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Posted in News on August 12, 2022

By Wizards of the Coast

We're excited to announce the soft launch of Spellslingers, a digital collectible card game taken right from the Magic: The Gathering multiverse.

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Spellslingers focuses on hero-centric, fast-paced combat that's perfect for quick matches while still delivering the satisfying strategic depth you expect from a game designed by the makers of Magic. Download and start playing on Android, iOS, or PC!

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Pick Your Hero. Win Your Way.

Spellslingers shines the spotlight on some of Magic's most iconic characters, bringing them to life in a new visual style all their own.

Decks are built around one of sixteen playable Spellslinger characters (with more to come in future updates), each with their own personality, playstyle, and unique abilities. When you unlock a new Spellslinger, you'll immediately gain access to their 30-card starter deck and can jump into matches right away. When you're ready, customize your deck or build a new one from the ground up using cards from your collection. Once you've got your deck tuned up, form or join a team to share your list with friends, or trade for materials to craft new cards.

It's always a thrill to share new ways to experience the characters and worlds of Magic: The Gathering, and we hope you'll check out Spellslingers for yourself!

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