Apples carved to look like skulls with the text, Artifacts across the Multiverse, Remix Draft, April 2–15

Hello! My name is Zach Barash, a digital events product manager on the MTG Arena team. I am thrilled to be back on the internet writing about Magic: The Gathering and absolutely stoked to announce a brand-new Limited event coming soon to a MTG Arena client near you, Remix Draft: Artifacts!

Experimental Confectioner

What Is Remix Draft?

Remix Draft is an experiment. What if we picked some themes, pulled cards from across MTG Arena, and put cards into a brand-new context? The result is a spicy, high-powered Limited format.

Myr Enforcer

Alright, What Is Remix Draft: Artifacts?

This first Remix Draft is built around a central mechanical theme: artifacts across the Multiverse—from the giant prototype mechs of The Brothers' War to the self-equipping For Mirrodin! keyword artifacts in Phyrexia: All Will Be One, with Clue tokens and Food tokens and Blood and Powerstones and Maps, and featuring power outliers from never-before-drafted-on-MTG Arena sets like Jumpstart and anthologies. Lots of your favorite artifacts are all together in one set, and many will play very differently from how you remember them. Plus, there's an artifact dual land in every pack to help you Bridge gaps across archetypes and find affinity between your cards.

Packs contain 13 cards:

  • 1 rare or mythic rare
  • 3 uncommons
  • 8 commons
  • 1 artifact dual land

Remix Draft: Artifacts Event Details

  • Dates: April 2, 8 a.m.–April 16, 8 a.m. PT (UTC-07:00)
  • Format: Draft Best-of-One and Draft Best-of-Three
  • Entry: 10,000 gold or 1,500 gems
  • Match Record:
    • Best-of-One: 7 wins or 3 losses (whichever comes first)
    • Traditional Best-of-Three: 3 matches (regardless of win/loss record)
  • Rewards:
Remix Draft: Artifacts
Wins Gems Packs
7 2,200 6
6 1,800 5
5 1,600 4
4 1,400 3
3 1,000 2
2 250 2
1 100 1
0 50 1
Remix Draft: Artifacts
Wins Gems Packs Play-In Points
3 2,500 6 2
2 1,000 3 -
1 250 1 -
0 100 1 -

Note: Packs granted for this event are Historic-legal packs, and cards collected during this event are added to your collection.

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Renegade Map

How Do I Remix Draft the Artifacts?

Every color pair in Remix Draft: Artifacts utilizes some element of artifacts. Some are more linear than others, some are better at splashing than others (remember, there's an artifact dual land in every pack), and some are less all-in on artifacts.

White mana symbol Blue mana symbol
All-in Artifacts

Chrome CourierGearseeker Serpent

Play as many artifacts as you can, then use creatures like Gearseeker Serpent, Eye of Malcator, and Myr Enforcer to win on the ground. Or, play lots of colors, slow the game down on the ground, and win in the air with flying creatures.

Blue mana symbol Black mana symbol
Go Big Control

Reverse EngineerTezzeret's Touch

Combine removal and card draw to disrupt your opponent's plays. Once you've stabilized, win by landing a devastating play, like Tezzeret's Touch on Mistvault Bridge.

Black mana symbol Red mana symbol
Artifact Sacrifice

Junkyard GeniusIchor Wellspring

Black and red both love artifacts, particularly putting them in the graveyard! Sacrifice your Ichor Wellspring to Voltage Surge or Candy Grapple, or even better, "borrow" your opponents' permanents and sacrifice them. Win the game by blowing up everything on the battlefield.

Red mana symbol Green mana symbol
Modified Midrange

Invigorating Hot SpringWalking Skyscraper

To put it simply, SMASH. Your creatures are bigger than everyone else's, more resilient to artifact destruction, and many of them come with attached equipment and +1/+1 counters. Use those Modifications to keep your opponent off balance and use your removal to stop anyone and anything that gets in your way.

Green mana symbol White mana symbol
+1/+1 Counters

Arcbound MouserCourage in Crisis

Go wide, go tall, or better yet, do both! Fill your board with creatures, and then let them naturally grow in size thanks to modular or proliferate to build armies fast.

White mana symbol Black mana symbol
Attrition Sacrifice

Bartolomé del PresidioBlood Fountain

White has modular creatures that help your team even when they go to the graveyard, and black is great at putting creatures in the graveyard and pulling them out again. Combine them to accumulate value over time and win the long game.

Blue mana symbol Red mana symbol
Pirate Artifact Aggro

Goblin Tomb RaiderWaylaying Pirates

Play cheap artifacts, cheap pirates, and win the game before your opponent can set up their defenses.

Black mana symbol Green mana symbol
Food Midrange

Greta, Sweettooth ScourgeFierce Witchstalker

Artifact tokens have oodles of synergy: as a token for Woodland Champion, as sacrifice fodder for Deadly Dispute, as fuel for Trail of Crumbs, when discounting Fen Hauler, or just when gaining you life.

Red mana symbol White mana symbol
Modified Aggro

Arcbound ShikariBladehold War-Whip

Most of your creatures naturally come with modular +1/+1 counters or attached equipment. You can go wide with On the Job and Ambitious Assault, or grind value by moving around +1/+1 counters and equipment.

Green mana symbol Blue mana symbol
Clue Control

WavesifterFleeting Memories

You get all of the synergies of Food tokens, except your tokens are better because they draw cards. Stretch your colors, play for the long game, or mill your opponent out with Fleeting Memories.

Why Remix Draft?

Remix Draft started from a simple question: How can we provide more novel experiences right before a set releases? Normally, we use flashback drafts and Cube in this slot, but what if we found even more ways to delight players?

We know that some players avoid Cube because it doesn't help them build their collections, and others want something more unique than Flashback Drafts. Every now and then, MTG Arena adds a big release like Khans of Tarkir and Shadows over Innistrad Remastered, but those are massive releases intended for broad swaths of the player base. Remix Draft aims to be more targeted, satisfying the aforementioned novelty-seeking drafters without pulling focus from the big release right after it. It's another event we can use alongside Cube and Flashback Drafts to surprise and delight players.

So, to be absolutely clear, Remix Draft is like Cube—it's one person's design, made entirely out of existing components—though unlike Cube, it's a draft experience where you get to keep your cards at the end and which radically recontextualizes the familiar. Hopefully this will delight many people who have been looking for even more fun draft formats from MTG Arena and enjoy building their collections through Limited.

Will There Be More Remix Draft?

Much of that is up to you. There are plenty of ideas we'd love to do for future Remix Drafts; artifacts simply felt like the best version to start with.

So, if you like Remix Draft and want to see more of them, play it! Talk about it! If you like that we have a traditional Remix Draft, play that! If or when we run Remix Draft: Artifacts again, would you prefer the list to stay the same (like a flashback draft) or change (like a Cube)?

We'll be paying attention to the community's and players' responses and let that guide whether and when we'll rerun Artifacts or a second Remix Draft. Until then, I can't wait to see all the decks people draft, hear about what Remix Drafts they'd like to see next, and keep helping design fun new experiences. Thanks for reading.

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(Note: Card images displayed may be of versions not present in this product. These are not card-for-card product displays but rather are representative of the cards in the event.)

Complete Card List for Remix Draft: Artifacts


Akki Ember-Keeper

Alloy Myr

Ambitious Assault

Ancestral Blade

Angel of Invention

Annihilating Glare

Arcanist's Owl

Arcbound Mouser

Arcbound Prototype

Arcbound Shikari

Arcbound Slasher

Arcbound Tracker

Arcbound Whelp


Argothian Opportunist

Argothian Sprite

Ashnod's Harvester

Autonomous Assembler

Bake into a Pie

Barbed Batterfist

Barbed Spike

Barricade Breaker

Bartolomé del Presidio

Blade of Shared Souls

Bladehold War-Whip

Blinkmoth Nexus

Blood Fountain

Bloom Hulk

Board the Weatherlight


Botanical Brawler

Brazen Blademaster

Breya's Apprentice

Briarbridge Patrol

Briarbridge Tracker

Brute Suit

Byway Courier

Candy Grapple

Candy Trail

Captain Lannery Storm

Captain Ripley Vance

Captain Storm, Cosmium Raider

Captured by Lagacs

Cartographer's Companion

Cast Down

Chief of the Foundry

Chromatic Star

Chrome Courier

Chrome Prowler

Citizen's Arrest

Cityscape Leveler

Cleanup Crew

Cloudsteel Kirin

Cogwork Wrestler

Cogworker's Puzzleknot

Coldsteel Heart

Combat Thresher

Combustible Gearhulk

Conclave Mentor

Contagious Vorrac

Corsair Captain

Courage in Crisis

Cutthroat Centurion

Dance of the Manse

Danitha Capashen, Paragon

Darkmoss Bridge

Deadeye Plunderers

Deadly Dispute


Defiant Salvager

Demand Answers


Dowsing Device

Drafna, Founder of Lat-Nam

Dragonwing Glider

Drossforge Bridge

Drown in Ichor

Emergency Weld

Enraged Giant

Enterprising Scallywag

Enthusiastic Mechanaut

Epic Confrontation

Erdwal Illuminator

Eriette's Tempting Apple

Esper Sentinel

Essence Extraction

Evolving Adaptive

Experimental Confectioner

Explorer's Cache

Eye of Malcator

Fatal Push

Fen Hauler

Fierce Witchstalker

Fiery Intervention

Filigree Attendant

Flame Discharge

Fleeting Memories

Forsaken Monument

Foundry Inspector

Foundry Screecher


Gaea's Gift

Galvanic Juggernaut

Gearseeker Serpent

Gixian Infiltrator

Gleeful Demolition

Glint-Sleeve Artisan

Glorifier of Suffering

Goblin Engineer

Goblin Tomb Raider

Goldmire Bridge

Goldwarden's Helm

Greedy Freebooter

Greta, Sweettooth Scourge

Halvar, God of Battle

Hamlet Glutton

Hangarback Walker

Hard Evidence

Herald of Anguish

Hexgold Halberd

Hexgold Hoverwings

Hidden Stockpile

Hollow Scavenger

Ichor Wellspring

Ingenious Smith

Inventors' Fair

Invigorating Hot Spring

Iron Apprentice

Irontread Crusher

Jhoira, Ageless Innovator

Jin-Gitaxias, Progress Tyrant

Jor Kadeen, First Goldwarden


Junkyard Genius

Karn, Legacy Reforged

Karn, Scion of Urza

Kellan, the Fae-Blooded

Lion Sash

Lizard Blades

Lodestone Golem

Lonis, Cryptozoologist


Mandible Justiciar

Maulfist Revolutionary

Maulfist Squad

Mechtitan Core

Metallic Rebuke

Metalwork Colossus

Migloz, Maze Crusher


Mirage Mirror

Mirran Bardiche

Mishra, Claimed by Gix

Mishra's Bauble

Mishra's Research Desk

Mistvault Bridge


Moonsilver Key

Moonsnare Prototype


Myr Enforcer

Myr Kinsmith

Myr Sire

Mystic Forge


Night of the Sweets' Revenge

Oaken Siren

Obliterating Bolt

Obsessive Skinner

Oltec Cloud Guard

On the Job

Ongoing Investigation


Ornithopter of Paradise

Oviya Pashiri, Sage Lifecrafter

Ozolith, the Shattered Spire

Palladium Myr


Patchwork Automaton

Perilous Myr

Phyrexian Dragon Engine

Phyrexian Fleshgorger

Phyrexian Metamorph

Phyrexian Revoker

Pirate Hat

Pitiless Plunderer

Plated Onslaught

Platoon Dispenser

Plundering Pirate

Rabbit Battery

Ravenous Squirrel

Razortide Bridge

Reality Heist

Rebel Salvo

Reckoner Bankbuster


Renegade Map

Retrofitter Foundry

Reverse Engineer

Ridgescale Tusker

Ruin Raider

Rustvale Bridge

Saheeli, Filigree Master

Salivating Gremlins

Sarinth Steelseeker

Savvy Hunter

Scrap Trawler

Scrapheap Scrounger

Scrapwork Cohort

Scrapwork Mutt

Scream Puff

Sculpting Steel

Secrets of the Key

Servant of the Scale

Servo Schematic


Shipwreck Sentry

Sibling Rivalry

Silverbluff Bridge

Simian Simulacrum

Skyship Plunderer

Skysovereign, Consul Flagship

Skyswimmer Koi

Slagwoods Bridge

Sokenzan Smelter

Spider Food

Spring-Loaded Sawblades

Spyglass Siren

Static Net

Staunch Crewmate

Steel Overseer

Stern Lesson

Structural Assault

Sunder Shaman

Surgical Skullbomb

Sweettooth Witch

Tamiyo's Immobilizer

Tamiyo's Journal

Tanglepool Bridge

Taste of Death

Teething Wurmlet


Tezzeret the Schemer

Tezzeret's Touch

The Mightstone and Weakstone

The Mycosynth Gardens

The Ozolith

The Witch's Vanity

Thornglint Bridge

Thought Monitor

Thraben Inspector

Threefold Thunderhulk

Tireless Provisioner

Toolcraft Exemplar

Torrential Gearhulk

Tough Cookie

Towashi Songshaper

Trail of Crumbs

Transmogrant's Crown

Traxos, Scourge of Kroog

Ulvenwald Mysteries

Unctus, Grand Metatect

Untethered Express

Upriser Renegade

Urza, Lord Protector

Urza, Powerstone Prodigy

Vat of Rebirth

Vault Skirge

Veil of Assimilation

Vengeful Rebel

Verdurous Gearhulk

Visionary Augmenter

Visions of Phyrexia

Voltage Surge

Vulshok Splitter

Walking Skyscraper

Wanderer's Strike


Waylaying Pirates

Weaponcraft Enthusiast


Weirding Wood

Welcome to Sweettooth

Weldfast Engineer

Welding Sparks

Whirler Rogue

Wicked Wolf

Woodland Champion

Yahenni, Undying Partisan

Zabaz, the Glimmerwasp

Zahid, Djinn of the Lamp