Okay, I have three scenarios for you:

Scenario 1: You're hanging out with your best friend talking Magic fiction, as you're wont to do, but suddenly, the talking turns to a disagreement, which matures into an argument, and then morphs into a fight. Which one of you is right? In "Catching Up" by Kelly Digges, who asked whom on a date: Liliana or Jace? You can't agree and you both storm off, exasperated.

Scenario 2: You make a new friend (nicely done), who loves to play Magic (big plus), and relishes both reading and debating fiction (that's two more in the plus column). But when you launch into your (very well-prepared and articulated) introduction to the debate you've been dying to have about the politics on Kaladesh, you find your new friend (who clearly up until this point seemed to have soul-mate potential) doesn't know anything at all about Magic fiction. You sigh—what a missed opportunity.

Scenario 3: You wake up on Zendikar. Surrounded by Eldrazi. Tentacles closing in.

Three relatively dire situations, no? What if I told you that I have one thing that could reverse your fortune in each of these scenarios, and save you from all of these catastrophic ends? Well, guess what—I'm telling you that I have that very thing. One thing that can preserve your friendship with your best friend, prevent the loss of a new intellectual soul mate, and save you from certain death. What is it, you ask? The Magic Fiction eBook collection!

Don't know who asked whom on a date? Open up Prologue to Battle for Zendikar: Collected Stories on your phone (or other favorite eReader), flip to "Catching Up" by Kelly Digges, and read it for yourself:

She grinned wickedly.

"Buy me dinner?"

That would be Liliana asking Jace, for the win!

Need your new acquaintance (quickly turning friend, rapidly approaching soul mate) to catch up on the Planeswalkers' stories so you can debate the politics and economics of multiple planes at the same time? Share the link for Origins: Collected Stories, wait for said companion to devour the content, and then proceed to a well-earned and fulfilling debate sequence.

Stuck on Zendikar? Surrounded by Eldrazi? Open up Prologue to Battle for Zen—Er, I mean . . . two out of three isn't bad, right?

The point is that we are extremely excited to announce this new, shiny (especially when your screen is clean) outlet for Magic fiction. These eBooks are something we've been working on for a while now, and we're thrilled that we finally get to share them with you. They will complement all the other ways that we are now able to support our storytelling efforts (like our awesome landing page for the BFZ stories. Check it out; a new episode goes up every Wednesday!).

We hope you're as excited as we are about this new era of Magic fiction. And we hope that these eBooks enhance your enjoyment of our storytelling efforts. Before I bid you adieu, I'd like to take this moment to say "thank you." Thank you, all of you, for reading, for loving, for sharing, for debating, and for embracing our worlds, our characters, and Magic. If it wasn't for you, we wouldn't be able to do what we do (and it wouldn't be nearly as fun).

The files below are in ePUB format and require an eReader. Most eReaders should work, although it may not display on Kindle or Kindle Fire.