Hello! I'm Mike Turian, principal product designer for Magic, and I'm here to give you a behind-the-scenes look at each of the products available with Modern Horizons 2. With Modern Horizons 2, we have expanded our product lineup beyond the Draft Booster to include a far wider range of products.

One thing that we learned from the original Modern Horizons was that, while Modern Horizons absolutely appealed to Modern players, it had much wider reach as well. Playing Limited is always an expectation of each set that we design, and the popularity of Modern Horizons Limited gameplay meant that we wanted to extend Modern Horizons 2 to include a Prerelease experience as well as a well-crafted Limited format. The allure of powerful cards in Modern Horizons saw the Commander community embracing the original set as well. We kept the Modern players, the Commander players, and the Limited players in mind as we crafted the Modern Horizons 2 experience.

For the Modern-focused player, the Modern Horizons 2 set was designed to add to Modern in a similar way to the first Modern Horizons set, acknowledging that Modern Horizons 2 is entering a bigger card pool.

As each of these products is designed to match up best with the different motivations of Magic players, let's look at each of the products features so you can find the Modern Horizons 2 products that are the best fit for your play style.

Set Boosters

Set Booster packaging

For those players who love busting into packs of Magic for that visceral feeling of leafing through a booster and experiencing all the tactile joy of that moment, Set Boosters are designed for you. Modern Horizons 2 was designed to evoke the feelings of classic Magic and reward those players who have embraced Magic fully. There is a lot to love in Modern Horizons 2 Set Boosters including these guaranteed slots in every Modern Horizons 2 Set Booster.

Foil-stamped Dakkon art card

Highlights of the Set Booster contents include:

  • 1 Art card or foil-stamped art card
  • 1 Traditional foil (any rarity and includes new-to-Modern reprints, showcase sketch frame cards, retro frame cards, and rare and mythic rare borderless cards)
  • 1 New-to-Modern reprint (uncommon, rare, or mythic rare)—there are 42 reprints that are introduced to Modern with Modern Horizons 2. You get one of the 42 cards in this slot.
  • 1 Rare (including the five enemy fetch lands) or mythic rare

In addition to all that guaranteed goodness, the Modern Horizons 2 Set Boosters can have an additional rare or mythic rare (so the best packs could have up to four cards that are rare or mythic rare).

Plus, 25% of the packs will have a card from The List. The List is a selection of older Magic cards reprinted in their original design with only a Planeswalker symbol distinguishing it from the original. For Modern Horizons 2, we have rotated The List by swapping in 50 cards that feel appropriate for Modern Horizons 2. While we are sharing the full list of rotations upcoming, you better believe there are some great new inclusions to find in Modern Horizons 2 Set Boosters.

Sketch Urza's SagaRetro frame Profane Tutor

Set Boosters are filled with the amazing showcase sketch cards and retro frame treatments as well. We have created an entire article showing off the awesome expressions of Booster Fun in Modern Horizons 2. In addition, I've written a second article that goes into more complete detail on each product's contents. You can also learn about the full possibilities of what can be opened in my Collecting Modern Horizons 2 article.

Set Boosters are available individually or in displays of 30 packs. Each display purchase may be eligible for one of these awesome traditional foil alternate-art Buy-a-Box promos (ask your store!):

BAB Sanctum Prelate

Draft Booster

Draft Booster packaging

The key art of Modern Horizons 2 features Dakkon Blackblade. I spoke with Bree Heiss, the lead packaging art director for Modern Horizons 2, about the creation of the art that is featured on its products. She said, "I got the pleasure of working with Adam Paquette to create the key art for packaging, update the character model for Dakkon, and bring the menace to the masses. Adam did an outstanding job of not only highlighting the power and presence of this character but also adding such stunning detail to him that you can almost feel the grit of the patina on that armor."

One of our challenges on packaging is to find sophisticated ways to play with color. Bob Jordan, senior graphic designer, took the concept and ran with it to create this dynamic oil slick-esque treatment, which I think suits Dakkon perfectly.

Highlights of the Draft Booster contents include:

  • 1 Rare (including the five enemy fetch lands) or mythic rare
  • 1 New-to-Modern reprint card (uncommon, rare, or mythic rare)
  • 1 in 3 Boosters will contain a traditional foil card of any rarity*
  • 1 Token card/ad card

*The traditional foil card possibilities will include all the cards from the main set of Modern Horizons 2, the showcase sketch cards, the retro frame cards, and the borderless rares and mythic rares.

The Draft Booster remains the go-to for a great Magic drafting experience. With Modern Horizons 2, the lead designer and vice president of Magic R&D, Aaron Forsythe, created powerful cards and themes to make an outstanding Limited format. One of his guiding principles when working on Modern Horizons 2 was to give players what they were asking for.

Between the nostalgic characters, keywords, and fun mechanical mashups that are only possible in a set like Modern Horizons 2, I can't wait for you to enjoy the drafting experience. While you're drafting, you can expect to open lots of cool Magic cards along the way, as Draft Boosters can contain retro frame, showcase sketch, and borderless card treatments.

Collector Boosters

Modern Horizons 2 Collector Boosters feature exclusive card treatments and cards only found inside the Collector Booster. The Collector Booster has become the go-to booster for collectors as each is filled with foil cards, extended-art cards, and all the booster fun the set has to offer. Here is a look at the Modern Horizons 2 Collector Booster contents:

Collector Booster Contents

Wow! That is a whole lot of goodness. You can learn more about the design and look of each of these treatments in the Modern Horizons 2 Booster Fun article.

Every Modern Horizons 2 Collector Booster will include four rare or mythic rare cards. Included in the Collector Booster will be three foil-etched cards (one of which is always a foil-etched basic land), nine traditional foils, a foil double-sided token, and three non-foil cards. There are 153 unique foil-etched cards that can be found inside the Collector Booster. This includes ten basic lands, select cards from the original Modern Horizons, and retro frame and new-to-Modern cards from Modern Horizons 2 (including enemy fetch lands).

Prerelease Pack

MH2 Prerelease Pack

We knew we wanted to bring all the excitement and play experiences of our Standard sets to the Modern Horizons 2 experience. The Prerelease has always been a huge part of the joy of a new Magic set release. There is something special about being the first people in the world to experience new cards and their possibilities.

The Prerelease Pack represents our foray into expanding Prereleases beyond solely Standard-focused sets. Here is what you get inside:

  • 6 Draft Boosters of Modern Horizons 2
  • 1 Traditional foil rare or mythic rare from the main set with a foil stamp*
  • 5 Unique double-sided tokens (including sweet pairings such as Food // Crab)
  • 1 Spindown die with Modern Horizons 2 expansion symbol imprint
  • 1 Reusable box with divider

*The foil-stamped cards include all the newly introduced Modern Horizons 2 rares and mythic rares as well as the reprint enemy fetch lands. There is a total of 60 rares and 20 mythic rares that you could get as your foil-stamped Prerelease card. You won't get a new-to-Modern rare or mythic rare reprint with this foil stamp.


MH2 Bundle

The last product that we are introducing with Modern Horizons 2 is the Bundle. Including the Bundle means that we got to create a sweet card-storage box that is stuffed with goodies, such as an insert featuring "Squirrels of the World!"

Also included inside the Bundle is a colorful and exclusive oversize spindown die and two copies of each of the ten classic basic land illustrations, both in traditional foil and non-foil, brought into the modern card frame. These are only available through the Bundle. These ten basics are also available in a foil-etched treatment in Collector Boosters.






Bundle Contents:

  • 10 Draft Boosters
  • 20 Traditional foil basic lands
  • 20 Non-foil basic lands
  • 1 Bundle alternate-art promo card of Yusri, Fortune's Flame
  • 1 Exclusive oversized spindown die
  • 1 Card storage box

Yusri, Fortune's Flame Bundle promo

Whether you're a Modern player, a Commander player, or a Limited player, Modern Horizons 2 has the product and play experience for you! Personally, as a Magic player since the early '90s, working on the set has been such a joy because it combines the best of the early days of Magic with all the learnings and progress Magic has made along the way.

If you're looking for even more details around card and product specifics, check out my Collecting Modern Horizons 2 article or find me on Twitter @mturian.