The streets grow restless in New Capenna. Tensions between the families are reaching a fever pitch, and the alleys whisper of coming violence. No one's quite sure what started all. Do the Obscura have something on the Brokers? Did the Riveteers steal from Maestros? Goodness knows the Cabaretti are ready . . . whatever the cause, one thing is clear: this means brawl.

Turf Brawls skyscraper card styles on the sunset view of the rooftop Botanical Plaza

Turf Brawl Event Details

Dates: May 27—June 2

Format: Brawl with preconstructed decks—one for each family!

Structure: Play as many Best-of-One matches as you want, earning skyscraper showcase card styles for your first 5 wins.

Entry: 5,000 gold or 1,000 gems


Wins Rewards
5 wins 2 card styles
4 wins 2 card styles
3 wins 2 card styles
2 wins 2 card styles
1 win 2 card styles

Skyscraper Showcase Card Style Rewards

The following showcase card styles can be earned in this event. Each is equally likely, and you will always receive styles you don't own yet until you collect them all:

Skybridge Towers card styleRacer 's Ring card styleJetmir 's Garden card style

Botanical Plaza card styleZiatora 's Proving Ground card styleXander 's Lounge card style

Tramway Station card styleRafine 's Tower card style

Waterfront District card styleSpara 's Headquarters card style