BoltCommonColorless
Stuffed BearCommonColorless
Evolving WildsCommonLand
Lunarch VeteranCommonWhite
Mourning PatrolCommonWhite
Baithook AnglerCommonBlue
Ecstatic AwakenerCommonBlack
Shady TravelerCommonBlack
Harvesttide InfiltratorCommonRed
Tavern RuffianCommonRed
Bird AdmirerCommonGreen
Tireless HaulerCommonGreen
Borrowed TimeUncommonWhite
Cathar's CallUncommonWhite
Duelcraft TrainerUncommonWhite
Gavony DawnguardUncommonWhite
Loyal GryffUncommonWhite
Odric's OutriderUncommonWhite
Ritual of HopeUncommonWhite
Sunset RevelryUncommonWhite
Fading HopeUncommonBlue
Firmament SageUncommonBlue
Nebelgast IntruderUncommonBlue
Ominous RoostUncommonBlue
Phantom CarriageUncommonBlue
Skaab WranglerUncommonBlue
Bloodtithe CollectorUncommonBlack
Foul PlayUncommonBlack
Ghoulish ProcessionUncommonBlack
Infernal GraspUncommonBlack
Morbid OpportunistUncommonBlack
Stromkirk BloodthiefUncommonBlack
Cathartic PyreUncommonRed
Lunar FrenzyUncommonRed
Obsessive AstronomerUncommonRed
Play with FireUncommonRed
Purifying DragonUncommonRed
Seize the StormUncommonRed
Voldaren AmbusherUncommonRed
Brood WeaverUncommonGreen
Clear ShotUncommonGreen
Contortionist TroupeUncommonGreen
Dawnhart MentorUncommonGreen
Defend the CelestusUncommonGreen
Dryad's RevivalUncommonGreen
Rise of the AntsUncommonGreen
Turn the EarthUncommonGreen
Arcane InfusionUncommonMulticolor
Bladestitched SkaabUncommonMulticolor
Corpse CobbleUncommonMulticolor
Dawnhart WardensUncommonMulticolor
Diregraf RebirthUncommonMulticolor
Faithful MendingUncommonMulticolor
Grizzly GhoulUncommonMulticolor
Hungry for MoreUncommonMulticolor
Join the DanceUncommonMulticolor
Rite of OblivionUncommonMulticolor
Rootcoil CreeperUncommonMulticolor
Sacred FireUncommonMulticolor
Storm SkreelixUncommonMulticolor
Sunrise CavalierUncommonMulticolor
Unnatural MoonriseUncommonMulticolor
Vampire SocialiteUncommonMulticolor
Winterthorn BlessingUncommonMulticolor
Moonsilver KeyUncommonColorless
Field of RuinUncommonLand
Ambitious FarmhandUncommonWhite
Beloved BeggarUncommonWhite
Bereaved SurvivorUncommonWhite
Chaplain of AlmsUncommonWhite
Covetous CastawayUncommonBlue
Delver of SecretsUncommonBlue
Mysterious TomeUncommonBlue
Overwhelmed ArchivistUncommonBlue
Baneblade ScoundrelUncommonBlack
Covert CutpurseUncommonBlack
Heirloom MirrorUncommonBlack
Vengeful StranglerUncommonBlack
Fangblade BrigandUncommonRed
Flame ChannelerUncommonRed
Spellrune PainterUncommonRed
Village WatchUncommonRed
Burly BreakerUncommonGreen
Deathbonnet SproutUncommonGreen
Hound TamerUncommonGreen
Outland LiberatorUncommonGreen
Devoted GrafkeeperUncommonMulticolor
Kessig NaturalistUncommonMulticolor
Mystic SkullUncommonColorless
Adeline, Resplendent CatharRareWhite
Curse of SilenceRareWhite
Fateful AbsenceRareWhite
Sigarda's SplendorRareWhite
Sungold SentinelRareWhite
Vanquish the HordeRareWhite
Curse of SurveillanceRareBlue
Grafted IdentityRareBlue
Memory DelugeRareBlue
Patrician GeistRareBlue
Sludge MonsterRareBlue
Bloodline CullingRareBlack
Champion of the PerishedRareBlack
Gisa, Glorious ResurrectorRareBlack
Jadar, Ghoulcaller of NephaliaRareBlack
Mask of GriselbrandRareBlack
Slaughter SpecialistRareBlack
Burn Down the HouseRareRed
Curse of Shaken FaithRareRed
Falkenrath Pit FighterRareRed
Geistflame ReservoirRareRed
Light Up the NightRareRed
Augur of AutumnRareGreen
Briarbridge TrackerRareGreen
Saryth, the Viper's FangRareGreen
Storm the FestivalRareGreen
Unnatural GrowthRareGreen
Willow GeistRareGreen
Angelfire IgnitionRareMulticolor
Can't Stay AwayRareMulticolor
Croaking CounterpartRareMulticolor
Dire-Strain RampageRareMulticolor
Florian, Voldaren ScionRareMulticolor
Galvanic IterationRareMulticolor
Ghoulcaller's HarvestRareMulticolor
Hallowed RespiteRareMulticolor
Katilda, Dawnhart PrimeRareMulticolor
Liesa, Forgotten ArchangelRareMulticolor
Old StickfingersRareMulticolor
Rem Karolus, Stalwart SlayerRareMulticolor
Rite of HarmonyRareMulticolor
Siphon InsightRareMulticolor
Slogurk, the OverslimeRareMulticolor
Vadrik, Astral ArchmageRareMulticolor
Wake to SlaughterRareMulticolor
The CelestusRareColorless
Pithing NeedleRareColorless
Deserted BeachRareLand
Haunted RidgeRareLand
Overgrown FarmlandRareLand
Rockfall ValeRareLand
Shipwreck MarshRareLand
Brutal CatharRareWhite
Malevolent HermitRareBlue
Suspicious StowawayRareBlue
Curse of LeechesRareBlack
Graveyard TrespasserRareBlack
Reckless StormseekerRareRed
Smoldering EggRareRed
Tovolar's HuntmasterRareGreen
Dennick, Pious ApprenticeRareMulticolor
Ludevic, NecrogeniusRareMulticolor
Tovolar, Dire OverlordRareMulticolor
Intrepid AdversaryMythic RareWhite
Sigardian SaviorMythic RareWhite
Lier, Disciple of the DrownedMythic RareBlue
Spectral AdversaryMythic RareBlue
Lord of the ForsakenMythic RareBlack
The Meathook MassacreMythic RareBlack
Tainted AdversaryMythic RareBlack
Bloodthirsty AdversaryMythic RareRed
Moonveil RegentMythic RareRed
Sunstreak PhoenixMythic RareRed
Consuming BlobMythic RareGreen
Primal AdversaryMythic RareGreen
Wrenn and SevenMythic RareGreen
Sigarda, Champion of LightMythic RareMulticolor
Teferi, Who Slows the SunsetMythic RareMulticolor
Enduring AngelMythic RareWhite
Poppet StitcherMythic RareBlue
Jerren, Corrupted BishopMythic RareBlack
Arlinn, the Pack's HopeMythic RareMulticolor
Hostile HostelMythic RareLand

From Innistrad: Crimson Vow

Card NameRarityColor
Adamant WillCommonWhite
Estwald ShieldbasherCommonWhite
Fierce RetributionCommonWhite
Gryff RiderCommonWhite
Heron of HopeCommonWhite
Heron-Blessed GeistCommonWhite
Militia RallierCommonWhite
Nebelgast BeguilerCommonWhite
Nurturing PresenceCommonWhite
Parish-Blade TraineeCommonWhite
Piercing LightCommonWhite
Sigarda's ImprisonmentCommonWhite
Supernatural RescueCommonWhite
Traveling MinisterCommonWhite
Unholy OfficiantCommonWhite
Vampire SlayerCommonWhite
Alchemist's RetrievalCommonBlue
Chill of the GraveCommonBlue
Cradle of SafetyCommonBlue
Cruel WitnessCommonBlue
Dreadlight MonstrosityCommonBlue
Fear of DeathCommonBlue
Repository SkaabCommonBlue
Scattered ThoughtsCommonBlue
Selhoff EntomberCommonBlue
Serpentine AmbushCommonBlue
Skywarp SkaabCommonBlue
Steelclad SpiritCommonBlue
Stitched AssistantCommonBlue
Syphon EssenceCommonBlue
Wanderlight SpiritCommonBlue
Wretched ThrongCommonBlue
Aim for the HeadCommonBlack
Bleed DryCommonBlack
Blood FountainCommonBlack
Bloodcrazed SocialiteCommonBlack
Courier BatCommonBlack
Diregraf ScavengerCommonBlack
Doomed DissenterCommonBlack
Gift of FangsCommonBlack
Gluttonous GuestCommonBlack
Grisly RitualCommonBlack
Mindleech GhoulCommonBlack
Persistent SpecimenCommonBlack
Pointed DiscussionCommonBlack
Rot-Tide GargantuaCommonBlack
Undying MaliceCommonBlack
Unhallowed PhalanxCommonBlack
Vampire's KissCommonBlack
Ancestral AngerCommonRed
Belligerent GuestCommonRed
Blood Petal CelebrantCommonRed
Bloody BetrayalCommonRed
Daybreak CombatantsCommonRed
End the FestivitiesCommonRed
Falkenrath CelebrantsCommonRed
Flame-Blessed BoltCommonRed
Hungry RidgewolfCommonRed
Kessig FlamebreatherCommonRed
Lacerate FleshCommonRed
Neonate's RushCommonRed
Pyre SpawnCommonRed
Reckless ImpulseCommonRed
Sure StrikeCommonRed
Voldaren EpicureCommonRed
Apprentice SharpshooterCommonGreen
Bramble ArmorCommonGreen
Crushing CanopyCommonGreen
Dawnhart DiscipleCommonGreen
Flourishing HunterCommonGreen
Massive MightCommonGreen
Moldgraf MillipedeCommonGreen
Nature's EmbraceCommonGreen
Rural RecruitCommonGreen
Sheltering BoughsCommonGreen
Snarling WolfCommonGreen
Spore CrawlerCommonGreen
Sporeback WolfCommonGreen
Toxic ScorpionCommonGreen
Witch's WebCommonGreen
Wolf StrikeCommonGreen
Blood ServitorCommonColorless
Ceremonial KnifeCommonColorless
Honored HeirloomCommonColorless
Wedding InvitationCommonColorless
Evolving WildsCommonLand
Drogskol InfantryCommonWhite
Kindly AncestorCommonWhite
Binding GeistCommonBlue
Lantern BearerCommonBlue
Desperate FarmerCommonBlack
Ragged RecluseCommonBlack
Fearful VillagerCommonRed
Weary PrisonerCommonRed
Hookhand MarinerCommonGreen
Weaver of BlossomsCommonGreen
Angelic QuartermasterUncommonWhite
Arm the CatharsUncommonWhite
Bride's GownUncommonWhite
Circle of ConfinementUncommonWhite
Dawnhart GeistUncommonWhite
Fleeting SpiritUncommonWhite
Gryffwing CavalryUncommonWhite
Ollenbock EscortUncommonWhite
Resistance SquadUncommonWhite
Valorous StanceUncommonWhite
Cobbled LancerUncommonBlue
Diver SkaabUncommonBlue
Geistlight SnareUncommonBlue
Lunar RejectionUncommonBlue
Screaming SwarmUncommonBlue
Stormchaser DrakeUncommonBlue
Thirst for DiscoveryUncommonBlue
Wash AwayUncommonBlue
Whispering WizardUncommonBlue
Witness the FutureUncommonBlue
Archghoul of ThrabenUncommonBlack
Dread FugueUncommonBlack
Edgar's AwakeningUncommonBlack
Fell StingerUncommonBlack
Groom's FineryUncommonBlack
Hero's DownfallUncommonBlack
Parasitic GraspUncommonBlack
Skulking KillerUncommonBlack
Undead ButlerUncommonBlack
Wedding SecurityUncommonBlack
Blood HypnotistUncommonRed
Frenzied DevilsUncommonRed
Honeymoon HearseUncommonRed
Into the NightUncommonRed
Magma PummelerUncommonRed
Markov RetributionUncommonRed
Rending FlameUncommonRed
Runebound WolfUncommonRed
Sanguine StatuetteUncommonRed
Vampires' VengeanceUncommonRed
Bramble WurmUncommonGreen
Cartographer's SurveyUncommonGreen
Cloaked CadetUncommonGreen
Crawling InfestationUncommonGreen
Laid to RestUncommonGreen
Packsong PupUncommonGreen
Reclusive TaxidermistUncommonGreen
Sawblade SlingerUncommonGreen
Spiked RipsawUncommonGreen
Ancient LumberknotUncommonMulticolor
Bloodtithe HarvesterUncommonMulticolor
Markov PurifierUncommonMulticolor
Markov WaltzerUncommonMulticolor
Sigardian PaladinUncommonMulticolor
Skull SkaabUncommonMulticolor
Vilespawn SpiderUncommonMulticolor
Wandering MindUncommonMulticolor
Boarded WindowUncommonColorless
Lantern of the LostUncommonColorless
Distracting GeistUncommonWhite
Panicked BystanderUncommonWhite
Radiant GraceUncommonWhite
Twinblade GeistUncommonWhite
Biolume EggUncommonBlue
Gutter SkulkerUncommonBlue
Mischievous CatgeistUncommonBlue
Soulcipher BoardUncommonBlue
Bloodsworn SquireUncommonBlack
Catapult FodderUncommonBlack
Innocent TravelerUncommonBlack
Restless BloodseekerUncommonBlack
Alluring SuitorUncommonRed
Ballista WatcherUncommonRed
Lambholt RaconteurUncommonRed
Voltaic VisionaryUncommonRed
Dormant GroveUncommonGreen
Infestation ExpertUncommonGreen
Oakshade StalkerUncommonGreen
Wolfkin OutcastUncommonGreen
Brine ComberUncommonMulticolor
Child of the PackUncommonMulticolor
Foreboding StatueUncommonColorless
By Invitation OnlyRareWhite
Hopeful InitiateRareWhite
Lantern FlareRareWhite
Sigarda's SummonsRareWhite
Thalia, Guardian of ThrabenRareWhite
Voice of the BlessedRareWhite
Welcoming VampireRareWhite
Consuming TideRareBlue
Dreamshackle GeistRareBlue
Geralf, Visionary StitcherRareBlue
Hullbreaker HorrorRareBlue
Inspired IdeaRareBlue
Overcharged AmalgamRareBlue
Patchwork CrawlerRareBlue
Winged PortentRareBlue
Bloodvial PurveyorRareBlack
Demonic BargainRareBlack
Dreadfeast DemonRareBlack
Dying to ServeRareBlack
Falkenrath ForebearRareBlack
Graf ReaverRareBlack
Headless RiderRareBlack
Path of PerilRareBlack
Alchemist's GambitRareRed
Change of FortuneRareRed
Creepy PuppeteerRareRed
Curse of HospitalityRareRed
Dominating VampireRareRed
Kessig WolfriderRareRed
Olivia's AttendantsRareRed
Stensia UprisingRareRed
Ascendant PackleaderRareGreen
Dig UpRareGreen
Glorious SunriseRareGreen
Hamlet VanguardRareGreen
Hiveheart ShamanRareGreen
Howling MoonRareGreen
Splendid ReclamationRareGreen
Anje, Maid of DishonorRareMulticolor
Eruth, Tormented ProphetRareMulticolor
Grolnok, the OmnivoreRareMulticolor
Halana and Alena, PartnersRareMulticolor
Odric, Blood-CursedRareMulticolor
Old RutsteinRareMulticolor
Torens, Fist of the AngelsRareMulticolor
Dollhouse of HorrorsRareColorless
Investigator's JournalRareColorless
Deathcap GladeRareLand
Dreamroot CascadeRareLand
Shattered SanctumRareLand
Stormcarved CoastRareLand
Sundown PassRareLand
Voldaren EstateRareLand
Katilda, Dawnhart MartyrRareWhite
Wedding AnnouncementRareWhite
Mirrorhall MimicRareBlue
Concealing CurtainsRareBlack
Voldaren BloodcasterRareBlack
Ill-Tempered LonerRareRed
Howlpack PiperRareGreen
Ulvenwald OddityRareGreen
Dorothea, Vengeful VictimRareMulticolor
Edgar, Charmed GroomRareMulticolor
Runo StromkirkRareMulticolor
Cemetery ProtectorMythic RareWhite
Hallowed HauntingMythic RareWhite
Savior of OllenbockMythic RareWhite
Cemetery IlluminatorMythic RareBlue
NecrodualityMythic RareBlue
Cemetery DesecratorMythic RareBlack
Sorin the MirthlessMythic RareBlack
Toxrill, the CorrosiveMythic RareBlack
Cemetery GatekeeperMythic RareRed
Chandra, Dressed to KillMythic RareRed
Manaform HellkiteMythic RareRed
Cemetery ProwlerMythic RareGreen
Cultivator ColossusMythic RareGreen
Kaya, Geist HunterMythic RareMulticolor
Olivia, Crimson BrideMythic RareMulticolor
Faithbound JudgeMythic RareWhite
Jacob Hauken, InspectorMythic RareBlue
Henrika DomnathiMythic RareBlack
Volatile ArsonistMythic RareRed
Avabruck CaretakerMythic RareGreen