Twoweeks ago I announced that I was going to let all of you choose my topic for today. Then to shake things up I announced that I was going to let you pick not one, but two topics (one Magic design related and the other not) that I would then entwine into an offbeat but entertaining column. So, here's what you all picked:

List A – Magic Design Themed Topics (Choose one)
10 Worst Designed Cards96312.1%
Impossible things to do in Magic90211.4%
Pros and Cons of Introducing a Sixth Color7349.2%
Why R&D has been hosing blue4175.3%
Biggest changes in Magic that never happened4165.2%
Enchant Worlds3734.7%
Original Decisions in Magic (Why five colors? Why those basic lands?, etc.)3624.6%
Evolution of Power (How the Power Level of Magic Has Evolved)3584.5%
Where Is Magic Heading?3544.5%
Design follies (Card and Mechanic Designs That Went Awry)2713.4%
Cards That Failed To Get Through Design1782.2%
Popular Cards vs. Good Cards (And How We Design Each)1692.1%
What Would Magic Be Like Without Rarity1582.0%
New Race/Class System1481.9%
Creatures with Power of 2 That Cost 11471.9%
Designing Multicolor Cards1381.7%
Why Better & Worse Versions of Existing Cards Get Printed1331.7%
Evolution of a Color1271.6%
Designing for multiplayer1181.5%
The Changing of the Color Wheel1091.4%
Designing Blue Cards1001.3%
Designing For Deck Archetypes Kept In Check (Discard Decks, Land Destruction Decks & Permission Decks)951.2%
The Creation of Frogs In Magic921.2%
The Role of Chaos Inducing Cards881.1%
Choosing Set Themes871.1%
Designing Ante Cards, Licids, and Nettling Imp Style Creatures801.0%
How Sixth Edition Rules Affect Design740.9%
Mana Costs Commensurate with Their Power630.8%
Alpha "Boon" cycle540.7%
Mana Costs520.7%
Revisit the Top You Make the Card Mechanics510.6%
Designing for Limited460.6%
Learning from Design Mistakes440.6%
The Kindle/Burst mechanic390.5%
Non-Elegant Cards390.5%
Themes outside Magic affecting Magic design360.5%
Ebb and Flow of Creature Types350.4%
Designing Cost Reduction Mechanics350.4%
How the Public Impacts Magic340.4%
Designing Removal310.4%
Designing Enchantments310.4%
Timing and Tempo and Their Impact on Design310.4%
How Designing Magic Is Similar to Building a Paper Airplane310.4%
How has my personal life affected my design300.4%
Designing Creature Stealing Cards300.4%
Juxtaposition in Design140.2%
Designing for various formats120.2%
Design of the card Firestorm110.1%
List B – Non-Design Themes (Choose One)
“Mark Rosewater is &$%^# Insane”7538.6%
Mathematics & Magic7058.0%
Monty Python6317.2%
Dungeons & Dragons4945.6%
“Old School” Magic4435.0%
What It's Like To See Your Cards Banned4024.6%
Top 10 Vital Lessons for New Players3984.5%
How the Internet Affected Magic3263.7%
The Dune Chronicles2933.3%
Lack of Marsupials in Magic2352.7%
Card Advantage Without Card Drawing2302.6%
Invisible Banana Splits2122.4%
Time Travel1651.9%
Flying Pigs1581.8%
Rock Music1541.8%
Mistform Ultimus1331.5%
Reiver Demon1301.5%
Sit-coms Changing Actors Mid-Show1121.3%
Pitfalls to Learning the Game861.0%
Book Recommendation for Designers640.7%
How I Became a Magic Designer620.7%
Family Relationships and Magic (Ruel Brothers, Phil and Kaja, etc.)610.7%
How has Magic design affected my personal life480.5%
How I Choose My Topics/ How My Columns Are Created160.2%

Top 10 Worst Designed Cards and Girls. Hmm. This should prove to be interesting.

And for those that have noticed that I gave this little experiment its own name and then numbered it number one might tip my hat that I just might do this again in the future. (I've been told my A list was, well, A-List.) By the way, I'm curious to hear what all of you thought about this experiment, so please drop me a line once you're done.

But let's get back to the column at hand. Bad Designs, women. Where do those two topics merge? Click below to find out.