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Dominaria United


Prerelease Packs

Fun for new and old players alike! Prerelease Packs let you see the new set for the first time and get you playing at your local game store events!


This is the ultimate fan kit. Combine forces and fight against the Phyrexian forces with exclusive items, including a foil promo card and an oversized spin-down life counter.

Jumpstart Boosters / Booster Display

Quick, fun, and easy with 10 unique Dominaria themes! Just mix and match two packs, shuffle, and you’re ready to play!

Commander Decks

Get ready for an adventure with one of Magic's most popular formats. These can be played as-is or used to build decks! Now includes two extra cards as part of a special Collector Booster Sample Pack.

Set Boosters / Booster Display

Love that tear-into-the-pack feeling? Power up with Rare and Mythic Dominaria United cards, plus special Commander cards! One legendary creature will be in each booster.

Collector Boosters / Booster Display

Grab enhanced boosters with foil-etched legendary creatures and extended art. You'll even find Lost Legends in a select number of Dominaria United collector boosters.

Draft Boosters / Booster Display

A favorite for playing Limited. Draft with your friends and battle with with powerful planeswalkers and heroes from across the multiverse! Featuring one legendary creature per booster.

Open a Piece of History with Lost Legends 

A select number of Dominaria United collector boosters contain one of the most exciting additions to a set ever: Lost Legends. Pulled from physical Legends booster packs printed in 1994, these cards offer a unique way to celebrate Magic’s storied history.

Dominaria United Promotions

Lost Legends

Pulled from 1994 Legends booster packs, these cards celebrate Magic’s storied history in a unique way. Find one in select Dominaria United Collector Boosters!


Preorder your Draft, Set, or Collector Booster Box at your local WPN store to receive a Dominaria United alternative art card Llanowar Loamspeaker. Get yours while supplies last!

Box Topper

New designs inspried by the original Legends set from 1994! Get your foil Legends Retold box topper in each Set, Draft and Collector Booster display.




Step into the future, and embrace the past, with cards pulled from Magic's history. These legacy cards include commons, uncommons, Rares/Mythic Rares. One in four Set Boosters contain one card from The List.  

Get News & Updates

Four sets. One enemy. The Phyrexians are here, and the fate of the multiverse is at stake. Be the first to know about exclusives, announcements, and events.

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