Breaking Eventide

Posted in Making Magic on June 30, 2008

By Mark Rosewater

Working in R&D since '95, Mark became Magic head designer in '03. His hobbies: spending time with family, writing about Magic in all mediums, and creating short bios.

Welcome to the first week of Eventide Previews. I planned to use my column today to preview a cool new card and explain how exactly we determined that Eventide was going to be the enemy hybrid set. But when I sat down at my desk and put my mind to it, I had a little problem. My brain didn’t agree with itself. That is, the left side of my brain (the logical, analytical side) and the right side of my brain (the holistic, intuitive side) had slightly different takes on how exactly Eventide came to be. Wanting to let every voice be heard, I decided to let each side write its own version of the column.

This means that there will be two columns today. Click below to read each one.



Left Brain’s Article

Right Brain’s Article

The Eventide street release and Launch Parties kick off on July 25, but you don’t have to wait. Get your first chance to play with Eventide cards at the Prerelease on July 12 and 13!

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