For more information on the upcoming changes to Magic: The Gathering booster products, please refer to the full announcement, "What Are Play Boosters?"

Today, we announced that our tabletop products will be combining Set and Draft Boosters into a unified Play Booster experience. While Mark Rosewater outlined the reasoning behind this change for our physical boosters, on the digital side of things, our primary concern was … well, the same thing that always concerns us: ensuring Magic: The Gathering Arena provides players an authentic way to experience Magic in a fast, fun, digital environment.

So, if changes are coming to the draft experience on tabletop, it means we're making those same changes to the draft experience on MTG Arena.

Changes to MTG Arena Limited Boosters

In alignment with tabletop, Play Boosters will premiere on MTG Arena with Murders at Karlov Manor. They will be used for our Limited play events so that Draft and Sealed will continue to mirror the tabletop experience on MTG Arena.

Limited packs on MTG Arena will include the new features of Play Boosters, like having cards from The List and Special Guests. Because MTG Arena's older formats are different from those of tabletop Magic, we have worked with the Play Design team on a few card swaps on The List to mesh better with MTG Arena's formats. (We'll share those details close to each set's release on MTG Arena.)

You can rest assured that when you draft using Play Boosters on MTG Arena, it will feel as close as possible to drafting at your local game store.

Will playing in Limited events that use Play Boosters cost more on MTG Arena?

We do not plan to increase the entry cost for Limited events on MTG Arena, including Limited events that use the new Play Boosters. The cost of entry for a Murders at Karlov Manor draft will be the same as Wilds of Eldraine, The Lost Caverns of Ixalan, and other recent releases.

What changes are you making to non-Limited packs?

None. Packs obtained outside Limited events (purchased in the MTG Arena Store, obtained from Set Mastery, etc.) will remain the same.