The background stories of the ten glorious and notorious individuals who are ready to command armies across the Multiverse.

Jeleva, Nephalia's Scourge

The name of Jeleva, Nephalia's Scourge, invokes terror in Innistrad. Known to play cruel games of cat and mouse, she preys on her victims' minds before devouring their blood. She spends her days sequestered in an opulent mansion in Nephalia, but by night, her merciless predations know no bounds. No one's throat is safe from Jeleva, but it's the minds of archmages that she truly craves. She targets the most renowned personalities of Innistrad, intent on stealing their knowledge for herself. The powerful Church of Avacyn has put a price on her head, and monster hunters from across Innistrad track her through the dark province of Nephalia. Jeleva welcomes them. She likes the blood of monster hunters, and will happily steal their minds as spoils in her private war against the Church.

Nekusar, the Mindrazer

Nekusar is a former king who schemed to retain his power even after death. In life, he was an unpopular ruler with many enemies. He was obsessed with the machinations of his court and threats to his reign. When one of his plots to assassinate a rival backfired, Nekusar was killed in his own throne room. But he had prepared for his eventual death, and he transformed himself into a lich lord. Nekusar has positioned himself as the secret power of the realm, and now he monitors the court with his network of informants, both living and undead. He offers knowledge to the highest bidder but at a painful price. Nekusar has more power now than ever. He devastates his enemies by giving them what they think they want but cannot control.

Oloro, Ageless Ascetic

Oloro manipulates the forces of life and death. He believes that he possesses the secret to eternal life and guards it jealously on his remote, mist-shrouded island. Oloro's location is sought by thieves and mystics alike. Some seek to steal his possessions while others seek to learn his secrets. Oloro will tolerate the companionship of only a few select individuals—those who can help him in his quest for knowledge. Some say he is older than time itself and wiser than all the great minds in the illustrious academies of learning. So far, Oloro has maintained an uneasy balance between the darkness and the light, but any threat to his carefully guarded secrets could force him into a quest for merciless domination.

Sydri, Galvanic Genius

Sydri is a master of metalwork and mystical animation. She's young, brilliant, and willing to sell her ingenious devices to anyone who will pay her substantial fee. Sydri can infuse life into almost any object, which will then tirelessly do its master's bidding. Under her touch, a statue could become a spy, or a sword transform into an unexpected assassin without the need of a hand to wield it. Although honest by nature, she's fallen into a dangerous circle of elite priests who will do anything to gain the upper hand in the political sphere. Sydri is tempted by material rewards and must soon make a choice about the nature of her creations and their ultimate purpose.

Marath, Will of the Wild

Marath is an elusive, powerful beast who roams the untamed regions of his shaman-ruled world. Although many try, few have glimpsed this majestic creature. Some believe he was one of this world's progenitors and has been around since before the dawn of time. Vines twine out of the earth as he passes. Green mist rises around his feet. Some of the mist takes on animalistic forms, and new life is created as he passes by. He's infused with elemental magic, and many of the elves who share the wilds with him believe he is the source of growth and natural justice. When threatened, Marath is a ferocious opponent, striking with furious blows and predatory power.

Gahiji, Honored One

Gahiji is revered as a god by the fierce Rahode tribe, who call him the wild heart of their people. He came to their aid during the epic Battle of Flat Sky, when the Rahode were being slaughtered by their enemies. Gahiji appeared on the hills above the battlefield. He let out a great roar and charged headlong into the midst of their foes, with the Rahode warriors rallying behind him. He saved the tribe, and now Gahiji dwells with them in a place of honor. He hunts in the surrounding jungle by night but willingly returns to the palace during the day. Worshippers pilgrimage for months to bow before the Honored One.

Prossh, Skyraider of Kher

Prossh dominates the Kher region of Dominaria. Each day at dawn, he takes to the skies, tracking his prey and monitoring the lands he claims as his own. The sound of dragon wings in the distance sends many of his subjects into a panic, scrambling for shelter that can withstand his dragon fire. He levels entire villages just to punish a single hunter who strayed into his territory. Those who don't pay tribute to him are burned alive. Prossh is worshipped by the kobolds of the region, and some offer themselves to His Mighty Overlordship in hopes that he spares their kin. Prossh is a predatory machine, and the death of his "allies" just makes him stronger.

Shattergang Brothers

In Ravnica, if you want something destroyed, call the Shattergang Brothers. No job is too small or person too important for this goblin family. They are sought after by thieves and priests alike, and even the Rakdos have been known the hire them for jobs that need a bombastic finesse. These goblins can take out—or blow up—any problem you might have. An Izzet mage giving you trouble? Gargoyle spying on you? Pesky curse upon your house? The Shattergangs will bring the destructiveness you need for a (mostly) reasonable price. The Boros and Azorius have both put prices on their heads, but the Shattergangs have eluded capture time and time again. These brothers take pride in their work and joy in the destruction of others.

Derevi, Empyrial Tactician

Soaring above the battlefield, Derevi, Empyrial Tactician, uses cunning strategies to outsmart her enemies. She orchestrates the movements of her great army as they fight invaders who would lay waste to her peaceful lands. Derevi's keen eyes absorb a multitude of factors as she rapidly alters her plan to meet the changing conditions on the ground. Among her devoted followers, Derevi is called the greatest commander the Shards have ever seen. Her brilliant strategy routed the Grixis hordes at the Battle of Split Peak. Her clever diplomacy diverted the Esper Council in their plot against her. Derevi is disciplined but fair, and she evokes loyalty in her soldiers. Always the eye in the sky, this commander outmaneuvers her enemies time and time again.

Roon of the Hidden Realm

Roon is believed to guard the gate of an ethereal world. Raised in a devout family, the young rhox was drawn to warlike pursuits against his father's wishes. Roon joined the infamous Herald's Army, where he became a skilled fighter. But after a mistaken slaughter of innocents, he deserted and wandered in the wilderness. There he received a vision of the Hidden Realm and was told he was the keeper of its secrets. Called a blasphemer by some, Roon embarked on a pilgrimage to rally people to his cause. His compelling personality attracted many, and he became a prophet with legions of followers. Roon does not seek out conflict, but when he perceives a threat, he will eliminate it quickly and efficiently. For those who believe in him, he is a great guardian who will one day open the gate to eternal glory.