The Kaladesh Inventors' Fair, a celebration of innovation and ingenuity, was a ruse.

For decades, Kaladesh was in the throes of an inventors' renaissance. The governing Consulate fostered innovation and optimism. But then, at the pinnacle of this era of creativity, the Consulate cracked down, confiscating inventions and detaining many genius inventors.

The Consulate claims their actions were for the safety of the citizens, but it has become apparent that the Planeswalker Tezzeret looms behind much of the aggression. A divide is forming between the Consulate and the inventors. Where once there was a shared spirit of innovation, now there is discontent and revolt. The renegades are rising...

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  • Episode 01: In the Dead of Night

    Episode 01: In the Dead of Night

    At Tezzeret's command, the Consulate has cracked down on Ghirapur by installing a curfew, limiting aether access, and confiscating inventions. All citizens are feeling the stifling effects, but perhaps none more than the aetherborn Yahenni, whose life is about to end.

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  • Episode 02: Quiet Moments

    Episode 02: Quiet Moments

    While Tezzeret commands the Consulate with an iron fist, the Planeswalkers of the Gatewatch struggle to discover the true purpose behind the artificer's presence on Kaladesh—and to determine their own role in the tumultuous political conflict of Ghirapur.

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  • Episode 03: Breakthrough

    Episode 03: Breakthrough

    Rashmi's matter transporter won the Inventors' Fair, and she accepted a patronage under Head Judge Tezzeret. Her dream of sharing her invention with the world seems within reach, but she's about to learn that Tezzeret has other plans.

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  • Episode 04: Revolution Begins

    Episode 04: Revolution Begins

    A fire has been lit in the hearts of the people. They're rising from all corners of Ghirapur, no longer willing to stand for the Consulate's oppression. It's time to take back their city. It's time to reclaim their freedom. It's time for revolution.

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  • Episode 05: Burn

    Episode 05: Burn

    Ghirapur has risen against Tezzeret's oppressive Consulate. Renegades under Chandra and Pia Nalaar seized the vital Aether Hub, but Dovin Baan knows the Gatewatch's weaknesses.

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  • Episode 06: The Skies Over Ghirapur

    Episode 06: The Skies Over Ghirapur

    Kari Zev, skyship captain and notorious pirate, is sympathetic to the renegade cause - for a price. While the renegades battle in the streets, Jace has accompanied this young captain, who aims to put the mind mage's useful skills to work.

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  • Episode 07: Breaking Points

    Episode 07: Breaking Points

    The flagship Skysovereign has fallen and the Consulate's defenses are weakening. The renegades and Gatewatch divide their efforts to attack Tezzeret's operation on multiple fronts.

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  • Episode 08: Puppets

    Episode 08: Puppets

    While her Planeswalker allies are caught up in the Inventors' revolt, Liliana Vess has just one purpose in mind: to find her old enemy Tezzeret…and kill him.

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  • Episode 09: Renewal

    Episode 09: Renewal

    The immediate threats to Ghirapur have been defeated. Now the Gatewatch and the people of Kaladesh must decide their paths into the future.

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