Psst. Hey. Hey, you. You over there. Wanna see something cool?

Handmade Counterspell

Fun, right? It looks a little bit like one of those playtest cards from Mystery Booster or one of those special cards from Gavin Verhey's events at MagicCon, but it was created in a brand-new way. We call them playtest cards, because they look like what we use to, well, playtest cards before making the real thing.

Only this one—which, again, is supercool—is the first one of these things you might see in the wild that represents an actual, real, pre-existing card. So while it's supercool, it may also be confusing, because playtest cards are very much not tournament legal. Counterspell, in most cases, very much is.

In this case, however, this particular Counterspell, much like the playtest cards that look like it, is not tournament legal. Play it against your friends, keep it in a binder, or tape it to a mirror for your morning motivation. You do you. You just can't do you with this card in tournaments.

That's all. For now. Carry on.