The stakes for Dominaria have never been higher as the greatest of Magic's legends collide in a showdown that will rock the Multiverse. Get to know the major players in Dominaria United, both returning and new, who hold the plane's fate in their hands!


Aron, Benalia's RuinAron, Benalia's Ruin showcase stained glassAron, Benalia's Ruin textured-foil showcase stained glass

Aron Capashen was head of one of the most respected houses of Benalia and a distant relative of the hero Gerrard Capashen until he was captured by the Phyrexians. His compleation was personally overseen by Ertai, who sought to use him as a walking, talking, reminder of the inevitability of New Phyrexia's triumph.


Astor, Bearer of BladesAstor, Bearer of Blades showcase stained glassAstor, Bearer of Blades textured-foil showcase stained glass

Astor is an ancient Dominarian hero and Keldon Warlord who fought in the previous Phyrexian invasion. Astor earned countless titles for his bravery and aptitude throughout the invasion and is one of the most lauded warriors in history. It is said that his tomb is empty because he never died—and rumors of his death were indeed exaggerated. Astor has lived in a dreamlike state aboard the Golden Argosy for centuries and remains physically as he was when he boarded the ship in his mid-twenties. Fully returned to his senses, Astor is ready to battle his old foes once more. He was surprised to find his granddaughter now rules a united Keldon kingdom.


Baird, Argivian RecruiterBaird, Argivian Recruiter showcase stained glassBaird, Argivian Recruiter textured-foil showcase stained glass

Baird is one of New Argive's stewards charged with keeping watch over threats to the nation. He was among the first to call for investigations into the possibility of the Phyrexian menace. Now, in his homeland's darkest hour, Baird has sworn allegiance to the Coalition.


Balmor, Battlemage CaptainBalmor, Battlemage Captain showcase stained glassBalmore, Battlemage Captain textured-foil showcase stained glass

Balmor is New Argive's captain of the guard and leader of the aven battlemage regiment known as the Firefeathers. Before coming to Argivia, Balmor studied at Tolarian academies across Dominaria. An accomplished soldier and a genius tactician, Balmor is willing to enact daring and brilliant maneuvers in defense of the city he calls home.


Baru, WurmspeakerBaru, Wurmspeaker extended art

Baru is a druid from the forest of Krosa who seeks to follow in the footsteps of the legendary barbarian and hero Kamahl. While Krosa was devastated by one of Dominaria's many apocalypses, Baru and his fellow druids worked diligently to restore the region and return the forest to its former glory. The fruits of their labor have begun to arrive—most recently in the form of the mighty wurms, who have returned to hunt under Krosa's shady boughs.


Bladewing, Deathless TyrantBladewing, Deathless Tyrant extended art

Many years ago, the dragon Rorix Bladewing was slain in a fruitless pursuit of honor. Resurrected through a long-forgotten means, the undead Rorix has terrorized the skies of Otaria for centuries. His descendants Verix and Karox mourn his pitiful existence and are prepared to take down their ancestor for good.


Bortuk BonerattleBortuk Bonerattle showcase stained glassBortuk Bonerattle textured-foil showcase stained glass

Bortuk Bonerattle is one of the last of Dominaria's trolls. A naturally gifted necromancer, he seeks a path to true resurrection—not for himself, but for his nearly extinct species. To this end, he has no qualms about using the bodies that populate his swamp as servants and guardians.


Braids, Risen from NightmareBraids, Risen from Nightmare showcase stained glassBraids, Risen from Nightmare textured-foil showcase stained glass

Centuries ago, Braids was a powerful mage for the Cabal until a near-death experience left her trapped in dementia space. There she was trapped, torn apart again and again by her own nightmares, until a desperate conclave of Cabal summoners performed a ritual to drag her back to Dominaria (and unfortunately blowing up all their heads in the process). Now, she intends to lead her followers into a new golden age, if she can get them to lighten up a little bit.

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Cadric, Soul KindlerCadric, Soul Kindler extended art

Cadric is a dwarven echomage who makes magical copies of living beings to fight alongside him. Gripped by curiosity from a young age, Cadric has devoted his life to discovering the source of a mysterious frequency deep beneath the Karplusan Mountains. He believes that Dominaria's First Song is entombed deep underground, resonating toward the surface through veins of rare magical ore.


Danitha, Benalia's HopeDanitha, Benalia's Hope showcase stained glassDanitha, Benalia's Hope textured-foil showcase stained glass

Danitha, heir of House Capashen, is a brave and brash knight who can always be found at the front of a melee. Trained from a young age in both diplomacy and swordplay, Danitha has taken over command of the knights once loyal to her fallen father—now she fights not just for Benalia, but Dominaria.

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Dihada, Binder of Wills

Geyadrone Dihada is an incredibly ancient demonic Planeswalker. Her schemes span millennia, and her lust for power and dominance knows no limits. In the past, she has sought to control the worlds she visits by corrupted proxies such as Sol'Kanar or Dakkon Blackblade. Dihada left Dominaria at the close of the Planeswalker War a few years prior to the first Phyrexian invasion. Some believe she still lives, though greatly diminished since the Mending. Others say that even now she pulls the strings behind some of the greatest political powers in Dominaria.


Elas il-Kor, Sadistic PilgrimElas il-Kor, Sadistic Pilgrim showcase stained glassElas il-Kor, Sadistic Pilgrim textured-foil showcase stained glass

An outcast from her people, Elas il-Kor was exploring an ancient Rathi ruin when she discovered an urn of glistening oil deep in one of the subterranean tombs. One touch and she was assailed with visions of the arrival of the Phyrexian Praetor Sheoldred. With the whispers of her new master in her ear and the corruption of the oil surging through her, Elas sought out Sheoldred and pledged loyalty everlasting.

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Emperor Mihail IIEmperor Mihail II extended art

Emperor Mihail II is the current sovereign of Vodalia and a ruling caste Stovorod who served in the military in his youth. A strong leader for his merfolk kindred, Mihail is torn between his desire to right the ills of the world and his fear of pushing a realm already teetering on the brink of autocracy over the edge. The Phyrexian invasion has only made louder the calls in Mihail's inner circle for control at any cost.


Ertai ResurrectedErtai Resurrected showcase stained glassErtai Resurrected textured-foil showcase stained glass

Once a member of the original Weatherlight crew, the cocky and brash wizard Ertai was Phyrexianized and then killed millennia ago. The wizard was reconstituted by the dark sciences of the praetor Sheoldred. Now, in addition to serving the legions of New Phyrexia, Ertai seeks revenge on those he once considered his friends. Trained in the art of magic at the Tolarian academy, Ertai's resurrection has only strengthened the arcane gifts at his disposal.

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Garna, Bloodfist of KeldGarna, Bloodfist of Keld showcase stained glassGarna, Bloodfist of Keld textured-foil showcase stained glass

A vicious warlord from the frozen west of Keld, Garna provided Keldons dissatisfied with Grand Warlord Radha's more cosmopolitan rule with another vision of their people: violent, blood-soaked, and triumphant over all who stand in their way. In the wake of the Phyrexian invasion, Garna has agreed to set aside her rivalry with Radha and work together against the interplanar threat—for now.


Greensleeves, Maro-SorcererGreensleeves, Maro-Sorcerer extended art

Once High Wizard of the Domains and a Planeswalker who sacrificed her spark to heal the land, Greensleeves served Dominaria well in her time. Now, sensing the return of the plane's greatest enemies, Greensleeves has been reborn as the Maro-Sorcerer of the Whispering Woods, a being of pure elemental power. The former archdruid has sworn to protect not just the people of Dominaria, but the land itself.


Ivy, Gleeful SpellthiefIvy, Gleeful Spellthief showcase stained glassIvy, Gleeful Spellthief textured-foil showcase stained glass

Ivy has been a thorn in the side of Tolarian administration for many, many years. A mischievous faerie, Ivy's self-stated purpose in life is to "keep people humble." Many an overconfident first-year has found their spell snatched out of midair with only an irritating giggle left in its place.


Jared Carthalion

The Carthalions are one of the oldest families in Dominaria; they can trace their ancestry back to the Time of Legends, when their orphaned ancestor was dubbed "Carth the Lion" by Dakkon Blackblade himself. Jared spent his long life battling many foes, most notably the evil Planeswalker Ravidel. Toward the end of his adventures, he discovered his own latent Planeswalker spark before disappearing for centuries. Now, in Dominaria's time of need, he has returned as an agent of the New Coalition, intent on defending his homeland from threats both old and new.


Jenson Carthalion, Druid ExileJenson Carthalion, Druid Exile extended art

Jenson Carthalion is a teenaged descendent of Jared Carthalion and the newest Elder Druid. As a young boy, Jenson was attacked by Dihada's evil forces. He was rescued by a Serra angel and has since incorporated that gratitude into his traditional druidic worship. The Yavimaya Forest is buckling with the return of the Phyrexians, and Jenson is doing everything in his power to calm it.


Jhoira, Ageless InnovatorJhoira, Ageless Innovator showcase stained glassJhoira, Ageless Innovator textured-foil showcase stained glass

As a student at Urza's original Tolarian academy, Jhoira befriended the future Planeswalkers Karn and Teferi, became immortal by accident, and helped create the Weatherlight. After rebuilding the skyship, Jhoira handed over the role of captain to Shanna and retired to her workshop at the Mana Rig. When news of the Phyrexian invasion reached her, Jhoira brought her formidable intellect and experience to the Coalition and serves now as one of its leaders.


Jodah, the UnifierJodah, the Unifier showcase stained glassJodah, the Unifier textured-foil showcase stained glass

At over 4,000 years of age, Jodah is an archmage blessed with prodigious talent and eternal youth. Born during a time when his ancestor's war had decimated Terisiare, Jodah has spent his life choosing to spread peace. Together with his lifelong friend Jaya Ballard, they brought together the warring Kjeldoran and Balduvian factions against the necromancer Lim-Dûl, resulting in the formation of the nation of Argive. With the return of the Phyrexian threat, Jodah leverages his reputation as one of Dominaria's greatest heroes to rally allies to the Coalition's banner.


King Darien XLVIIIKing Darien XLVIII showcase stained glassKing Darien XLVIII textured-foil showcase stained glass

King Darien XLVIII is the conflicted lord of New Argive. With the emergence of Phyrexian sleeper agents, Darien wanted to withdraw from the world and put up walls until the invasion ran its course. His loyal advisor Baird convinced him otherwise, and now he steels himself to face this threat head on.


Lagomos, Hand of HatredLagomos, Hand of Hatred showcase stained glassLagomos, Hand of Hatred textured-foil showcase stained glass

Before the summoning of Braids from the depths of dementia space, all the stars seemed aligned to finally elevate Lagomos to his rightful place in charge of the Cabal. He had managed to survive the reign of Belzenlok before those damn Planeswalkers killed him, and he had single-handedly (so he says) stopped the organization from completely crumbling in the demon's absence. Now he takes his orders from a deranged construct of pure fear, which is somehow even worse than the Cabal's previous leadership. While he may grovel and kneel for now, it's nothing more than a temporary situation—when Lagomos's schemes come to fruition, the Cabal will finally be in his hands!


Meria, Scholar of AntiquityMeria, Scholar of Antiquity showcase stained glassMeria, Scholar of Antiquity textured-foil showcase stained glass

Meria is the leader of the elves of Yavimaya and an avid student of Dominaria's history. Unlike most Yavimayan elves, Meria is fascinated by the ancient technology left behind by the Thran and doesn't hesitate to wield it in Yavimaya's defense. While Meria is young by elven standards, her ingenuity, creativity, and curious approach to the world has proven the salvation of her people time and time again.


Moira, Urborg HauntMoira, Urborg Haunt extended art

In life, Moira was a powerful necromancer who worked her craft in the marshes of Urborg, binding spirits to her will and forcing them to serve her. When one of her own spells backfired, destroying her mortal form, Moira found herself in the same position as so many of her minions and realized the error of her ways. Now, Moira uses her necromantic powers benevolently, helping the newly deceased adjust to their afterlife. She firmly believes that no spirit should be enslaved to another's will, which often puts her at odds with the lich Ratadrabik.


Nael, Avizoa AeronautNael, Avizoa Aeronaut showcase stained glassNael, Avizoa Aeronaut textured-foil showcase stained glass

Nael was always the curious type, and her curiosity could not be contained by the borders of Yavimaya. As soon as she came of age, she set off to see the world. In her travels, she noticed a flock of strange creatures floating in the sky. Several failed experiments later, Nael found herself soaring above the clouds—a view of Dominaria few get a chance to appreciate.


Najal, the Storm RunnerNajal, the Storm Runner showcase stained glassNajal, the Storm Runner textured-foil showcase stained glass

From time immemorial, Najal claimed to be the fastest efreet in the infinite expanse of Rabiah, her homeworld. When another of her tribe challenged her to a race, Najal was pushed to her limits when suddenly, she was beset by a desert and found herself lost in the Tivan Desert. Najal is not a Planeswalker, and is unsure whether she could ever recreate this feat, but having run so fast that she crossed dimensional barriers, even once affords her enough bragging rights for now.


Nemata, Primeval WardenNemata, Primeval Warden showcase stained glassNemata, Primeval Warden textured-foil showcase stained glass

Nemata is a massive magnigoth treefolk over three thousand feet tall who has served as the dragon Rith's warden for millennia. Rith's sudden escape has left Nemata furious, and he has begun to wake his fellow treefolk to recapture the dragon.


Queen Allenal of RuadachQueen Allenal of Ruadach showcase stained glassQueen Allenal of Ruadach textured-foil showcase stained glass

Thanks to their long lifespan, many elves still remember the last Phyrexian invasion of Dominaria. The half-elf Queen Allenal, of the Llanowar elfhame Ruadach, is one of these. When her mother was killed by the interplanar invaders hundreds of years ago, the young Queen Allenal swore she would take revenge one day. Now that the Phyrexians have returned, she has her chance.


Radha, Coalition WarlordRadha, Coalition Warlord showcase stained glassRadha, Coalition Warlord textured-foil showcase stained glass

Grand Warlord of Keld, the half-elf Radha has set aside old grudges and territorial rivalries to help lead the new Coalition against Sheoldred's Phyrexians. With the return of her people's ancient enemy, the strength of Keld has never been more direly needed by the people of Dominaria.


Raff, Weatherlight StalwartRaff, Weatherlight Stalwart showcase stained glassRaff, Weatherlight Stalwart textured-foil showcase stained glass

Despite being born to nobility, Raff's heart always longed for adventure, which he found by serving as the ship's mage on board the Weatherlight. Since Sheoldred's invasion of Dominaria became common knowledge, Raff has helped his crew smuggle valuable information and supplies across Phyrexian-controlled territory. Raff is a gifted illusionist, having previously studied at the Tolarian Academy, and in the two years since joining the crew, he has grown into the role of ship's mage, shedding his youthful boasting—but not his sense of humor.

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Ratadrabik of UrborgRatadrabik of Urborg showcase stained glassRatadrabik of Urborg textured-foil showcase stained glass

Dralnu, Nevinyrral, Josu Vess—all mighty liches, and all dead. Truly dead, that is. The great Ratadrabik has outlived them all. Ratadrabik has seen apocalypses come and go from his ramshackle castle in the marshes of Urborg; he survived would-be heroes, a Phyrexian invasion, and the collapse of time itself. There is no remaining necromancer of Ratadrabik's caliber on Dominaria—except perhaps that meddling spirit-speaker Moira, who seems determined to let the many ghosts and ghouls of Urborg run amok rather than serve their rightful master. If Ratadrabik has his way, he'll be the last great power in Urborg.


Rith, Liberated PrimevalRith, Liberated Primeval showcase stained glassRith, Liberated Primeval textured-foil showcase stained glass

Rith, daughter of Palladia-Mors, was one of the five ancient Primeval Dragons who ruled Dominaria sometime after the Elder Dragon War. She and her kin awoke during the previous Phyrexian invasion, but with Darigaaz's death, they were sealed away once more. Darigaaz recently reincarnated once again, and his psychic connection to his sister caused Rith to stir from her slumber. Freeing herself from her imprisonment, she immediately took off for Shiv to reunite with Darigaaz. The dragons' intentions remain unclear, but Dominaria could be in serious trouble should all five Primevals awaken once again.


Rivaz of the ClawRivaz of the Claw showcase stained glassRivaz of the Claw textured-foil showcase stained glass

Rivaz is a brave and dutiful Viashino who lives among the dragons of Jamuraa. Centuries ago, the Viashino Zirilan forged a pact with the dragons, brokering peace between their tribes and establishing a sacred martial treaty. Rivaz is the latest in a long line of Claws and is prepared to lead an army of dragons against any who dare threaten Dominaria.


Rona, Sheoldred's FaithfulRona, Sheoldred's Faithful showcase stained glassRona, Sheoldred's Faithful textured-foil showcase stained glass

Unsatisfied with her training in the Tolarian academies, the mage Rona sought out forbidden lore, eventually becoming a devotee of the ancient Phyrexian demon Gix. As an acolyte of Gix, Rona led a series of clandestine excavations deep in the Caves of Koilos, searching for buried Phyrexian technology—and discovered the charred, but still living, form of the Phyrexian praetor Sheoldred. For months now, Rona has worked as Sheoldred's tireless servant, preparing the way for a new invasion of Dominaria.

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Rosnakht, Heir of RohgahhRosnakht, Heir of Rohgahh extended art

Rosnakht comes from a long and proud line of kobolds eager to burn, stab, and slash their way across the mountains of the Kher Ridges. After reclaiming Kher Keep from her own mother, Rosnakht seeks to do what no other kobold in her lineage has done (not even her legendary ancestor Rohgahh): kill the draconic false god Prossh, and free her people from his hungry rule.


Rulik Mons, Warren ChiefRulik Mons, Warren Chief showcase stained glassRulik Mons, Warren Chief textured-foil showcase stained glass

Rulik Mons, descendent of Pashalik Mons, was not known to many of Dominaria's great leaders before Sheoldred's invasion. When Rulik Mons emerged from the Rundvelt mountains with a warband made up of nine different goblin tribes, all pledged to the banner of the Coalition, they were surprised to say the least—but certainly grateful.


Shanid, Sleepers' ScourgeShanid, Sleepers' Scourge extended art

Where most people would see a quiet hamlet, or a peaceful township, or a remote farm, Shanid—knight-ambassador of New Argive—sees only threats in disguise. Dispatched by Stenn to uncover signs of Phyrexian sleeper agents in the Balduvian Steppe, Shanid may be even more paranoid and ruthless than the man he answers to and has left a trail of burned villages behind him. A stray word or misplaced rumor has led to the scouring of entire communities in the name of securing the homeland. It has led some to wonder who the real monsters haunting the steppe are—Sheoldred's infiltrators, or Shanid and his soldiers.


Shanna, Purifying BladeShanna, Purifying Blade showcase stained glassShanna, Purifying Blade textured-foil showcase stained glass

Shanna is a descendant of the Weatherlight's Captain Sisay and a capable hero in her own right. When Jhoira gave up control of the ship, Shanna took on the role of captain and has led the crew on countless adventures since then. She and the rest of those on board the Weatherlight now sail into territory controlled by Sheoldred's forces, smuggling out precious information and supplies.

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Sheoldred, the ApocalypseSheoldred, the Apocalypse showcase stained glass

Sheoldred, the Apocalypse showcase Phyrexian languageSheoldred, the Apocalypse textured-foil showcase stained glass

First among the Steel Thanes that rule the Dross Pits of New Phyrexia, Sheoldred has been sent to Dominaria with a single purpose: weaken the plane by any and all methods at her disposal and destroy any threats to New Phyrexia's reign. Already she has placed her agents in positions of influence across the plane—now Sheoldred hunts for anything that might prevent her total victory, and Karn and his Sylex are at the top of her list.

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Sol'Kanar the TaintedSol'Kanar the Tainted showcase stained glassSol'Kanar the Tainted textured-foil showcase stained glass

Sol'Kanar is the ancient demon king of Corondor. Once a kind nature spirit, he was corrupted by the insidious Planeswalker Geyadrone Dihada. Millennia of dark magic have left him so twisted that he no longer wishes to return to his original form. He works with Dihada to eliminate the last traces of the Carthalion bloodline and currently sits upon their ancestral throne of Corondor.


Soul of WindgraceSoul of Windgrace showcase stained glassSoul of Windgrace textured-foil showcase stained glass

Lord Windgrace was a powerful Planeswalker and a member of the Nine Titans that Urza assembled to battle Phyrexia. Several conflicts later, Windgrace gave his life to save his homeland of Urborg from a deadly time rift. As he disappeared, he cast a spell to fuse his spirit with the land to watch over it always. With the return of the Phyrexians, Windgrace's magic stirs, ready to protect Urborg once more.


Squee, Dubious MonarchSquee, Dubious Monarch showcase stained glassSquee, Dubious Monarch textured-foil showcase stained glass

Once a cabin boy on the Weatherlight, a mishap related to an evil god granted Squee immortality. Unable to die by blade, age, or any other method his assorted enemies have tried, Squee has had his fill of adventuring and now lives in "retirement" as the chieftain of a goblin tribe high in the Otarian mountains. Lately, he can't shake the feeling that something is off and is putting his centuries of wisdom to the purpose of figuring out just what that something is.

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Stenn, Paranoid PartisanStenn, Paranoid Partisan showcase stained glassStenn, Paranoid Partisan textured-foil showcase stained glass

The heir to a long and prestigious noble Argivian lineage, Stenn was chosen by King Darien himself for a solemn task: root out the Phyrexian agents within New Argive by any means necessary. Stenn pursues his quarry with ruthless efficiency and total dedication, stopping at nothing to do the bidding of his master.

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Tatyova, Steward of TidesTatyova, Steward of Tides showcase stained glassTatyova, Steward of Tides textured-foil showcase stained glass

Tatyova is a trained druid attuned to both the tides and the coastal forests of Dominaria. After completing her training with the elves of Yavimaya, she returned to her home in the undersea empire of Vodalia. She has been instrumental in tempering Emperor Mihail II's more martial impulses and strives to build a merfolk society that can serve as defenders of the natural world.


The Peregrine DynamoThe Peregrine Dynamo extended art

Urza mechanical soldiers have been dormant for countless years. However, the Thran technology that fueled them was sound, and sometimes all it takes is a mountain goat's misstep to reactivate a millennia-old war machine. Jhoira found the Peregrine Dynamo stomping across the countryside shouting, "DO NOT BE ALARMED!" at wildlife. A few artificer tricks later, she had recruited a stalwart new ally.


The Raven ManThe Raven Man showcase stained glassThe Raven Man textured-foil showcase stained glass

A mysterious figure always heralded by the arrival of ravens, the Raven Man has haunted Liliana Vess since childhood. He has appeared to her on planes throughout the Multiverse, and while others can see the flock that accompanies him, Liliana remains the only one who can see him in the flesh. Whether he is friend or foe remains to be seen, but Liliana intends to discover the truth behind this enigmatic figure, a truth rooted in a powerful necromancer from Terisiare's ancient past.


Tori D'Avenant, Fury RiderTori D'Avenant, Fury Rider showcase stained glassTori D'Avenant, Fury Rider textured-foil showcase stained glass

Tori was born with a degenerative disease, rare but not unheard of to royalty of the D'Avenant line. By the time she was a teenager, she had lost the use of her legs entirely. While this somewhat complicated her training as a cavalry officer, it hardly stopped her. Now, with a specially trained warhorse and a custom saddle, Tori rides into battle at the head of the Avenant Fury Riders. She is known especially for her fearlessness in battle, never flinching from a line of enemy spears.


Tura Kennerüd, SkyknightTura Kennerüd, Skyknight showcase stained glassTura Kennerüd, Skyknight textured-foil showcase stained glass

Tura Kennerüd is the scion of a long lineage of Argivian skyknights. Her family line stretches all the way back to Kjeldor during the Dominarian Ice Age, when they nurtured an aesthir breed that could thrive in the warmer climate. When she came of age, Tura was given her own aesthir to ride and train—a direct descendant of the animal Arna Kennerüd once rode into battle. Now, the pair are a deadly duo, able to communicate wordlessly and fight perfectly in sync. Tura was among the first to join the New Coalition, eager to prove that she is more than just the latest child of a storied family.


Uurg, Spawn of TurgUurg, Spawn of Turg showcase stained glassUurg, Spawn of Turg textured-foil showcase stained glass

When Turg, the mighty frog beast bonded to the merfolk ambassador to the Cabal, perished, he left behind a clutch of eggs. While the Cabal intended to use these to create more hulking pit fighters, one of the tadpoles escaped their control. Now Uurg, a specimen as mighty as Turg himself, freely roams the lands of Otaria, eating whomever he pleases.


Verrak, Warped SengirVerrak, Warped Sengir extended art

While the Baron Sengir has not set foot on Dominaria for millennia, his vile offspring remain. Verrak was sired many generations after the Baron, so he is twisted and monstrous as a result. Normally a being of pure instinct and hunger, Verrak is occasionally visited by bouts of clarity. In those moments, he could atone for his actions—but instead uses this lucidity to plan his next kill.


Vohar, Vodalian DesecratorVohar, Vodalian Desecrator showcase stained glassVohar, Vodalian Desecrator textured-foil showcase stained glass

A would-be usurper of Vodalia, Vohar sought to seize control of the empire from Mihail II and lead the merfolk in a campaign of bloodshed and glory against the surface world. When his traitorous plot was discovered, Vohar was banished to the abyssal layer of Dominaria's oceans. In exile, he encountered an ancient Phyrexian on the sea floor awoken by Sheoldred's incursion. Compleated, Vohar still seeks the destruction of Mihail for the glory of New Phyrexia.


Zar Ojanen, Scion of EfravaZar Ojanen, Scion of Efrava showcase stained glassZar Ojanen, Scion of Efrava textured-foil showcase stained glass

Efrava, once a verdant oasis in the midst of the Jamuraan desert, is no more—gone to a nameless calamity of the past. The leonin that once inhabited this land are far from extinct, though. While some have scattered to the far corners of Dominaria, Zar Ojanen, a descendent of the fearsome mercenary Jedit Ojanen, now leads a caravan of Efravans as they travel through Jamuraa. Zar's heart is devoted to guiding and protecting her people, and she is as capable a warrior as her ancestor, more than willing to cross blades with any who threaten her caravan.

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Zeriam, Golden WindZeriam, Golden Wind extended art

When Zhalfir was phased out of the time stream by the Planeswalker Teferi, most of the griffins that hunted those savannah skies went with it. Zeriam, a descendant of the legendary griffin Zuberi, is one of the few remaining members of the species. Proud and haughty, Zeriam is known to spare travelers who pass through their territory, but poachers in search of griffin pelts meet quick ends.


Zur, Eternal SchemerZur, Eternal Schemer showcase stained glassZur, Eternal Schemer textured-foil showcase stained glass

Zur the Enchanter has spent the last dozen centuries doing whatever the heck he wants. After freeing himself from all earthly responsibilities, the immortal wizard traveled the plane in search of meaning. Recently he reappeared before Jodah, asking for a job. Now a professor at the Tolarian Academy, he swears he just wants to, "foster knowledge in the minds of the young," and is, "definitely not up to anything." Jodah is keeping an eye on him.



Ajani, Sleeper AgentAjani, Sleeper Agent Phyrexian frameAjani, Sleeper Agent Phyrexian language treatment

Ajani, Sleeper Agent borderless PlaneswalkerAjani, Sleeper Agent borderless Planeswalker variant

Ajani is a leonin warrior who wishes to protect the weak and fight against those who wish to suppress others. As a youth, Ajani was rejected and discriminated against by his pride due to his albino appearance. Only his brother Jazal accepted him, defended him, and treated him with kindness and respect. Since Jazal's murder, Ajani has set out to live by his brother's example. Due to Jazal's influence, Ajani grew to become a renowned hero, wise mentor, and compassionate friend. His healing powers and magical reinforcement abilities make him one of the finest allies one could ask for.

As a Phyrexian, Ajani's inherent beliefs and goals have been twisted to align with those of his new masters. Under their influence, Ajani feels like he's part of a pride once more, welcomed and accepted by a community that values him. Phyrexia has opened his eyes to the danger that "differences" can cause. Teamwork, he now realizes, is about aligning perspectives into a single point of view. By removing difference, everyone can be together as part of a single Phyrexian pride. In Phyrexia, everyone is together and equal—in fact, he never realized before becoming part of Phyrexia how much his values aligned with theirs, and he is eager to help his friends by bringing them into the fold.

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Jaya, Fiery NegotiatorJaya, Fiery Negotiator borderless Planeswalker

Jaya Ballard is among the oldest Planeswalkers in the Multiverse. Born on Dominaria more than 1,500 years ago, she was a hot-headed, sarcastic hero who played an important part in the plane's early history before disappearing for centuries. In recent years, she resurfaced as an older, wiser mentor to fledgling pyromancers, including her most promising student: Chandra Nalaar.

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Karn, Living LegacyKarn, Living Legacy borderless Planeswalker

Karn is a sentient, silver golem who has near-complete mastery over artifacts. He can understand most technological devices with a single touch and quickly create artifacts or automations without the need for components or materials.

Karn is working to repel the Phyrexian invasion of Dominaria, but his efforts are undermined by Sheoldred's sleeper agents.

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Liliana of the VeilLiliana of the Veil borderless Planeswalker

Liliana Vess is a master necromancer who commands the dead and manipulates the living to achieve her own ends. Ambitious, cunning, and supremely confident, she plays a dangerous game of shifting loyalties, aligning herself with whoever offers the surest path to fulfilling her desires.

Liliana has returned to her homeworld of Dominaria to pursue the Raven Man, the mysterious figure from her past who led her down the path of necromancy. However, her investigation instead leads her to discover a Phyrexian presence on the plane, and she must decide whether to become involved in the fight to defend against an invasion.

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