New Capenna brims with the powerful and the industrious, the corrupt and the courageous, each with a story and a destiny that shapes the city. While not all their tales can be told in the Streets of New Capenna stories, here you'll find brief backstories of those legends you'll encounter.

New Legends

Jaxis, the Troublemaker

Jaxis, the TroublemakerJaxis, the TroublemakerJaxis, the Troublemaker

Demons rule New Capenna, but word from the Caldaia is that won't be true for long.

There's a star down there in the boxing rings, a name lifted by the cheering crowds of New Capenna's deepest borough: Jaxis, the Troublemaker. She's a fighter, a boxer, one of the best to ever do it. Got a right hook like the Capenna main line and a jab like a jackhammer. Undefeated, she's good enough that people have started to talk; following a failed hit on her by Maestro assassins, people have started to hope.

Everyone saw it. The assassins cornered her, outnumbered her five to one, and then in a flash she was surrounded by burning shadows—shadows the people recognized. They were other champions; some she'd fought, some who had retired or passed on long ago. Called to her side, they walloped the assassins, driving them away to the cheers of the bystanders. Jaxis isn't just the best, the people say: she's blessed. Demons might rule New Capenna, but fighters like Jaxis bring the people hope.

Falco Spara, Pactweaver

Falco Spara, PactweaverGolden age Falco Spara, PactweaverGilded Falco Spara, Pactweaver

New Capenna's foundation lies shrouded in mystery, a fog produced of time, passing generations, and magic. Few beings have clear memory of the city's beginning, but first among that exclusive group is the head of the Brokers: Falco Spara, Pactweaver.

Raised from mortality to deamonhood during New Capenna's founding days, Falco Spara is a rigorous, exacting mind. Falco has built his Brokers to become New Capenna's professional protectors of the highest order. Their pacts and contracts are binding—sometimes literally—providing their signees with protection in exchange for a debt, to be claimed at a later date. To those in need of even more protection, Falco has trained his Brokers in shielding magics, offering them as personal bodyguards and protectors to anyone in New Capenna who can afford it.

Falco was on top of the world, a lord of Park Heights. Each of the other four families relied on his Brokers for protection, as well as much of the city's civic and social elite. And then the Adversary came, and Falco discovered how far the fall is from the top of the world.

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Cormela, Glamour Thief

Cormela, Glamour ThiefGolden age Cormela, Glamour ThiefGilded Cormela, Glamour Thief

Glamour cannot be stolen, darling. One either is or is not glamourous, which is something one tells the world when they step out to face it. Cormela knows this and lives her life accordingly. Cormela is glamour, grace, opulence—she is the scene, a driver of Park Heights style and curator mentored under Lord Xander's own personal instruction.

A professional with her own gallery in Park Heights, Cormela's public collection is small and rotates on a frequent basis. Eager young artists—her coterie and those hungry for admission—offer their most avant-garde, most daring, most radical work to her first; to be one of Cormela's favorites is to be the talk of New Capenna.

But this is not all Cormela is. A Maestro first, Cormela is one of Lord Xander's favorite acquisition agents, able to "recover" work from even the most tightly guarded private collections without their owners suspecting a thing. Her prey are those who attempt to weasel out of deals and contracts with Lord Xander: easy marks. Those too proud, arrogant, or naive to think that a glamourous young tastemaker cannot also be a cutthroat genius . . .

Evelyn, the Covetous

Evelyn, the CovetousEvelyn, the CovetousGilded Evelyn, the Covetous

Few people in New Capenna remember the old world. There are some of the especially aged sphinxes in the Obscura and a handful of wizened Rhox among the reveling ranks of the Cabaretti who were there in the early days. The Maestros boast the greatest complement of long-lived members—easy enough when they lay claim to Xander's gift of vampirism—but most of them, too, were made after the shining tower of New Capenna was raised. No, the true old guard is vanishingly small: the heads of the five families, and Evelyn, the Covetous.

Once, she called Lord Xander a lover—but that was lifetimes and passions ago. The first to receive the gift of vampirism from Xander, Evelyn still remembers the old days of Old Capenna, what the world was like before it was emptied. In the time since, she has lived many lives, but through them all, she has collected and maintained a sprawling private collection of artifacts from the old world. Her expertise is such that she is one of the only people besides Lord Xander himself to have access to his private archives.

Polite and generous, accommodating to young Maestros—they're all young to her—and initiates to the family, Evelyn is nonetheless not one to be underestimated. She may be a collector, but she was a killer first, and any life less than her own is a life that can be cheaply spent . . .

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Jinnie Fay, Jetmir's Second

Jinnie Fay, Jetmir's SecondGolden age Jinnie Fay, Jetmir's SecondGilded Jinnie Fay, Jetmir's Second

An orphan discovered in the Mezzio by Cabaretti talent scouts, Jinnie Fay proved herself a skilled fighter in the service of the Vantoleone's guards. Her talent with blades caught the eye of Jetmir, who brought her on to his personal guard; she endeared herself to the old leonin, who looks upon her as a daughter he never had. Deadly, beautiful, and with a deep love for life's finery, Jinnie now lives as the heir apparent to the Cabaretti. In addition to being Jetmir's most loyal, trusted lieutenant, Jinnie spends much of her time managing the Cabaretti's vast kennels where expert menagerie-keepers raise rare breeds of urban wildlife and exotic teacup creatures.

During the events of the Crescendo and the Adversary's War, Jinnie made an uncomfortable, often abrasive alliance-of-the-moment with Elspeth and Vivien to protect Jetmir, her adoptive father, from the Adversary's henchmen. Rebuffed in her efforts to steal Giada back from the planeswalkers, Jinnie now focuses on rebuilding the broken Cabaretti to their prior glory.

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Raffine, Scheming Seer

Raffine, Scheming SeerGolden age Raffine, Scheming SeerGilded Raffine, Scheming Seer

The sphinxes of Old Capenna were never many. Territorial and vain, they competed over public acclaim, fear, and devotion, crafting prophetic forecasts to drive the masses to their temples. As a young sphinx, Raffine could count on half a paw the number of her own kind she knew personally: her mother, who cast her out when she could fly; her rival, whose augury contradicted her own as much as Raffine's did hers; and her lover, whose name and face Raffine can no longer remember.

That changed when they came. Raffine's prophecies—which no one wanted to hear, because they were dark and grim and spoke of a shining metal end—were correct. She alone was raised up, granted demonic investiture by an archdemon, and now in New Capenna's art deco grandeur, Raffine is one of the only sphinxes that remains. Good. She likes it that way. Let her "family" serve her, let them inscribe her dreams in ink as they feed her theirs. Let her prophecy dictate the future of the city. At least this time they might listen when she says another end is coming—she dreams of nothing else . . .

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Lord Xander, the Collector

Lord Xander, the CollectorGolden age Lord Xander, the CollectorGilded Lord Xander, the Collector

Lord Xander, the head of the Maestros, would think himself first among equals if any equals presented themselves to him. Until that happens, he reigns as the self-appointed curator of New Capenna's history and orchestrator of its present. History he stages through exhibitions in the Maestros's many galleries, museums, and archives. The present he orchestrates through the Maestros's skilled, discreet assassins for hire.

Lord Xander is burdened by three gifts: vampirism, which grants him all but eternal life; a demonic blessing, which grants him power; and a crown, whose weight he cannot feel now that noble titles mean nothing. Taken together, Lord Xander bears the mantle of the collector and curator of New Capenna. Curation is exhausting work, a labor that has increasingly begun to remind him of his old life before the city rose and the age of knights, lords, and monsters fell behind. He was an artist once. With the approach of the Crescendo—the citywide year-end celebration—Lord Xander plots once more a great work to resonate throughout the city.

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Ziatora, the Incinerator

Ziatora, the IncineratorGolden age Ziatora, the IncineratorGilded Ziatora, the Incinerator

The other dragons called her many things: a fool, a traitor to dragonkind, too vain even for them. Ziatora, the head of the Riveteers, heard it all from her kin when she first agreed to the archdemon's contract. But where are the other dragons now? For all their righteousness, their gloating and purity, the great dragons of Old Capenna are dust. The mighty guardians of dragonkind reduced to skulls and teeth, polished and shining under the lights of the Museum of Old Capenna, while Ziatora rules the Caldaia.

Now, Ziatora is power. Ziatora is wealth. Ziatora is the Incinerator, the champion of the working creatures of the Caldaia and the engineer of New Capenna. The archdemons and their angelic patsies may have sunk the first foundation columns and laid the great girders, but it was Ziatora and her laborers who built the city out of scaffolding. As well it is Ziatora now who sits atop the greatest treasure of the five families: New Capenna's single largest store of Halo is under the Riveteer's control. In an age where this precious resource is dwindling as demand for it increases, to command the flow of Halo is to dictate the fate of the city; should this monopoly be challenged, it would mean war.

Giada, Font of Hope

Giada, Font of Hope Art deco Giada, Font of Hope Foil-etched Giada, Font of Hope

Giada, a young girl from the orphan halls of the Mezzio's lower districts, is the Cabaretti's best-kept secret, New Capenna's greatest hope, and the other families' most dangerous threat. Discovered by Cabaretti talent scouts, Giada fast became a favorite of Jinnie's—the kid sister Jinnie always wanted but never had—and Jetmir's greatest treasure. Giada is special. A gifted singer, she fits in well with her cohort of Cabaretti ingenue, socialites, and starlets. But unlike the rest of them, she has a gift never before encountered in New Capenna: with a touch and a wish, she can turn even the foulest city sewage into pure Halo. The Cabaretti hurried to keep her under wraps, but their appetite for the magic substance overrode their caution: their parties, already legendarily Halo fueled, grew to excess.

In a time of increasing scarcity and desperation for Halo among the other families, the Cabaretti were unaffected. With Giada, the Cabaretti don't need to restrain themselves. With Giada, the balance of power in the city has been turned on its head. All Giada ever wanted was a family. Through no fault of her own—by a gift that seems more to her like a curse—she now has five that want her.

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Lagrella, the Magpie

Lagrella, the Magpie Golden age Lagrella, the Magpie Gilded Lagrella, the Magpie

Lagrella, the Magpie is one of the Brokers's most feared and respected enforcers. A contract mage in Falco's personal orbit, Lagrella is allowed to take some license with the agreements she oversees: "a little off the top" of every transaction is the expected fee all Brokers take for their work, so Lagrella takes what is due someone of her station.

Lagrella's fearsome reputation—and nickname—comes from rumors of what she does with her money. She has a collection of exotic fish that she keeps in her penthouse in a massive tank. In that tank, there is a garden of gold and silver statues: life-sized figures that capture in harrowing detail the faces of people who once broke her contracts. Praised even by the Maestros for the quality of these sculptures, only Lagrella knows the truth: those statues are those contract breakers, dipped in molten metal and dropped into her fish tank to rest, forever.

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Rocco, Cabaretti Caterer

Rocco, Cabaretti CatererGolden age Rocco, Cabaretti CatererGilded Rocco, Cabaretti Caterer

Rocco is the gregarious head chef at the Vantoleone, the Cabaretti's premier event space, gathering hall, and dance floor. Rocco manages not only the various kitchens of the Vantoleone, but the menus of the many clubs, restaurants, diners, and speakeasies the Cabaretti own as well, working behind the scenes to dictate the tastes of Park Heights's elite. Their culinary empire spans all levels of New Capenna.

Their mastery of logistics is matched by their deft hand in the kitchen; each dish they devise is a masterpiece of balance, combining different flavors and textures to create events out of even the most mundane food. With the introduction of Halo to New Capenna, Rocco's cuisine has found new heights of excellence, and their sous chefs say they've never seen Rocco so inspired.

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Rigo, Streetwise Mentor

Rigo, Streetwise Mentor Golden age Rigo, Streetwise Mentor Gilded Rigo, Streetwise Mentor

The Brokers, for all their Park Heights exclusivity, never discount the strength of community or the knowledge that comes from the streets. Looking up, they say, is looking forward. Some of their best enforcers and contract mages come from strivers, kids out of the Caldaia and Mezzio who hustle to get themselves into the family and keep that drive with them to advance up the Brokers's ranks.

Rigo was one of those kids. A street kid in the Mezzio, Rigo had dreams of working with New Capenna's angels. The Brokers were a close second, and so he hustled to catch the eye of Brokers recruiters. As a youth, Rigo built his own network of newsies, pickpockets, shoeshine kids, porters, and errand runners to help Brokers deployed to the Mezzio keep informed, stylish, fed, and paid under the table. He was successful and found himself quickly adopted by the Mezzio's Brokers. Advanced up the chain to the finer firms in Park Heights, Rigo never lost that striver's drive. Now a full-fledged Broker, Rigo never forgets where he came from: he volunteered to serve in the Mezzio, taking special care to look after the kids that remind him so much of himself.

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Ognis, the Dragon's Lash

Ognis, the Dragon's LashGolden age Ognis, the Dragon's LashGilded Ognis, the Dragon's Lash

Even dragons need assistants. While the big lizards count the money, someone's gotta make sure their operations run smooth and the Halo stays flowing. Ognis is Ziatora's first captain, a Viashino in Ziatora's own image—if smaller, to satisfy the old demon-dragon's vanity. A front-line tough, Ognis is the overseer of all Halo trade in the Caldaia and master strategist behind the Riveteer's low city–raiding operations.

Though her front-line status might make her seem low-ranking among the family elite, for the Riveteers, staying on the front lines is a mark of strength and solidarity. Scrapping and fighting are hard work—those cut out for the life often find it a short one. Ognis, though she was one of the first Viashino at Ziatora's side and remains one of the few to be granted Ziatora's coveted green flame, still stands shoulder to shoulder with her comrades, breaking heads and counting coins.

Jetmir, Nexus of Revels

Jetmir, Nexus of RevelsGolden age Jetmir, Nexus of RevelsGilded Jetmir, Nexus of Revels

The emcee of New Capenna is more than a warm heart and an expensive suit—he's the living spirit of New Capenna, the one-demon dynamo around which the elite orbit and turn to like the sun. There would be no scene without Jetmir. Without his coin, his approval, and his Halo, New Capenna is just a tower in an empty world. People gotta live, not just survive; Jetmir learned that early on. Now, it's his life's work to make sure that people live in his version of New Capenna.

Jetmir is the founder and boss of the Cabaretti, one of New Capenna's five families. In ages past, he led a sect of leonin druids. In Old Capenna, they were masters of ritual and rite, cultists of the natural world—its bounty, beauty, and the cycles that move because of and within all things. Life, death, rebirth, and life eternal, Jetmir's cult carried within them the spirit of the family that would become the Cabaretti before the first migration to New Capenna. He and his order kept the early settlers entertained, kept their spirits up, and in turn, they kept them fed and warm. This relationship, though far removed from how it began, is essentially the same now. Jetmir keeps the Halo flowing, the music playing, and the dance floor burning, and New Capenna loves him for it.

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Parnesse, the Subtle Brush

Parnesse, the Subtle Brush Extended-art Parnesse, the Subtle Brush

Being skilled and confident enough to paint a vampire is a valuable skill that leads to a dangerous job. They can't see themselves in mirrors, see? So the way you paint 'em is the way they see themselves. Lotta risk there, lotta reward. Even for other vampires, who run every risk from getting a stake through them for a poor review to never getting their own portrait done.

Parnesse is one of the best, a portrait artist who specializes in painting vampires not necessarily how they look, but how they wish to be seen. She has a subtle brush—and a flashy bit of Obscura magic (a gift, from a friend)—that helps her see her subjects most confident self-image. A touch of smoother skin here, a lift of the fang there, a tug over there—the vampires who commission a portrait from Parnesse see themselves clearer and more beautiful (or fearsome) than ever, and for that, they keep Parnesse paid in full and booked for the foreseeable future.

Bennie Bracks, Zoologist

Bennie Bracks, Zoologist Extended-art Bennie Bracks, Zoologist

Before Bennie became New Capenna's zoologist-to-the-stars, he was a kid keeping pigeons on the forever-dusk rooftops of the Mezzio. There, with the underside of Park Heights high above, surrounded by the iron and grease of the city, Bennie dreamed of a green and living world. His coop was a modest one, curated with the eye of an enthusiast on a limited budget. His birds, a curiosity first, became his escape: Through informal shows and trades, Bennie found his way into the formal pageants, where his birds—unique among those in the city—caught the eye of Park Heights's traders and keepers, none more tastemaking than Jinnie Fay, Jetmir's adopted daughter. With the stroke of Jinnie's pen and the glowing reviews that followed, Bennie and his birds had made it.

Though Bennie is not officially affiliated with the Cabaretti, he is their first-choice dealer for rare and beautiful creatures. No longer a mere expert in urban birds, Bennie branched out into all manner of exotic, expensive pets: teacup mammals, ancient reptiles, fish from oceans far, far away—Bennie cares for them all, even the ones destined for Rocco's own kitchen.

Denry Klin, Editor in Chief

Denry Klin, Editor in Chief Extended-art Denry Klin, Editor in Chief

Nothing is sacred in New Capenna anymore, not since the angels left. No story—real or imagined—is off limits if it means moving ink and paper. What matters to the newsman is that the news, warts and all, gets to the eyes of the people, and that his paper gets the news to them first. For the working people of the Caldaia and the Mezzio, it might be the labor reports, boxing recaps, and bridge announcements. For the socialites and playboys of Park Heights, it may be the society pages, the gossip columns, and the stock numbers. For the five families, it might be the obituaries, the classifieds, or what passes for the crime beat: the broadsheets of New Capenna are as much at war over readership as the five families are over Halo. This is a war that Denry Klin, the editor in chief of the Capenna Herald, is determined to win.

Born into the gray guild of reporters, Denry Klin knows the news. His ascension to the role of editor in chief of the Capenna Herald was no less brutal for its bloodless achievement. In his mind, the warring papers of New Capenna—the Caldaia Union-Post, the Mezzio Star-Times, the Park Heights Zenith, the New Capenna Vanguard, and his own Capenna Herald—are the "sixth family" of the city. What they lack in enforcers and muscle they replace with beat reporters, gossip columnists, and photographers; though they might not stack bodies, they shine a light on those who do—unless the killer is willing to pay to kill the story as well.

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Bess, Soul Nourisher

Bess, Soul Nourisher Extended-art Bess, Soul Nourisher

Food nourishes the soul. Without it, you can't survive, of course, but with bad food, you don't really live. The pretty ones up in Park Heights might enjoy their frothed foams, delicate medallions, microgreen sprays, and choice of cuts, but down-city people gotta eat as well. The people need to fuel, to nourish their bodies and their souls, not just thrill their palates. Bess is the city's best- and worst-kept secret: a cook to rival the white-coated chefs of Park Heights and a logistician to shame the five family's most experienced smugglers. A master of her craft, she does her work for donations and the people that more expensive restaurants (with worse food) exclude from their tables.

Once a sous chef under Rocco, Bess broke off to form her own kitchen, seeking to bring her skills down-city, back to the streets where she grew up. The people up-city have no appreciation for the art of cooking, only for being seen in the right places by the right people. Food is meant to be enjoyed, meant to be loved. For Bess, cooking was never about impressing people—it was about feeding people. That her food happens to be some of the best in the city is, in her opinion, added proof of the righteousness of her mission: to cook for the people.

Oskar, Rubbish Reclaimer

Oskar, Rubbish Reclaimer Extended-art Oskar, Rubbish Reclaimer

Secrets are only secret if everyone who is party to them is dead. No one wants to acknowledge this. They all think that keeping mum, that shredding their documents, that tossing knowledge down trash chutes and into rat-infested sewers is good enough to cover their trails. Not so. Not at all.

No matter how secure a building is, there are always two ways to get the information it holds: through the plumbing or through the trash. While other Obscura agents prefer to keep clean, Oskar, Rubbish Reclaimer, goes straight to the source. He is a solitary presence among the Obscura's revealers and investigators. A dirty, stinking trash man, he knows every rat in the sewer and dumping spot for every chute in the city. His magic charms the city's rodents, turning the overlooked pests into his own personal army of thieves and spies able to snatch enough of any "disposed-of" document and bring them to him for reconstruction. Secrets other families thought well buried often come crawling up from the sewers to haunt them, all thanks to Oskar's dirty work.

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Perrie, the Pulverizer

Perrie, the PulverizerPerrie, the Pulverizer

Perrie didn't start off no suit-slinging Brokers agent. Big kid for his age, he ran errands for a watchmaker down in the Verts. But the old tinkerer was down on his luck. Never made the rent on time, bless his soul. Perrie swore he'd do right by his friend and entered the boxing ring for some of that sweet, sweet prize money. Turns out he was good at swinging those big fists. Real good. Earned himself a shiny new nickname, "Perrie, the Pulverizer." But violence for money never sat quite right.

That all changed when the pair was discussing a new watch over a coffee and a nearby robbery went south. The getaway car was barreling straight toward their café table! Fearless as ever, Perrie body slammed that automobile into the pavement. He saved the old man's life, though the watch didn't make it. The Brokers who came to evaluate the damage took a shine to Perrie's heroism and offered him a new gig, swinging a big gavel. This time, for the side of good. Heck, they even crafted him some fine armor from that wrecked car. But Perrie's still carrying that smashed-up watch. Sentimental and all, not like he'd admit that to ya.

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Kamiz, Obscura Oculus

Kamiz, Obscura OculusKamiz, Obscura Oculus

Kamiz don't miss a single thing going on in this city. She's got every citizen in her back pocket, and they don't even know her name. Started off trying to be a journalist, 'til she found out every paper was printing complete bunk at the command of whichever clients had the deepest pockets. Always the bookish type, she never took to reporting anyway. Them interview subjects always gave her funny looks, what with those glowing blue eyes of hers. She was downright sick of all them stares.

So, she signed up with the Obscura with the promise she could do her job outta sight from prying eyes. On her very first assignment, she got her spies to blackmail a corrupt politician into stepping down from office. Worked her way up the org right quick after that. Shot right to the top after she invented a spell that let her see through walls. Now, she runs the whole Obscura network, gathering info from sewer to skyscraper. Guess she's still a journalist in that way, since all the papers' stories are coming right from her.

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Anhelo, the Painter

Anhelo, the PainterAnhelo, the Painter

Anhelo is a historian and a businessman all in one. Any business deal or contract with the Maestros or their museum gotta go through him. He won't say how he got his job, but that tidbit of knowledge is the family's worst-kept secret. He was Lord Xander's right-hand man before the city was built, and he still is today. Don't let his title fool you; he's just moonlighting as a wealthy museum curator. Personally trained by Lord Xander for centuries, Anhelo is one of the best assassins in the city.

Guess all that time in the gallery got it into his head he should become an artist, even if killing was still much more profitable. The man can't resist a little creative flourish here and there. Dagger, paintbrush, it's all the same to him. He loves to set a corpse up with a crime scene so pretty, any bystanders wish they'd been knocked off instead. Calls it his art, his bit of "hidden spectacle." Maybe he's trying to impress his boss or his darling daughter. Kinda unnecessary, if you ask the average citizen, but hey, vampires are just like that sometimes.

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Kitt Kanto, Mayhem Diva

Kitt Kanto, Mayhem DivaKitt Kanto, Mayhem Diva

Most people 'round here got too many secrets to be too fond of a songbird, but them Cabaretti ain't kiddin' when they say Kitt Kanto's the only one worth a listen. Who knew Jetmir would find the real cat's meow down in a subway stairwell, purring peppy jazz ditties for pennies? Now she's takin' top-billing center stage at the Cabaretti's main drag every night. That's the real ritzy, rags-to-riches stuff that puts stars o' hope into every kid's eyes. Everyone who wantsa be someone's carrying a torch for that gal, lit bright as day.

Ain't no spotlight in town that ain't eyein' Kitt, and she dang glows in 'em. Them glittering sequins might be makeup, or heck, maybe even magic. She's real keen on them druid verses those Cabaretti preach and croons 'em like lyrics. Hearin' it makes you feel like real gold, it does. But be sure to leave some roses on the stage when the curtain closes, y'know? Piss her off, and you'll learn this kitten's got claws! That microphone of hers can cast some nasty spells that'll set you howling. Or maybe, she'll use them swing musician street smarts and just straight up beat your face in. Me-yowch!

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Henzie "Toolbox" Torre

Henzie Henzie

Ain't no one call him Henzie 'cept his momma. But if you're looking to hire the Toolbox himself, you gotta have the goods. That sly little acrobat can nab anything your pretty little heart fancies, but he'll want a cut off the top. And those services don't come cheap. His own fiancée asked him to snag her some designer wedding gown, and he up and took her engagement ring back as payment. Can't say they lasted too long after that, but why's he need love when he's got money?

Says he's part of the Riveteers and all, moves construction materials for 'em. But rumor's got it that he's tucked away his own private stash, hidden so good his boss, Ziatora, don't even know. Bet that's where all those missing weapons shipments have ended up. No idea what he plans on using 'em for. Maybe he just likes to sit atop it all and gloat like he's the king of Park Heights, basking in the Halo glow. Loves shiny things, always decked out in gems like a dang chandelier. But if those knuckle-dusters hit you in the kisser, you'll be seein' sparks for days.

Returning Legends

Urabrask, Heretic Praetor

Urabrask, Heretic PraetorUrabrask, Heretic Praetor

Urabrask, Heretic PraetorUrabrask, Heretic Praetor

A change is coming to New Phyrexia. Freedom tempered in a red furnace will be the fire that sparks a revolution. That, at least, is Urabrask's secret hope. Until then, he must play his part. Recovering from his transit to this plane, the Rebel Praetor stays hidden deep in the bowels of New Capenna's Caldaia. Urabrask may as well be at home: here, the world is a maze of furnaces, boilers, steam pipes, and foundries. It's a crude mirror of his realm on New Phyrexia, but close enough to lend him strength as he plans his next move.

Prophetic dreams—visions in the flame and the oil—led him to this towering city. There's someone here he's meant to meet. Someone important. Someone who needs to know what the future holds . . .

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Elspeth Resplendent

Elspeth ResplendentElspeth Resplendent

Elspeth ResplendentElspeth Resplendent

Elspeth wants peace. For most of her life, she has been haunted by memories of being imprisoned by Phyrexians during her childhood. Though she escaped when her Planeswalker spark ignited, she never forgot her captors; the memory of them keeps her awake at night. Though Elspeth is constantly searching for a home where she can rest and finally stop running from her past, deep down she knows that she'll never find peace until she confronts her demons and ensures they can never trouble the Multiverse again.

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Vivien on the Hunt

Vivien on the HuntVivien on the Hunt

Vivien on the HuntVivien on the Hunt

Vivien wants to honor the lessons of her homeworld. The last survivor of Skalla, a plane where advocates of progress and guardians of nature failed to find balance, Vivien works tirelessly to ensure that her people's mistakes are not repeated elsewhere in the Multiverse. She is a conservationist and keen observer of nature who cultivates healthier civilizations by sharing lessons from the natural world. She hopes that, by fostering in others the sense of wonder and respect that she feels for nature, she can preserve the beautiful diversity of life in the Multiverse and honor the memory of her own lost world.

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Ob Nixilis, the Adversary

Ob Nixilis, the AdversaryOb Nixilis, the Adversary

Ob Nixilis, the AdversaryOb Nixilis, the Adversary

Ob Nixilis wants dominion over others. Before he became a demon, Ob Nixilis was a human warlord obsessed with conquest. In his pursuit of power, he was transformed by the Chain Veil, an ancient magical artifact. Although he initially sought to remove the curse, he eventually embraced his new form and the power it bestowed on him. Ob Nixilis enjoys subjugating others and is a collector of petty servants, hoarding the broken shells of his former foes in servitude to himself. He takes special pleasure in the challenge of breaking or corrupting the strong or noble and bringing them under his dominion. Though he has established domains on many worlds over his long life, he grows bored quickly and the need for fresh conquests drives him to move on.

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