Updating The List for Modern Horizons 2

Posted in Feature on June 4, 2021

By Wizards of the Coast

On June 18, Modern Horizons 2 will be released, and with it comes The List of cards you can find in Set Boosters.

What is The List? Well, it's a list (obviously) that reaches back through Magic history to collect interesting cards. These cards may then appear in a Modern Horizons 2 Set Booster—about a 25% chance for one to show up in the final slot of the pack. All rarities are represented, from common all the way up to mythic rare, each with their customary rate of rareness compared to one another (commons will appear more than uncommons, uncommons more than rares, etc.).

Cards are legal in whatever formats they are currently legal, and being on The List does not make a card legal in Standard.

The List can change slightly from set to set, with some cards coming in that mesh well with the set they're appearing with, but generally the list will remain consistent.

Here are past versions of The List:

Modern Horizons 2 brings with it a few changes, and below you'll find those, as well as the full list of cards currently on The List.

(Note: for The List below, the card image that appears may not match the version found on The List. See the set identifier in the righthand column for the version included in The List.)

Making room to add these cards, the following were removed:

Finally, this is the entirety of The List for Modern Horizons 2:


Card Name Set
Academy Elite CNS
Always Watching SOI
Ancient Den MRD
Angel of Serenity C15
Animate Dead EMA
Arcane Teachings JUD
Arcbound Overseer DST
Archive Trap ZEN
Aura Shards INV
Balefire Liege EVE
Biomass Mutation GTC
Birthing Boughs MH1
Blackblade Reforged SS2
Bloodied Ghost EVE
Cavern of Souls AVR
Celestial Ancient DIS
Chatter of the Squirrel ODY
Cold Storage TMP
Cranial Plating TSR
Crested Sunmare HOU
Dark Depths CSP
Deathless Knight ELD
Deeproot Champion XLN
Desolation Angel APC
Dual Casting AVR
Elenda, the Dusk Rose RIX
Elspeth Conquers Death THB
Entreat the Dead C18
Erratic Portal EXO
Fact or Fiction MH1
Filigree Angel ARB
Firemane Angel RAV
Fool's Tome TMP
Frost Titan M11
Ghitu Chronicler DAR
Gisela, Blade of Goldnight AVR
Goblin Assassin LGN
Grand Arbiter Augustin IV MMA
Great Teacher's Decree IMA
Grimoire of the Dead ISD
Grind // Dust HOU
Guttersnipe E01
Guttural Response DDS
Heartwood Storyteller FUT
Herald's Horn C17
Juniper Order Ranger CSP
Kindred Discovery C17
Knowledge Pool MBS
Lesser Gargadon PCY
Lightning Axe TSP
Lightning Bolt A25
Master of Cruelties DGM
Mercurial Chemister RTR
Mindslicer ODY
Mirrorpool OGW
Mizzix of the Izmagnus C15
Moldervine Reclamation M20
Morophon, the Boundless MH1
Nephalia Academy EMN
Niv-Mizzet Reborn WAR
Nuisance Engine HOP
Nut Collector ODY
Obsessive Stitcher M21
Olivia, Mobilized for War SOI
Painful Lesson BBD
Panglacial Wurm CSP
Petrified Field ODY
Phenax, God of Deception BNG
Pillage A25
Primeval Bounty M14
Pursuit of Knowledge STH
Reduce to Memory STX
Relearn WTH
Release the Dogs JMP
Riptide Director LGN
Runed Stalactite LRW
Scroll of the Masters FRF
Scrying Sheets CSP
Seething Song DDG
Skullbriar, the Walking Grave CMD
Soulcatchers' Aerie JUD
Spell Swindle XLN
Spellbook 10E
Spellbound Dragon ARB
Stasis Snare PBFZ
Stonehewer Giant 2XM
Stonybrook Schoolmaster MOR
Storm Entity FUT
Sun Titan E01
Time of Ice DAR
Tireless Tracker SOI
Unbound Flourishing MH1
Unexpected Results GTC
Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth UMA
Veil of Summer M20
Venerated Teacher ROE
Vernal Equinox MMQ
Walking Archive DIS
Warriors' Lesson THS
Yore-Tiller Nephilim GPT
Young Pyromancer M14
Acorn Catapult CMD
Aether Vial DST
Akroma's Memorial FUT
Alpha Kavu PLS
Amoeboid Changeling LRW
Ancestor's Prophet ONS
Ancient Craving P02
Angel's Grace TSP
Arcbound Slith DST
Aven Riftwatcher PLC
Awakening STH
Battle of Wits M13
Belfry Spirit GK2
Beseech the Queen SHM
Blight Sickle SHM
Bloodlord of Vaasgoth M12
Body Snatcher UDS
Boggart Arsonists SHM
Bone Miser C19
Bonehoard CMA
Boros Challenger GRN
Brain Freeze SCG
Bridge from Below FUT
Brink of Madness ULG
Broodstar MRD
Bruvac the Grandiloquent JMP
Cadaverous Knight MIR
Callaphe, Beloved of the Sea THB
Calming Licid STH
Canyon Jerboa ZNR
Cathedral of War M13
Chemister's Insight GRN
Clearwater Goblet 5DN
Combustible Gearhulk KLD
Contagion Engine SOM
Council's Judgment CNS
Cradle Guard USG
Crown of Empires M12
Doomwake Giant JOU
Door to Nothingness HOP
Dragonlord Atarka DTK
Dryad Arbor FUT
Electrostatic Pummeler KLD
Elvish Archdruid DDU
Enclave Cryptologist ROE
Endling MH1
Enlightened Tutor MIR
Entreat the Angels MM3
Eternal Dominion SOK
Evermind SOK
Extinction TMP
Eye of the Storm RAV
Fathom Mage GK2
Fellwar Stone C15
Fodder Cannon UDS
Fomori Nomad FUT
Forced Fruition LRW
Fractured Powerstone PC2
Freyalise, Llanowar's Fury C14
Gaea's Anthem PLC
Gatekeeper of Malakir ZEN
Gempalm Polluter LGN
Gemstone Mine TSB
Gigantosaurus M19
Goblin Chieftain DDT
Goblin Lore P02
Godsire ALA
Golgari Thug RAV
Grim Harvest CSP
Grizzly Fate JUD
Groundbreaker PLC
Hammer Mage MMQ
Hammer of Purphoros THS
Hashep Oasis HOU
Helix Pinnacle EVE
Hell's Thunder ALA
Helm of Kaldra 5DN
Hidetsugu's Second Rite SOK
Hundred-Handed One THS
Inventors' Fair KLD
Ishkanah, Grafwidow EMN
Isochron Scepter MRD
Jadelight Ranger RIX
Jubilant Mascot BBD
Kalonian Hydra M14
Kari Zev, Skyship Raider AER
Kher Keep TSP
Kilnmouth Dragon DDG
Kingpin's Pet GTC
Korlash, Heir to Blackblade FUT
Kozilek, Butcher of Truth UMA
Krark's Thumb MRD
Land Tax BBD
Lash Out LRW
Lashweed Lurker EMN
Latchkey Faerie MOR
Light Up the Stage RNA
Lightning Crafter MOR
Liliana's Devotee M21
Llanowar Reborn ARC
Lord of the Undead PLS
Lotus Bloom TSP
Maelstrom Nexus ARB
Man-o'-War VIS
Marauding Raptor M20
Memnite SOM
Merfolk Mistbinder RIX
Mischievous Quanar SCG
Moggcatcher NEM
Moonmist ISD
Mountain UNH
Murderous Cut KTK
Muscle Sliver TMP
Mycosynth Golem 5DN
Necravolver APC
Necromancy VIS
Necrotic Sliver PLC
Nezumi Graverobber CHK
Nicol Bolas A25
Nightshade Peddler AVR
Noble Benefactor WTH
Noggle Hedge-Mage EVE
Nylea, God of the Hunt THS
Octopus Umbra C18
Odds // Ends DIS
Oloro, Ageless Ascetic C13
Ormos, Archive Keeper JMP
Orvar, the All-Form KHM
Oubliette 2XM
Pact of Negation A25
Panharmonicon KLD
Parallax Wave NEM
Parallel Evolution TOR
Patron of the Akki BOK
Patron Wizard ODY
Pegasus Stampede EXO
Phyrexian Obliterator A25
Phyrexian Tyranny PLS
Platinum Angel CN2
Primal Vigor C13
Prismatic Geoscope C16
Progenitus CON
Promise of Power DDC
Pteramander RNA
Reality Shift C19
Relentless Rats 10E
Reveillark UMA
Rootrunner CHK
Saber Ants MMQ
Scarecrone EVE
Scourge of the Throne CNS
Sensei Golden-Tail CHK
Shambling Shell RAV
Shelldock Isle LRW
Shivan Meteor PLC
Simian Spirit Guide PLC
Skithiryx, the Blight Dragon SOM
Skred CSP
Skullclamp CMD
Skyshroud Behemoth NEM
Snubhorn Sentry RIX
Soltari Monk TMP
Song of the Dryads C14
Spike Weaver EXO
Splicer's Skill MH1
Splinter Twin ROE
Springjack Shepherd EVE
Stonybrook Banneret MOR
Sunscape Battlemage PLS
Swiftfoot Boots A25
Tarmogoyf FUT
Temporal Manipulation UMA
The Chain Veil M15
Thought Vessel C15
Tombstalker FUT
Tortured Existence STH
Training Grounds ROE
Triplicate Spirits M15
Tuktuk the Explorer CM2
Ulvenwald Mysteries SOI
Unburial Rites ISD
Urborg Panther MIR
Uro, Titan of Nature's Wrath THB
Urza's Blueprints ULG
Vampire Nocturnus M10
Vanguard of Brimaz BNG
Vesuva TSP
Victimize CMA
Vodalian Illusionist WTH
Voracious Dragon CON
Warp World RAV
Wayfarer's Bauble 5DN
Weatherlight DAR
Wild Research APC
Wizened Cenn LRW
Workhorse EXO
Worn Powerstone USG
Yavimaya Scion ULG

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