Missed them the first time? Want to re-watch your favorite? The panels of Magic 30 are available now! Watch them here or with the Magic 30 playlist on YouTube.

The Brothers' War Preview Panel

The Brothers' War is coming! Our host Anna Prosser was joined by Wizards of the Coast guests Miguel Lopez, Yoni Skolnik, Taylor Ingvarsson, and Light Humphreys. Learn more vital information about the newest set releasing November 18!

What Is Magic Art?

Sam from Rhystic Studies is joined by a panel of art directors and artists including Matt Cavotta, Cassie Murphy, and Ovidio Cartagena as they explored 30 wonderful years of Magic art.

State of Tabletop Magic

Join us at Magic 30 to talk about where Magic has been, where it is now, and our vision for Magic's future. This panel was hosted by Jimmy Wong and joined by Aaron Forsythe, Jackie Jones, Ken Troop, Mark Heggen, Melissa DeTora, and Billy Jensen.

The Commander Panel

Some of Commander's biggest names bring you insight, wisdom, and opinion from inside the Rules Committee and Commander Advisory Group. Host Gavin Verhey is joined by guests Olivia Gobert-Hicks, DeQuan Watson, Gavin Duggan, and Sheldon Menery for all the Commander conversation.

The Unfinity Panel

Mark Rosewater was joined by Ari Zirulnik, Annie Sardelis, and Dawn Murin from Wizards of the Coast, who are some of the creative minds behind the latest Un- set. They tell tales of how Unfinity came to life and prepared attendees for the special Unfinity play event which occured Saturday night.

A Conversation with Dr. Richard Garfield

Dr. Richard Garfield changed the gaming world when he created Magic: The Gathering in 1993. He joined Magic 30 for a virtual conversation where we delved into the early years of the game, its impact on the gaming industry, and much more. This conversation was hosted by Brian David-Marshall.

Picture That: 30 Years in Pictures with Mark Rosewater

Thirty years of Magic history come to life through the unique lens of Mark Rosewater.

Phyrexian Lore

Want the inside scoop on Magic's bad-ass bad guys? Matt Danner is joined by guests Roy Graham, Grace Fong, Jay Annelli, and Mark Tedin—your weekend isn't compleat without it.

The Cosplay Contest

One of the highlights of Magic 30 was the Cosplay Contest! Hosted by Anna Prosser and Holly Conrad. Anna and Holly join as co-hosts and judges, together with Taalia Vess and Vic Ochoa (Senior Art Director at Wizards of the Coast), and crowned the winners of the contest!