Jumpstart: Historic Horizons

Posted in Card Image Gallery on August 4, 2021

By Wizards of the Coast

(Editor's Note: information for the Jumpstart: Historic Horizons release and upcoming MTG Arena changes have been updated since publication. Click here to learn more.)

Arriving August 26 on MTG Arena, Jumpstart: Historic Horizons adds hundreds of cards from Modern Horizons, Modern Horizons 2, and beyond—plus all-new Magic: The Gathering cards to MTG Arena.

Learning about Jumpstart: Historic Horizons? Our announcement has you covered with details on the new mechanics, cards, play experience, and more.

Below, you'll find card images for the new-to-Magic cards in this digital release updated the day after they are previewed.

For full lists of contents and to see the variety of cards possible within each Jumpstart: Historic Horizons packet, check out our Packet Lists article and see the full breakdown here. To follow along with the latest card previews, make sure to bookmark the Where to Find Previews page and check in regularly for previews as they roll out!

New-to-Magic Cards



Baffling Defenses
Baffling Defenses

Benalish Partisan
Benalish Partisan

Leonin Sanctifier
Leonin Sanctifier

Lumbering Lightshield
Lumbering Lightshield

Teyo, Aegis Adept
Teyo, Aegis Adept

Wingsteed Trainer
Wingsteed Trainer


Bounty of the Deep
Bounty of the Deep

Ethereal Grasp
Ethereal Grasp

Kiora, the Tide's Fury
Kiora, the Tide's Fury

Mentor of Evos Isle
Mentor of Evos Isle

Shoreline Scout
Shoreline Scout

Tome of the Infinite
Tome of the Infinite


Boneyard Aberration
Boneyard Aberration

Davriel, Soul Broker
Davriel, Soul Broker

Davriel's Withering
Davriel's Withering

Manor Guardian
Manor Guardian

Plaguecrafter's Familiar
Plaguecrafter's Familiar

Subversive Acolyte
Subversive Acolyte


Managorger Phoenix
Managorger Phoenix

Reckless Ringleader
Reckless Ringleader

Sarkhan's Scorn
Sarkhan's Scorn

Sarkhan, Wanderer to Shiv
Sarkhan, Wanderer to Shiv

Scion of Shiv
Scion of Shiv

Static Discharge
Static Discharge


Freyalise, Skyshroud Partisan
Freyalise, Skyshroud Partisan

Longtusk Stalker
Longtusk Stalker

Pool of Vigorous Growth
Pool of Vigorous Growth

Skyshroud Ambush
Skyshroud Ambush

Skyshroud Lookout
Skyshroud Lookout

Veteran Charger
Veteran Charger


Faceless Agent
Faceless Agent



Davriel, Soul Broker

Davriel will offer you three choices from the options below:

  • Draw three cards.
  • Conjure a Manor Guardian card into your hand.
  • Return two random creature cards from your graveyard to your hand. They perpetually gain +1/+1.
  • Return a random creature card with the highest mana value from among cards in your graveyard to the battlefield.
  • You get an emblem with "Creatures you control get +2/+0."
  • You get an emblem with "Spells you cast cost {oB} less to cast."
  • You get an emblem with "Davriel planeswalkers you control have "+2: Draw a card."
  • You get an emblem with "Whenever you draw a card, you gain 2 life."

Davriel's will require you to choose a condition from among three of the options below:

  • You lose 6 life.
  • Exile two cards from your hand. If fewer than two cards were exiled this way, each opponent draws cards equal to the difference.
  • Sacrifice two permanents.
  • Each creature you don't control perpetually gains +1/+1.
  • You get an emblem with "Creatures you control get -1/-0."
  • You get an emblem with "Spells you cast cost {oB} more to cast."
  • You get an emblem with "Whenever you draw a card, exile the top two cards of your library."
  • You get an emblem with "At the beginning of your upkeep, you lose 1 life for each creature you control."

Tome of the Infinite

Tome of the Infinite conjures the following cards:

Here is the complete list of cards that are available to craft or acquire through play with Jumpstart: Historic Horizons.

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Card Set Rarity Color Type
Abiding Grace MH2 U White Enchantment
Abzan Battle Priest J21 U White Creature
Abzan Falconer J21 U White Creature
Aethershield Artificer M19 U White Creature
Ainok Bond-Kin J21 C White Creature
Allied Assault ZNR U White Instant
Alseid of Life's Bounty THB U White Enchantment Creature
Angel of the Dawn M19 C White Creature
Angel of the God-Pharaoh J21 U White Creature
Angelheart Protector ZNR C White Creature
Angelic Edict JMP C White Sorcery
Angelic Exaltation RNA U White Enchantment
Angelic Purge J21 C White Sorcery
Anointed Chorister M21 C White Creature
Anointer of Valor J21 C White Creature
Arcbound Mouser MH2 C White Artifact Creature
Arcbound Prototype MH2 C White Artifact Creature
Baffling Defenses J21 C White Instant
Baffling End RIX U White Enchantment
Barbed Spike MH2 U White Artifact
Battle Screech MH1 U White Sorcery
Battlefield Promotion WAR C White Instant
Battlefield Raptor KHM C White Creature
Benalish Partisan J21 R White Creature
Blade Splicer J21 R White Creature
Bonds of Faith J21 C White Enchantment
Bonescythe Sliver J21 R White Creature
Boros Elite J21 U White Creature
Captivating Unicorn THB C White Creature
Cast Out AKR U White Enchantment
Celestial Enforcer M21 C White Creature
Charming Prince ELD R White Creature
Cloudshift JMP C White Instant
Codespell Cleric KHM C White Creature
Conclave Tribunal GRN U White Enchantment
Coordinated Charge IKO C White Instant
Dauntless Bodyguard DAR U White Creature
Devouring Light J21 U White Instant
Disciple of the Sun MH2 C White Creature
Djeru's Renunciation J21 C White Instant
Doomed Traveler J21 C White Creature
Drannith Healer IKO C White Creature
Dueling Coach STX U White Creature
Elite Spellbinder STX R White Creature
Enduring Sliver MH1 C White Creature
Esper Sentinel MH2 R White Artifact Creature
Faerie Guidemother ELD C White Creature
Fairgrounds Patrol MH2 C White Creature
Feat of Resistance M21 C White Instant
Fencing Ace M20 U White Creature
Fight as One IKO U White Instant
First Sliver's Chosen MH1 U White Creature
Flourishing Fox IKO U White Creature
Forsake the Worldly AKR C White Instant
Fortify JMP C White Instant
Gauntlets of Light M20 U White Enchantment
Gilded Light MH1 C White Instant
Gird for Battle JMP U White Sorcery
Glass Casket ELD U White Artifact
Glorious Enforcer MH2 U White Creature
Hanweir Militia Captain J21 R White Creature
Healer's Flock MH2 U White Creature
Healer's Hawk GRN C White Creature
Herald of the Sun M20 U White Creature
Hive Stirrings J21 C White Sorcery
Imposing Vantasaur IKO C White Creature
Impostor of the Sixth Pride MH1 C White Creature
Irregular Cohort MH1 C White Creature
Journey to Oblivion ZNR U White Enchantment
King of the Pride MH1 U White Creature
Kor Skyfisher J21 C White Creature
Lagonna-Band Storyteller THB U White Creature
Lancer Sliver MH1 C White Creature
Late to Dinner MH2 C White Sorcery
Law-Rune Enforcer WAR C White Creature
Leonin Sanctifier J21 C White Creature
Light of Hope IKO C White Instant
Lumbering Lightshield J21 C White Creature
Makeshift Battalion M21 C White Creature
Martyr for the Cause WAR C White Creature
Moment of Heroism JMP C White Instant
Oketra's Attendant AKR U White Creature
Omen of the Sun THB C White Enchantment
On Serra's Wings DAR U White Enchantment
Pacifism IKO C White Enchantment
Pious Wayfarer THB C White Creature
Radiant's Judgment J21 C White Instant
Ranger-Captain of Eos MH1 M White Creature
Reprobation MH1 C White Enchantment
Restoration Angel J21 R White Creature
Return to the Ranks J21 R White Sorcery
Righteous Valkyrie KHM R White Creature
Roc Egg J21 U White Creature
Sandsteppe Outcast J21 C White Creature
Scour the Desert MH2 U White Sorcery
Sea Gate Banneret ZNR C White Creature
Seal Away DAR U White Enchantment
Segovian Angel MH1 C White Creature
Selfless Cathar J21 C White Creature
Selfless Savior M21 U White Creature
Sentinel Sliver J21 C White Creature
Seraph of Dawn J21 C White Creature
Serra Angel DAR U White Creature
Serra the Benevolent MH1 M White Planeswalker
Serra's Emissary MH2 M White Creature
Shelter MH1 C White Instant
Shepherd of the Flock ELD U White Creature
Sigiled Contender M21 U White Creature
Skyblade's Boon MH2 U White Enchantment
Snare Tactician IKO C White Creature
Soul of Migration MH2 C White Creature
Splendor Mare IKO U White Creature
Stalwart Valkyrie KHM C White Creature
Star Pupil STX C White Creature
Starfield Mystic M20 R White Creature
Steadfast Sentry M20 C White Creature
Steelform Sliver J21 U White Creature
Stirring Address MH1 C White Instant
Sustainer of the Realm J21 C White Creature
Teyo, Aegis Adept J21 M White Planeswalker
Teyo, the Shieldmage WAR U White Planeswalker
Thalia's Lieutenant J21 R White Creature
Thraben Inspector SOI C White Creature
Thraben Standard Bearer J21 C White Creature
Thraben Watcher MH2 U White Creature
Triumph of Gerrard DAR U White Enchantment
Valiant Rescuer IKO U White Creature
Valkyrie's Sword KHM U White Artifact
Valorous Stance JMP U White Instant
Vesperlark MH1 U White Creature
Wall of One Thousand Cuts MH1 C White Creature
Winged Shepherd J21 C White Creature
Wingsteed Trainer J21 U White Creature
Wispweaver Angel KLR U White Creature
Yoked Plowbeast J21 C White Creature
Youthful Valkyrie KHM U White Creature
Zhalfirin Decoy MH1 U White Creature
Aeromoeba MH2 C Blue Creature
Alirios, Enraptured THB U Blue Creature
Animating Faerie ELD U Blue Creature
Archmage's Charm MH1 R Blue Instant
Aven Eternal WAR C Blue Creature
Aviation Pioneer M19 C Blue Creature
Bazaar Trademage MH1 R Blue Creature
Bounty of the Deep J21 C Blue Sorcery
Breaching Hippocamp J21 C Blue Creature
Brineborn Cutthroat M20 U Blue Creature
Bubble Snare ZNR C Blue Enchantment
Burdened Aerialist MH2 C Blue Creature
Burrog Befuddler STX C Blue Creature
Capture Sphere M21 C Blue Enchantment
Censor AKR U Blue Instant
Champion of Wits AKR R Blue Creature
Choking Tethers MH1 C Blue Instant
Coralhelm Guide J21 C Blue Creature
Crookclaw Transmuter JMP C Blue Creature
Diffusion Sliver J21 U Blue Creature
Dismiss J21 U Blue Instant
Essence Capture RNA U Blue Instant
Ethereal Grasp J21 C Blue Instant
Etherium Spinner MH2 C Blue Artifact Creature
Exclude JMP U Blue Instant
Exclusion Mage M19 U Blue Creature
Expedition Diviner ZNR C Blue Creature
Eyekite MH1 C Blue Creature
Faerie Duelist RNA C Blue Creature
Faerie Seer MH1 C Blue Creature
Faerie Vandal ELD U Blue Creature
Filigree Attendant MH2 U Blue Artifact Creature
Floodhound MH2 C Blue Creature
Foul Watcher MH2 C Blue Creature
Ghostform M19 C Blue Sorcery
Ghost-Lit Drifter MH2 U Blue Creature
Giant's Amulet KHM U Blue Artifact
Glimmerbell IKO C Blue Creature
Gust of Wind IKO C Blue Sorcery
Hard Evidence MH2 C Blue Sorcery
Hypnotic Sprite ELD U Blue Creature
Inniaz, the Gale Force JMP R Blue Creature
Into the Roil ZNR C Blue Instant
Junk Winder MH2 U Blue Creature
Just the Wind J21 C Blue Instant
Jwari Disruption ZNR U Blue Instant
Keen Glidemaster M21 C Blue Creature
Kiora, the Tide's Fury J21 M Blue Planeswalker
Kitesail Corsair RIX C Blue Creature
Living Tempest ZNR C Blue Creature
Lofty Denial M21 C Blue Instant
Manic Scribe J21 U Blue Creature
Man-o'-War MH1 C Blue Creature
Mantle of Tides ELD C Blue Artifact
Master of the Pearl Trident J21 R Blue Creature
Mentor of Evos Isle J21 C Blue Creature
Merfolk Falconer ZNR U Blue Creature
Merfolk Trickster DAR U Blue Creature
Merrow Reejerey LRW U Blue Creature
Mist-Syndicate Naga MH1 R Blue Creature
Mistwalker KHM C Blue Creature
Moonblade Shinobi MH1 C Blue Creature
Mulldrifter J21 C Blue Creature
Neutralize IKO U Blue Instant
Ninja of the Deep Hours J21 C Blue Creature
Ojutai's Summons J21 C Blue Sorcery
Omen of the Sea THB C Blue Enchantment
Oneirophage JMP U Blue Creature
Parcel Myr MH2 C Blue Artifact Creature
Passwall Adept GRN C Blue Creature
Phantasmal Form MH1 C Blue Instant
Phantom Ninja MH1 C Blue Creature
Pondering Mage MH1 C Blue Creature
Prosperous Pirates XLN C Blue Creature
Rain of Revelation M21 U Blue Instant
Raving Visionary MH2 U Blue Creature
Recalibrate MH2 C Blue Instant
Resculpt STX C Blue Instant
Rewind M21 U Blue Instant
Rise and Shine MH2 R Blue Sorcery
Roaming Ghostlight M21 C Blue Creature
Rousing Read M21 C Blue Enchantment
Sailor of Means XLN C Blue Creature
Scour All Possibilities MH1 C Blue Sorcery
Scour the Laboratory J21 U Blue Instant
Scuttletide MH2 U Blue Enchantment
Scuttling Sliver MH1 U Blue Creature
Shaper Apprentice XLN C Blue Creature
Shoreline Scout J21 U Blue Creature
Sigiled Starfish JMP U Blue Creature
Silvergill Adept RIX U Blue Creature
Skatewing Spy RNA U Blue Creature
Skilled Animator M19 U Blue Creature
Skyclave Squid ZNR C Blue Creature
So Shiny MH2 C Blue Enchantment
Specimen Collector MH2 U Blue Creature
Spectral Sailor M20 U Blue Creature
Steelfin Whale MH2 C Blue Creature
Stitchwing Skaab J21 U Blue Creature
Storm Sculptor JMP C Blue Creature
Supreme Will AKR U Blue Instant
Svyelun of Sea and Sky MH2 M Blue Creature
Tazeem Roilmage ZNR C Blue Creature
Thought Monitor MH2 R Blue Artifact Creature
Tide Skimmer M21 U Blue Creature
Tightening Coils J21 C Blue Enchantment
Tolarian Kraken M21 U Blue Creature
Tome Anima M21 C Blue Creature
Tome of the Infinite J21 R Blue Artifact
Turn into a Pumpkin ELD U Blue Instant
Unsubstantiate M21 U Blue Instant
Unsummon M20 C Blue Instant
Vexing Gull THB C Blue Creature
Voracious Greatshark IKO R Blue Creature
Waker of Waves M21 U Blue Creature
Waterkin Shaman M20 U Blue Creature
Waterknot RIX C Blue Enchantment
Watertrap Weaver XLN C Blue Creature
Windcaller Aven MH1 C Blue Creature
Windstorm Drake RNA U Blue Creature
Winged Words M20 C Blue Sorcery
Witching Well ELD C Blue Artifact
Wonder MH2 R Blue Creature
Wormhole Serpent STX U Blue Creature
Abnormal Endurance M19 C Black Instant
Accursed Horde J21 U Black Creature
Alchemist's Gift M21 C Black Instant
Anointed Deacon XLN C Black Creature
Archfiend of Sorrows MH2 U Black Creature
Asylum Visitor J21 R Black Creature
Azra Smokeshaper MH1 C Black Creature
Black Cat JMP C Black Creature
Blight Keeper XLN C Black Creature
Blighted Bat JMP C Black Creature
Blitz Leech IKO C Black Creature
Blood Artist JMP U Black Creature
Blood Burglar M20 C Black Creature
Blood Glutton M21 C Black Creature
Bloodchief's Thirst ZNR U Black Sorcery
Bond of Revival WAR U Black Sorcery
Bone Shards MH2 C Black Sorcery
Boneclad Necromancer M20 C Black Creature
Boneyard Aberration J21 U Black Creature
Burglar Rat JMP C Black Creature
Cabal Initiate MH2 C Black Creature
Callous Bloodmage STX R Black Creature
Carrier Thrall J21 U Black Creature
Cemetery Recruitment JMP C Black Sorcery
Changeling Outcast MH1 C Black Creature
Clattering Augur MH2 U Black Creature
Cordial Vampire MH1 R Black Creature
Corpse Churn IKO C Black Instant
Dark Salvation J21 R Black Sorcery
Davriel, Rogue Shadowmage WAR U Black Planeswalker
Davriel, Soul Broker J21 M Black Planeswalker
Davriel's Shadowfugue WAR C Black Sorcery
Davriel's Withering J21 C Black Instant
Deadly Alliance ZNR C Black Instant
Death Wind J21 C Black Instant
Deathbloom Thallid DAR C Black Creature
Deathless Ancient XLN U Black Creature
Dire Fleet Poisoner RIX R Black Creature
Diregraf Colossus J21 R Black Creature
Discerning Taste MH2 C Black Sorcery
Drainpipe Vermin JMP C Black Creature
Dregscape Sliver MH1 U Black Creature
Echoing Return MH2 C Black Sorcery
Elderfang Disciple KHM C Black Creature
Endling MH1 R Black Creature
Epicure of Blood M20 C Black Creature
Eternal Taskmaster WAR U Black Creature
Eyeblight Assassin J21 C Black Creature
Facevaulter J21 C Black Creature
Feed the Serpent KHM C Black Instant
Feed the Swarm ZNR C Black Sorcery
Fell Specter JMP U Black Creature
First-Sphere Gargantua MH1 C Black Creature
Fleshbag Marauder J21 U Black Creature
Gilt-Blade Prowler MH2 C Black Creature
Goremand M21 U Black Creature
Graveshifter MH1 U Black Creature
Grim Physician THB C Black Creature
Haunted Dead J21 U Black Creature
Heartless Act IKO U Black Instant
Heir of Falkenrath J21 U Black Creature
Hell Mongrel MH2 C Black Creature
Indulgent Aristocrat J21 U Black Creature
Karfell Kennel-Master KHM C Black Creature
Kitchen Imp MH2 C Black Creature
Kraul Swarm GRN U Black Creature
Leeching Sliver J21 U Black Creature
Legion Vanguard MH2 U Black Creature
Liliana's Devotee M21 U Black Creature
Liliana's Elite JMP U Black Creature
Liliana's Steward M21 C Black Creature
Lord of the Accursed AKR U Black Creature
Macabre Waltz JMP C Black Sorcery
Manor Guardian J21 U Black Creature
Marauding Blight-Priest ZNR C Black Creature
Marauding Boneslasher AKR C Black Creature
Mark of the Vampire JMP C Black Enchantment
Markov Crusader J21 U Black Creature
Marrow-Gnawer J21 R Black Creature
Miasmic Mummy JMP C Black Creature
Mind Rake MH1 C Black Sorcery
Mire Triton THB U Black Creature
Mob MH1 C Black Instant
Moment of Craving RIX C Black Instant
Murder M20 C Black Instant
Murderous Rider ELD R Black Creature
Necrogoyf MH2 R Black Creature
Necromancer's Familiar MH2 U Black Creature
Nested Shambler MH2 C Black Creature
Nether Spirit MH1 R Black Creature
Nezumi Cutthroat J21 C Black Creature
Nullpriest of Oblivion ZNR R Black Creature
Ob Nixilis's Cruelty WAR C Black Instant
Okiba-Gang Shinobi J21 C Black Creature
Pelakka Predation ZNR U Black Sorcery
Piper of the Swarm ELD R Black Creature
Plague Wight RNA C Black Creature
Plaguecrafter GRN U Black Creature
Plaguecrafter's Familiar J21 C Black Creature
Putrid Goblin MH1 C Black Creature
Queen's Agent XLN C Black Creature
Raise the Draugr KHM C Black Instant
Ransack the Lab MH1 C Black Sorcery
Rat Colony DAR C Black Creature
Reaper of Night ELD C Black Creature
Ruin Rat J21 C Black Creature
Shambling Goblin JMP C Black Creature
Sinister Starfish MH2 C Black Creature
Skullsnatcher J21 C Black Creature
Skymarch Bloodletter M19 C Black Creature
Sling-Gang Lieutenant MH1 U Black Creature
Strangling Spores M19 C Black Instant
Subtle Strike ZNR C Black Instant
Subversive Acolyte J21 R Black Creature
Sudden Edict MH2 U Black Instant
Supernatural Stamina AKR C Black Instant
Throatseeker MH1 U Black Creature
Thwart the Grave ZNR U Black Sorcery
Tourach's Canticle MH2 C Black Sorcery
Typhoid Rats ANB C Black Creature
Unbreakable Bond IKO U Black Sorcery
Undead Augur MH1 U Black Creature
Unexpected Fangs IKO C Black Instant
Urgoros, the Empty One DAR U Black Creature
Vampire of the Dire Moon M20 U Black Creature
Venomous Changeling MH1 C Black Creature
Vermin Gorger MH2 C Black Creature
Village Rites M21 C Black Instant
Void Beckoner IKO U Black Creature
Warteye Witch MH1 C Black Creature
Yawgmoth, Thran Physician MH1 M Black Creature
Young Necromancer MH2 U Black Creature
Alchemist's Greeting J21 C Red Sorcery
Arcbound Slasher MH2 C Red Artifact Creature
Arcbound Tracker MH2 C Red Artifact Creature
Arcbound Whelp MH2 U Red Artifact Creature
Barge In ELD C Red Instant
Battle Squadron J21 U Red Creature
Battle-Rattle Shaman M21 U Red Creature
Beetleback Chief JMP U Red Creature
Belligerent Sliver J21 U Red Creature
Birgi, God of Storytelling KHM R Red Creature
Bladeback Sliver MH1 C Red Creature
Blazing Rootwalla MH2 U Red Creature
Blisterstick Shaman J21 C Red Creature
Bloodbraid Marauder MH2 R Red Creature
Bloodhaze Wolverine ELD C Red Creature
Blur Sliver J21 C Red Creature
Bogardan Dragonheart MH1 C Red Creature
Breya's Apprentice MH2 R Red Artifact Creature
Burn Bright M21 C Red Instant
Burning-Tree Vandal RNA C Red Creature
Captain Ripley Vance MH2 U Red Creature
Cathartic Reunion KLR C Red Sorcery
Clamor Shaman RNA U Red Creature
Cleaving Sliver MH1 C Red Creature
Conspiracy Theorist STX R Red Creature
Dark-Dweller Oracle M19 R Red Creature
Destructive Digger M20 C Red Creature
Dragon Egg M19 U Red Creature
Dragon Fodder JMP C Red Sorcery
Dragon Hatchling JMP C Red Creature
Dragon Mantle J21 C Red Enchantment
Dragon's Rage Channeler MH2 U Red Creature
Faithless Salvaging MH2 C Red Instant
Fast // Furious MH2 U Red Instant Sorcery
Fiery Temper J21 C Red Instant
Fire Prophecy IKO C Red Instant
Fissure Wizard ZNR C Red Creature
Fists of Flame MH1 C Red Instant
Flame Sweep M20 U Red Instant
Flameblade Adept AKH U Red Creature
Foundry Street Denizen J21 C Red Creature
Furnace Whelp JMP U Red Creature
Furyblade Vampire J21 U Red Creature
Gadrak, the Crown-Scourge M21 R Red Creature
Galvanic Relay MH2 C Red Sorcery
Gempalm Incinerator LGN U Red Creature
Geomancer's Gambit MH1 C Red Sorcery
Goatnap MH1 C Red Sorcery
Goblin Arsonist M21 C Red Creature
Goblin Barrage DAR U Red Sorcery
Goblin Bird-Grabber M20 C Red Creature
Goblin Dark-Dwellers J21 R Red Creature
Goblin Engineer MH1 R Red Creature
Goblin Morningstar AFR U Red Artifact
Goblin Oriflamme JMP U Red Enchantment
Goblin Rally JMP U Red Sorcery
Goblin Wizardry M21 C Red Instant
Gouged Zealot MH2 C Red Creature
Grinning Ignus STX U Red Creature
Guttersnipe M19 U Red Creature
Harmonic Prodigy MH2 R Red Creature
Hellkite Punisher M21 U Red Creature
Hobblefiend M21 C Red Creature
Hollowhead Sliver MH1 U Red Creature
Hordeling Outburst J21 U Red Sorcery
Igneous Elemental MH1 C Red Creature
Incendiary Oracle THB C Red Creature
Incorrigible Youths J21 U Red Creature
Insatiable Gorgers J21 U Red Creature
Insolent Neonate J21 C Red Creature
Irencrag Pyromancer ELD R Red Creature
Kargan Dragonrider M19 C Red Creature
Keldon Raider M20 C Red Creature
Kinetic Augur M21 U Red Creature
Krenko's Command J21 C Red Sorcery
Kuldotha Flamefiend J21 U Red Creature
Lava Coil GRN U Red Sorcery
Lightning Axe JMP U Red Instant
Lightning Spear MH2 C Red Artifact
Lightning Visionary JMP C Red Creature
Living Lightning JMP U Red Creature
Mad Prophet J21 C Red Creature
Mad Ratter ELD U Red Creature
Managorger Phoenix J21 R Red Creature
Merchant of the Vale ELD C Red Creature
Omen of the Forge THB C Red Enchantment
Orcish Vandal DAR U Red Creature
Oread of Mountain's Blaze THB C Red Enchantment Creature
Ore-Scale Guardian MH1 U Red Creature
Ornery Goblin JMP C Red Creature
Pashalik Mons MH1 R Red Creature
Rage Forger J21 U Red Creature
Rapacious Dragon JMP U Red Creature
Ravenous Bloodseeker J21 U Red Creature
Ravenous Intruder KLR U Red Creature
Reckless Charge MH1 C Red Sorcery
Reckless Racer J21 U Red Creature
Reckless Ringleader J21 C Red Creature
Reckless Wurm J21 U Red Creature
Renegade Tactics J21 C Red Sorcery
Revolutionist MH2 C Red Creature
Rust Monster AFR U Red Creature
Sarkhan, Wanderer to Shiv J21 M Red Planeswalker
Sarkhan's Rage JMP C Red Instant
Sarkhan's Scorn J21 C Red Instant
Sarkhan's Whelp M19 U Red Creature
Scion of Shiv J21 C Red Creature
Scorching Dragonfire M21 C Red Instant
Seasoned Pyromancer MH1 M Red Creature
Shivan Fire DAR C Red Instant
Shiv's Embrace J21 U Red Enchantment
Shock M20 C Red Instant
Skophos Reaver MH2 C Red Creature
Slag Strider MH2 U Red Creature
Sparktongue Dragon M19 C Red Creature
Spinehorn Minotaur MH1 C Red Creature
Spiteful Sliver MH1 R Red Creature
Spreading Insurrection MH2 U Red Sorcery
Static Discharge J21 U Red Sorcery
Storm Caller M21 C Red Creature
Storm-Kiln Artist STX U Red Creature
Strike It Rich MH2 U Red Sorcery
Striking Sliver J21 C Red Creature
Sure Strike M21 C Red Instant
Thermo-Alchemist JMP C Red Creature
Thrill of Possibility ELD C Red Instant
Throes of Chaos MH1 U Red Sorcery
Thunderbreak Regent J21 R Red Creature
Tormenting Voice ZNR C Red Sorcery
Unholy Heat MH2 C Red Instant
Viashino Lashclaw MH2 C Red Creature
Volcanic Dragon M20 U Red Creature
Volley Veteran JMP U Red Creature
Warlord's Fury DAR C Red Sorcery
Weaselback Redcap ELD C Red Creature
You See a Pair of Goblins AFR U Red Instant
Young Pyromancer JMP U Red Creature
Adaptive Snapjaw J21 C Green Creature
Aetherstream Leopard J21 C Green Creature
Aeve, Progenitor Ooze MH2 R Green Creature
Arbor Armament DAR C Green Instant
Armorcraft Judge JMP U Green Creature
Awaken the Bear J21 C Green Instant
Ayula, Queen Among Bears MH1 R Green Creature
Bannerhide Krushok MH2 C Green Creature
Battering Krasis J21 C Green Creature
Bear Cub J21 C Green Creature
Bestial Menace J21 U Green Sorcery
Biogenic Upgrade RNA U Green Sorcery
Bloom Hulk WAR C Green Creature
Bristling Hydra KLR R Green Creature
Charge Through STX C Green Instant
Chatter of the Squirrel J21 C Green Sorcery
Chatterfang, Squirrel General MH2 M Green Creature
Chatterstorm MH2 C Green Sorcery
Chitterspitter MH2 R Green Artifact
Courage in Crisis WAR C Green Sorcery
Crocanura J21 C Green Creature
Deepwood Denizen MH2 C Green Creature
Destiny Spinner THB U Green Enchantment Creature
Dragonsguard Elite STX R Green Creature
Duskshell Crawler MH2 C Green Creature
Dwynen's Elite JMP U Green Creature
Elderleaf Mentor KHM C Green Creature
Elven Bow KHM U Green Artifact
Enlarge JMP U Green Sorcery
Esika's Chariot KHM R Green Artifact
Evolution Sage WAR U Green Creature
Excavating Anurid MH1 C Green Creature
Exuberant Wolfbear IKO U Green Creature
Ferocious Pup M20 C Green Creature
Fierce Witchstalker ELD C Green Creature
Flaxen Intruder ELD U Green Creature
Freyalise, Skyshroud Partisan J21 M Green Planeswalker
Funnel-Web Recluse MH2 C Green Creature
Ghirapur Guide M19 U Green Creature
Gift of Growth DAR C Green Instant
Glimmer Bairn MH2 C Green Creature
Gnarlid Colony ZNR C Green Creature
Goreclaw, Terror of Qal Sisma M19 R Green Creature
Grizzled Outrider KHM C Green Creature
Grizzly Bears J21 C Green Creature
Guardian Gladewalker KHM C Green Creature
Hardened Scales J21 R Green Enchantment
Harrow J21 C Green Instant
Herd Baloth MH2 U Green Creature
Highspire Infusion KLR C Green Instant
Hunter's Edge M21 C Green Sorcery
Hunting Pack MH2 U Green Instant
Incremental Growth J21 U Green Sorcery
Inspiring Call JMP U Green Instant
Invigorating Surge M21 U Green Instant
Iridescent Hornbeetle ZNR U Green Creature
Jewel-Eyed Cobra MH2 C Green Creature
Jungleborn Pioneer RIX C Green Creature
Kujar Seedsculptor KLR C Green Creature
Lifecraft Cavalry KLR C Green Creature
Littjara Glade-Warden KHM U Green Creature
Llanowar Elves DAR C Green Creature
Llanowar Tribe MH1 U Green Creature
Llanowar Visionary M21 C Green Creature
Longtusk Cub KLR U Green Creature
Longtusk Stalker J21 U Green Creature
Manaweft Sliver J21 U Green Creature
Marwyn, the Nurturer DAR R Green Creature
Might of the Masses GRN U Green Instant
Mother Bear MH1 C Green Creature
Mowu, Loyal Companion WAR U Green Creature
Murasa Behemoth MH1 C Green Creature
Nantuko Cultivator MH1 U Green Creature
Nessian Hornbeetle THB U Green Creature
Nylea's Forerunner THB C Green Enchantment Creature
Oran-Rief Ooze ZNR R Green Creature
Overcome M20 U Green Sorcery
Owlbear AFR C Green Creature
Pack's Favor GRN C Green Instant
Paradise Druid WAR U Green Creature
Parallel Lives J21 R Green Enchantment
Peema Aether-Seer KLR U Green Creature
Penumbra Bobcat JMP C Green Creature
Pollenbright Druid WAR C Green Creature
Pool of Vigorous Growth J21 R Green Artifact
Predatory Sliver J21 C Green Creature
Prey's Vengeance J21 C Green Instant
Professor of Zoomancy STX C Green Creature
Riparian Tiger KLR C Green Creature
Rishkar, Peema Renegade KLR R Green Creature
Runeclaw Bear J21 C Green Creature
Sabertooth Mauler M21 C Green Creature
Sage of Shaila's Claim KLR C Green Creature
Sanctum Weaver MH2 R Green Enchantment Creature
Saproling Migration DAR C Green Sorcery
Sauroform Hybrid RNA C Green Creature
Savage Swipe MH1 C Green Sorcery
Scale Up MH1 U Green Sorcery
Scurrid Colony STX C Green Creature
Scurry Oak MH2 U Green Creature
Servant of the Conduit KLR U Green Creature
Servant of the Scale J21 C Green Creature
Setessan Skirmisher THB C Green Creature
Skola Grovedancer THB C Green Enchantment Creature
Skyshroud Ambush J21 C Green Instant
Skyshroud Lookout J21 U Green Creature
Smell Fear MH2 C Green Sorcery
Snakeskin Veil KHM C Green Instant
Song of Freyalise DAR U Green Enchantment
Spore Swarm DAR U Green Instant
Springbloom Druid MH1 C Green Creature
Sprouting Renewal GRN U Green Sorcery
Squirrel Mob MH2 R Green Creature
Squirrel Sanctuary MH2 U Green Enchantment
Squirrel Sovereign MH2 U Green Creature
Squirrel Wrangler J21 R Green Creature
Striped Bears J21 C Green Creature
Sylvan Anthem MH2 R Green Enchantment
Tajuru Pathwarden J21 C Green Creature
Taunting Arbormage ZNR U Green Creature
Tempered Sliver MH1 U Green Creature
Thriving Rhino KLR C Green Creature
Timeless Witness MH2 U Green Creature
Tireless Provisioner MH2 U Green Creature
Titanic Brawl RNA C Green Instant
Titanic Growth M21 C Green Instant
Trufflesnout M21 C Green Creature
Trumpeting Herd MH1 C Green Sorcery
Twin-Silk Spider MH1 C Green Creature
Ulvenwald Mysteries J21 U Green Enchantment
Urban Daggertooth MH2 C Green Creature
Vastwood Fortification ZNR U Green Instant
Verdant Command MH2 R Green Instant
Veteran Charger J21 C Green Creature
Vivien's Grizzly WAR C Green Creature
Webweaver Changeling MH1 U Green Creature
Wild Onslaught DAR U Green Instant
Wildheart Invoker JMP C Green Creature
Wildwood Scourge M21 U Green Creature
Winding Way MH1 C Green Sorcery
Woodland Champion M20 U Green Creature
Wren's Run Hydra MH2 U Green Creature
Yavimaya Sapherd DAR C Green Creature
Acolyte of Affliction THB U Multicolor Creature
Aeromunculus RNA C Multicolor Creature
Applied Biomancy RNA C Multicolor Instant
Arcbound Shikari MH2 U Multicolor Artifact Creature
Arcus Acolyte MH2 U Multicolor Creature
Ascent of the Worthy KHM U Multicolor Enchantment
Breathless Knight MH2 C Multicolor Creature
Bred for the Hunt J21 U Multicolor Enchantment
Captured by Lagacs MH2 C Multicolor Enchantment
Chainer, Nightmare Adept MH2 R Multicolor Creature
Chrome Courier MH2 C Multicolor Artifact Creature
Cloudshredder Sliver MH1 R Multicolor Creature
Combine Chrysalis MH2 U Multicolor Artifact
Drey Keeper MH2 C Multicolor Creature
Elusive Krasis J21 U Multicolor Creature
Etchings of the Chosen MH1 U Multicolor Enchantment
Fall of the Impostor KHM U Multicolor Enchantment
Glowspore Shaman GRN U Multicolor Creature
Goblin Anarchomancer MH2 C Multicolor Creature
Good-Fortune Unicorn MH1 U Multicolor Creature
Graceful Restoration MH2 U Multicolor Sorcery
Improbable Alliance ELD U Multicolor Enchantment
Ingenious Infiltrator MH1 U Multicolor Creature
Integrity // Intervention GRN U Multicolor Instant Instant
Jungle Creeper RIX U Multicolor Creature
Justice Strike GRN U Multicolor Instant
Knight of Autumn GRN R Multicolor Creature
Lavabelly Sliver MH1 U Multicolor Creature
Lazotep Chancellor MH2 U Multicolor Creature
Loch Dragon ELD U Multicolor Creature
Lonis, Cryptozoologist MH2 R Multicolor Creature
Lord of Extinction AKR R Multicolor Creature
Munitions Expert MH1 U Multicolor Creature
Nimbus Swimmer J21 U Multicolor Creature
Priest of Fell Rites MH2 R Multicolor Creature
Prophetic Titan MH2 U Multicolor Creature
Rakdos Headliner MH2 U Multicolor Creature
Ravenous Squirrel MH2 U Multicolor Creature
Reap the Past MH1 R Multicolor Sorcery
Rip Apart STX U Multicolor Sorcery
Rotwidow Pack MH1 U Multicolor Creature
Ruination Rioter MH1 U Multicolor Creature
Scuttlegator RNA C Multicolor Creature
Shambleshark J21 C Multicolor Creature
Sharktocrab RNA U Multicolor Creature
Simic Ascendancy RNA R Multicolor Enchantment
Skull Prophet IKO U Multicolor Creature
Soulherder MH1 U Multicolor Creature
Spire Patrol KLR U Multicolor Creature
Sterling Grove MH2 R Multicolor Enchantment
Storm God's Oracle MH2 C Multicolor Enchantment Creature
Sythis, Harvest's Hand MH2 R Multicolor Enchantment Creature
Terminal Agony MH2 C Multicolor Sorcery
Territorial Kavu MH2 R Multicolor Creature
The First Sliver MH1 M Multicolor Creature
Thundering Djinn MH1 U Multicolor Creature
Wavesifter MH2 C Multicolor Creature
Abandoned Sarcophagus AKR R Colorless Artifact
Altar of the Goyf MH2 U Colorless Tribal Artifact
Amorphous Axe MH1 C Colorless Artifact
Batterbone MH2 U Colorless Artifact
Birthing Boughs MH1 U Colorless Artifact
Bloodline Pretender KHM U Colorless Artifact Creature
Bonded Construct J21 C Colorless Artifact Creature
Chromatic Sphere JMP C Colorless Artifact
Cogworker's Puzzleknot KLR C Colorless Artifact
Faceless Agent J21 C Colorless Creature
Foundry Inspector KLR U Colorless Artifact Creature
Ichor Wellspring MBS C Colorless Artifact
Icy Manipulator DAR U Colorless Artifact
Implement of Combustion J21 C Colorless Artifact
Implement of Examination KLR C Colorless Artifact
Iron Bully WAR C Colorless Artifact Creature
Lightning-Core Excavator JMP C Colorless Artifact Creature
Monoskelion MH2 U Colorless Artifact Creature
Myr Enforcer J21 C Colorless Artifact Creature
Myr Scrapling MH2 C Colorless Artifact Creature
Myr Sire JMP C Colorless Artifact Creature
Nettlecyst MH2 R Colorless Artifact
Ornithopter of Paradise MH2 C Colorless Artifact Creature
Prophetic Prism KLR C Colorless Artifact
Sanctuary Raptor MH2 U Colorless Artifact Creature
Scrap Trawler KLR R Colorless Artifact Creature
Sparring Construct DAR C Colorless Artifact Creature
Treasure Keeper J21 U Colorless Artifact Creature
Universal Automaton MH1 C Colorless Artifact Creature
Weapon Rack ELD C Colorless Artifact
Witch's Oven ELD U Colorless Artifact
Zabaz, the Glimmerwasp MH2 R Colorless Artifact Creature
Barren Moor ONS C Land Land
Bloodfell Caves M20 C Land Land
Blossoming Sands M20 C Land Land
Dismal Backwater M20 C Land Land
Evolving Wilds M20 C Land Land
Forest AFR L Land Land
Forgotten Cave ONS C Land Land
Island AFR L Land Land
Jungle Hollow M20 C Land Land
Khalni Garden J21 C Land Land
Lonely Sandbar ONS C Land Land
Mountain AFR L Land Land
Plains AFR L Land Land
Rugged Highlands M20 C Land Land
Rupture Spire JMP C Land Land
Scoured Barrens M20 C Land Land
Secluded Steppe ONS C Land Land
Sliver Hive J21 R Land Land
Swamp AFR L Land Land
Swiftwater Cliffs M20 C Land Land
Thornwood Falls M20 C Land Land
Tranquil Cove M20 C Land Land
Tranquil Thicket ONS C Land Land
Unknown Shores THB C Land Land
Wind-Scarred Crag M20 C Land Land

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